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What are relaxation techniques specforce alpha
Relaxation techniques are voluntary actions to regulate and manage states of anxiety and stress. These are techniques that aim to relieve the individual of tension and restore his psychophysiological balance. In the West it is only in the last few decades that relaxation techniques have made room for the idea that the organism is a complex system made up of the interaction of mind and body has been accepted. Schultz was one of the first who became interested in these techniques and deepened their functioning by developing Autogenic Training, or a psychophysical state that induces physical and mental relaxation. Subsequently, several psychologists and doctors have deepened the relaxation techniques in addition to traditional techniques.

Currently, relaxation techniques are widely used in multiple Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy protocols specforce alpha, as they represent a good method for learning to relax in times of difficulty and as a mechanism to reduce activation levels during the day. The main relaxation techniques used today are two: Jacobson’s Progressive Muscle Relaxation and Schultz’s Autogenic Training.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation – SpecForce Alpha Review
Progressive Muscle Relaxation was developed at the beginning of the last century by Edmund Jacobson, who published the book “Progressive Relaxation” in which he explained his method. This method is based on the idea that thought and emotional state affect the level of muscle response specforce alpha, highlighting a relationship between muscle, thought and emotions.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation is particularly useful for those suffering from sleep disorders, as it induces intense muscle rest through which it is much easier to sleep, but it is also recommended to help combat daily stress and to regulate anger and aggression. Jacobson’s Progressive Muscle Relaxation provides that the subject, in the first place, develops the ability to identify the state of muscle tension.

To achieve this goal SpecForce Alpha Review, the therapist teaches the subject to perceive the difference between tension and relaxation, through repeated voluntary and prolonged contraction exercises of the various areas of the body, until he is able to feel even minimal muscle contractions. Once the subject has learned to feel the tension of the various muscle groups, he will be able to relax the muscles that are not interested in the movement he is making and will also be able to apply exclusively the amount of muscle tension in each activity. necessary.

The essence of the technique consists in putting certain parts of the body under tension according to predefined times and then relaxing them. Jacobson stated that noticing the sensation of tension and SpecForce Alpha Review relaxation when you stop contracting the muscle will help the person being treated to experience a pleasant sensation of bodily well-being which will translate into psychological well-being.

This technique can be useful for various problems, such as:

  • Very high general tension that exacerbates unpleasant somatic states.
  • In the treatment of anxiety, phobias and mood disorders.
    Stress management: Moments of high stress SpecForce Alpha Reviews (eg problems at work, economic, work, family, emotional difficulties).
  • Treatment of insomnia.
  • Support for dealing with important situations (before a meeting, an intervention in public, a sports competition, etc.).
  • It is most widely used in dealing with psycho-vegetative (or psychosomatic) disorders, significantly improving the quality of life of those who use it regularly. The very high general tension can exacerbate unpleasant somatic states (eg migraines, somatizations, vomiting attacks and chronic pain).