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Without a real training program, many hours are wasted on workouts in the gym or at home, especially for beginners.The central criterion for success is a structured program tailored to your sporting goal.

Venus Factor ReviewsWhether it is a program designed for women or men, for weight loss or muscle development, for the whole body or so-called “split”, whether you train at home or in the gym, the basic principles for creating of a fitness program are the same.
How do you create a training program?

But how does an amateur athlete without a scientific background know which central components characterize a good training plan and which aspects need to be taken into account to create it?

We have the solution. Create your training plan right away, step by step: we provide you with the necessary know-how and show you how you can create your personal training program and what you need to pay particular attention to in doing so.

What goal do you pursue?

The starting point for creating a training program is to establish what your goal is. Possible goals are, for example, muscle development, reduction of body fat or weight loss, or an increase in endurance.

This is probably the simplest part in the process of creating a training program. It should therefore be clear whether, for example, the goal is the development of muscle mass or the reduction of body fat. For what reason?

A weight loss training plan differs greatly in content and structure from one in the development of muscle mass. Likewise, a beginner’s program is different from one for experienced athletes.

While weight loss sessions are based on high intensity interval training, muscle building sessions focus on complex core exercises and progressive strength gain (permanent weight gain).

Nutrition should also be adapted to the goals set in the training program. Those who want to develop muscle mass must eat differently from those who aim to reduce body fat.

The power of proteins for an even more effective workout

Whether you want to lose weight or develop muscle mass, the right diet is essential. In particular, noble proteins play a decisive role both in muscle development and in the reduction of body fat.
Protein shakes for the perfect shape

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