Venus Factor Reviews

Venus Factor Reviews

Venus Factor Review

venus factor reviews

John Barban was trying to establish the difference between male and female reaction to different nutrition and exercise in relation to weight loss. He discovered that male and female body react differently to different weight loss programs. This lead to a conclusion that there is need to use different psychological and physiological weight loss strategies for females.

John Barban established Venus index ratio which is an indication of healthy weight by comparing waist, height and hip dimensions. If the ratio is high than normal, then you need to lose weight. This special relationship gave birth to The Venus Factor program. The program uses diet and exercise specifically designed for a woman depending on her height, waist, body type and weight.

John Barman holds masters degree in Human Biology and Nutrition from university of Guelph in Canada. In addition to this, he is a certified kinesiology. He is a renowned author and researcher in different aspects related to nutrition and fitness.

He has worked in the sports and supplements industry for eight years and introduced sports and supplements weight loss. Barban has also lectured University of Florida specialising with exercise physiology. He has over ten years’ experience in health, nutrition lecturer and research and development in different nutrition and exercise programs aimed at effective weight loss.

Venus Factor benefits

Venus factor program is of a great benefit to a woman, it helps you attain a figure that you have been dreaming of. The Venus workout program is designed to be done at home thus there is no waste of time and resource investing in gym resources. The program comes with a 12 week routine on how you are supposed to eat and exercise for perfect results.

The twelve week routine program comes with an easy to follow manual with detailed explanations, images and video. This makes it easy for you to understand and put into practice different steps.

The diet and exercising routine is stress free, you do not have to strictly follow a given diet. This allows you to have freedom to choose what you want to eat. The fact that you will be working from home motivates you to create more time for exercising.

This program is suitable for all categories of women including young, middle age and elderly women. Thus you don’t have to worry if it is fit for you. All you require is good health. It is however not suitable for pregnant women but they can use it after delivery.

Why you should choose the Venus Factor program as a weight loss alternative

Venus Factor is a user friendly product; it was designed bearing in mind the need of modern woman to attain a perfect body shape. In the modern day society, finding time to hit the gym every morning is close to impossible due to tight work routine and change lifestyle. You can use the Venus Factor program without interference to your daily routine.

It ensures that you get the desired results within a short time frame. You don’t have to wait for months and years to attain your desired results, with the Venus Factor workout routine you are always assured of desired results within stipulated time period.

You are assured to a body figure that you are proud of. Venus Factor program ensures that there is correct muscle balance thus avoiding excess muscle build up. It has good mixture of exercise suitable for weight loss for women. Some of which are aimed at ensuring proper blood circulation in the body while other are aimed at smooth muscle formation.


Venus factor has completely revolutionized the way women used to perceive weight loss. It has helped women who have been looking down to themselves due to excess weight gain back confidence and face the world with lots of confidence.

The product is suitable for use by any woman despite the age and fitness level. You only require good health for you to be eligible to use this weight loss program. Pregnant women should not use this product however they can use it after pregnancy.

It has a unique approach to weight loss leaving you with freedom to choose what to eat and where to exercise from. The end results of Venus Factor literally lies on your own hands, this motivates you to work day and night for perfect results.

Depending on your Venus index, one is advised accordingly on appropriate dieting and exercise for best results. There is no strict diet and exercise that you must adhere to, you only need to follow the program guide depending on your Venus index.

The step by step workout guide will let you know what you are required to do at each instance. This makes it easy for you to continue engaging in the program no matter where you are. Videos and images will help clarify instructions to you for best results.

Other benefit is that it helps you connect with other women from different spheres of life who want to lose weight. This interaction will definitely motivate you and you can gain new tips on what to correct or improve on.

Venus Factor Price

Venus Factor benefits give you every reason to spend your hard earned money on. Normally, the program retails at only $97, but you can purchase it at $37 only while the offer still valid at Venus factor website.

Where to buy Venus Factor

You can conveniently shop for your Venus Factor at our official website by just filling the order form. Our website has integrated clickbank option to enable you purchase the product with ease. The program has a 100% money back guarantee if it fails to attain the desired results 60 days from purchase.


The program aims at attaining a perfect body physique by shedding extra fat and adding lean muscle. This is possible through the twelve week program and the change in lifestyle. The Venus Factor weight loss program is definitely an amazing program and will leave you with a perfect body shape and figure. The 60 days money back guarantee is a definite assurance that the product will produce best results. Buy Venus Factor today for perfect body figure.