SpecForce Alpha System Review

SpecForce Alpha System Review

SpecForce Alpha System Review

I know how hard it is to deal with obesity; it can make your life miserable if left unattended.specforce_alpha_programJust like most of my friends, I was also into eating the junk food and not doing any physical activity. We all used to watch movies or play video games with a lot of soda cans, beer and different sorts of munchies spread all around us. The entire time we watched different movies of played different games, we kept on drinking and eating this junk food. I still remember, whenever we watched our favorite Hollywood hero in action, we used to dream of having a solid and muscular body like him. We used to make workout plans how we would go to gym and within days or weeks we would turn our bodies just like the body of our favorite role model.

The end result, however was totally different, a time came when it was hard for most of us to fit in our old clothes, and we had to shop for the XX large sizes to fit our bodies. All the junk food that we ate was at work now. This was not the end, besides gaining a lot of weight I also found my self surrounded by many diseases. Due to the over weight issue, I was unable to perform any type of physical activities and I gradually started losing my self-esteem and confidence because of my ugly physical appearance. This was the case with all of my friends who were my partners in crime. Another bad thing that disturbed me a lot was my lack of interest in sexual activities. My social life was almost over, and I had to find the right solution and find it fast, if I had to reclaim my life. The dreams of having a rock solid muscular body with solid six packs were scattered.

When I went out looking for the perfect solution to my obesity problem and all the other issues related with it, I found myself surrounded by hundreds of products, all claiming to provide the best solutions to all of my problems.magzine cover 2 I tried and tested a few of the products that I thought promised a brighter future to me, the results were always the same – waste of money and time and no marked improvements in my life. I almost gave up all my hopes of enjoying a normal life with a perfect body like a Hollywood hero, but a friend of mine advised me to try the “SpecForce Alpha System” once before giving up. As it was not very expensive and my friend was very confident about it, I decided to give it a shot, and o boy o boy this was the perfect product I was looking for. SpecForce Alpha System changed my life within weeks and gave me a chance to life a normal and happy life once again.

No other system provide me such quick results that I was able to notice while using the SpecForce Alpha System, I therefore feel that it is my duty to share my personal experiences with all those who suffer from conditions like I did and provide them a hope that they can also live a happy and healthy life again, only if they followed all the instructions provided in this e-book.

SpecForce Alpha System – An Introduction

SpecForce Alpha System is the brain child of Todd Lamb – an experience trainermagzine cover with the Special Forces background. He has included all the techniques that he used to train those special force agents to face any challenge by building a strong and muscular body. What is so special about this guide is that even an ordinary person can use it and become an alpha-male within weeks. It does not matter whether you have a lean body or an obese body; this system provides the same results regardless of your status.

This is the first time any X military trainer has revealed the top secrets behind the immense power and stamina that the special force agents enjoy. This is the reason; he gave it the name SpecForce system, representing the Special Force men and women. There is no need to go to the gym to do the intense workouts when you can achieve an ideal body by following the step-by-step directions provided in the SpecForce Alpha System.

The military style workouts shared by the X-military trainer will not only help you enjoy a lean and muscular body but also provide you the level of toughness and stamina that all the Special force agents enjoy in the combat zone. You will become almost like a special force operative without joining the military or without going to the gym.

Some important features of the program

A number of features make this wonderful program different from the rest of the usual fitness programs available in the market these days. Let us have a look

  • No Gym No Equipments – unlike any other fitness programs, the SpecForce Alpha System does not recommend you to go the gym or use any of the high-tech weight loosing and body building equipments, instead it focuses on using your own body-weight to achieve the desired results.
  • Focuses on Myofibrillar Hypertrophy – the system focuses on hard, lean and athletic muscles of your body and makes them harder, stronger and better in shape.
  • Best for loosing weight quickly – the program is developed in such a way that it takes care of the extra body fat first and then works on converting them into rock solid muscles.
  • Trains your body and mind at the same time – the SpecForce Alpha System helps you not only build a muscular body but also help you enjoy a better mind health. Since there is no involvement of equipments and body building tools and you only rely on the power of your body, it makes you tougher both physically and mentally.
  • Increases Testosterone Levels – when you use the different fitness routines described in this guide accompanied with the recommended diet, it will help you increase your testosterone levels in the body, thus enabling you to convert your body into a rock-hard machine and increase you sex drive.

The Complete Package

When you purchase the SpecForce Alpha System, you will also receive the following bonus items in your package to help you achieve the best possible returns for your investment.

  • The Alpha-Status Handbook – this eBook will help you adjust comfortably to your new role as the Alpha male. It will also teach you ways to impress the ladies with your Alpha male outlook.
  • 7-Day Testosterone Solution – you will also receive this handy eBook that will provide you great dietary tips to enhance your testosterone production within 7 days.
  • Black Ops MacroFlex Diet App – this is a software program, which is included in the package. This software besides giving you some great nutritional tips as well as some techniques to get rid of your body fat in the shortest time possible also helps you keep track of your progress.
  • Video Tutorial – for people who find it hard to follow the written instructions, a separate video tutorial is included in the package. The author of the eBook himself demonstrates all the exercises and the various coaching tips that you need to follow to enjoy a perfectly muscular and rock solid body.

Advantages & Disadvantages


  • Comprehensive Solution – the eBook covers all the topics related to obesity, stamina, muscular growth, and mental toughness in great detail. You will not feel the urge to read any other book to turn your fat body into a lean mean fighting machine. It covers all aspects of your life, from weight losing tips to body building diet and exercises and testosterone boosting tips to turn you into an Alpha male within weeks.
  • Easy to read and follow – I found it very easy to read and did not face any sort of difficulties following the directions. The video CD that is provided with the package was of great help, as it was easy for me to see and follow the directions.
  • Authoritythe eBook is written by an X military official, so there is no doubt about the authority of this eBook. Like any other person who is willing and ready to give his life for his country, I did not have any doubts about the author nor the book.
  • Quick Results – Todd Lamb guarantees that you will be able to start noticing quick changes in your body and in your life once you start following the directions provided in this eBook.
  • Money Back Guarantee – the author is so sure about the effectiveness of various procedures he has outlined in this eBook that he is unhesitant to offer a complete money back guarantee for 60 day incase you are not satisfied with the results.


  • Requires a lot of dedication – the set of instructions provided in this eBook to perform various exercises without the use of any traditional body building machine and relying only of the power of your body, makes it a daunting task for many and requires a lot of dedication.
  • Online Version Only – the eBook is provided in the online version only. People who are used to reading books by physically holding them in their hands, may need to get a print out to do so.
  • Full Dietary Guidelines – you get access to the full dietary guidelines when you purchase the deluxe version of the system.

The Final Verdict

Realistically speaking, although the physical as well as the mental exercises recommended by Todd Lamb in his eBook “SpecForce Alpha System” are very touch and exhaustive,cd cover but the outcomes of these exercises are worth it. I made me feel like a Special Force agent ready to take on any challenge. It helped me reduce my weight and get rid of all the extra fat from my body and the muscles and turn it into a rock-solid body within no time. It also helped me become an Alpha male as these exercises helped me increase the testosterone levels in my body. I feel more excited and ready to face any challenge in my sexual life as well. The dietary tips, suggestions and recommendations all work in complete harmony to make me a better, healthier and happier person. There is no better eBook available than the “SpecForce Alpha System” if you are serious about taking your male fitness to a whole new level.

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