Rapid Reflux Relief by Nick O’ Conner and Richard Harrow

Rapid Reflux Relief by Nick O’ Conner and Richard Harrow

Rapid Reflux Relief Review

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My search for the perfect cure to my Acid Reflux problem started when it reached a point where it was unbearable. Although, it started off as minor heartburn which I felt as soon as I ate my meal, but I always suppressed it by taking some sort of acid reflux controlling tablets readily available in the market. It continued for more than 8 years and gradually increased in intensity and frequency. I decided to consult some specialists in this regard and almost all of them handed me a prescription to take medicines to control acid reflux. None of them gave me any hope that I will be able to get rid of this problem permanently.

Disappointed from all ends, I almost gave up the idea of looking for a reliable and permanent solution to my acid reflux problem. One day I was sitting on my PC doing some searching, I happened to search for a solution to my problem over the net, and guess what I read some information about the Rapid Reflux Relief Program (RRR) by Nick O’ Conner and Richard Harrow. The information that I read about this program ignited my curiosity as it offered the perfect solution I was looking for treat my heartburn problem. I finally decided to read everything I could find about this promising program as it was my last line of defense. Once I was fully convinced I decided to buy it and follow the directions provided by the two gentlemen, and the results were amazing. In the lines below, I want to share my insights into this wonder program, so that millions of people who suffer from heartburn and acid reflux problems do not have to go through any more pain and agony.

Brief about the Rapid Reflux Relief

The Rapid Reflux Relief program commonly known as the RRR is a brain child of Nick O’ Conner and Richard Harrow (a biologist).bannersr- Rapid Reflux Relief Both of them suffered from heartburn and acid reflux issues for a long time and both of them knocked every door to find a permanent solution to their problem, but failed to do so. Therefore, both of them decided to start a long journey to discover a permanent solution to this common disease that most of them do not even know or care about. They did a lot of research on the subject and after going through several trials they were finally able to come up a comprehensive and permanent solution to acid reflux and heartburn problem.

RRR is actually a comprehensive guide that offers all-natural means to cure your heartburn and acid reflux problem. There are no medications or surgical procedures involved in this treatment, Nick O’ Conner and Richard Harrow believe that you can control your reflux problems by eliminating the root cause of the problem and according to their research it is the bacterium Helicobacter Pylori (H. Pylori) that is the source of this problem. If left unattended, this bacterium can lead to severe conditions such as ulcer and even cancer. Latest research also confirms that H. Pylori is the main cause behind 80% cases of stomach ulcer, 80% cases of stomach cancer and 90% cases of upper small intestine caner. Therefore, neglecting your reflux problem can give rise to many heath issues.

The Rapid Reflux Relief program can be easily divided into the following two sections:

  • Section I – the first section of this program sheds some light on the use of different vegetables, fruits, herbs, shrubs and nuts, which contain the essential chemicals to treat the heartburn and acid reflux issue. Nick O’ Conner and Richard Harrow provide a long list of all such vegetables, fruits, herbs and shrubs that show good results in treating all sorts of acid reflux and heartburn issues.
  • Section II – in the second section of this program Nick O’ Conner and Richard Harrow provide details of different ways/recipes you can use to make sure that these healthy fruits, vegetables and herbs are included in your daily meals. By following the directions provided in this section, you can make sure that you get the maximum benefits from these herbs, shrubs, vegetables and fruits.

Some Great Features

  • All-natural approach – Nick O’ Conner and Richard Harrow’s RRR program focuses on the use of all natural remedies to provide an effective box and cd banner- Rapid Reflux Reliefsolution to the heartburn and reflux problem that millions of people from across the globe suffer from and rely on using medications to band aid the problem. The healthy solutions that they provide in this reflux treatment guide do not deprive the stomach of the essential acids that are needed to protect it from different bacteria and pathogens.
  • Permanent Cure Not Temporary Relief – by using this comprehensive guide you get a permanent cure to your acid reflux or heartburn issue and not a temporary relief, which most of the allopathic medications provide. This system works on eliminating the root cause of the problem killing the H. Pylori bacterium for good and eliminates the chances of their re-occurrence.
  • Better ways of living a healthy lifestyle – by focusing on the use of all-natural means, the Rapid Reflux Relief program guarantees that you enjoy a better over all health. The program suggests some ways by which you can enjoy a healthy lifestyle, like it suggests readers to quit smoking, eating at right times before going to bed, avoid using tight clothes and many more. By using all the healthy tips shared in the e-book, you will be able to enjoy a better overall lifestyle.

Pros & Cons

Based on my personal experience, some of the pros and cons of this comprehensive Rapid Reflux Relief system are outlined as under:


  • I was able to enjoy a quick relief from my sour stomach, waves of fire in the throat and burning belches. I never felt this kind of relief before and it lasted for longer period of time.
  • It was very easy for me to follow the directions provided in this guide. The language used was very simple and clear directions were provided to get maximum benefits from the guide.
  • The holistic approach to treating the heartburn and reflux issues mentioned in this guide was not hard on my pocket, since I did not have to buy any expensive drugs or devices to follow the directions.
  • Although Nick O’ Conner and Richard Harrow provide a simple solution to a much complicated problem, but the way in which it is described in very simple and effective.
  • You not only able to take care of the acid reflux and heartburn problem, but you also get to enjoy a much better and healthier life since you eat healthy food as mentioned in the e-book.
  • The price tag on this wonderfully effective guide is way less than the cost of an OTC acid reflux drug.
  • The best thing about Nick O’ Conner and Richard Harrow’s Rapid Reflux Relief is that it comes with a 60 day money back guarantee. People, who do not get any results or are dissatisfied with the results, can return it back and get a total refund.


  • This program is only available in the online version and in the form of e-book. People who are used to reading a physical book may not be able to feel the same.
  • Although the product claims that it has treated more than 150,000 patients worldwide, but the results may vary depending on your circumstances.
  • Although the product claims that you will be able to enjoy quick results, but the intensity of these results may vary from person to person.

The Final Verdict

Nick O’ Conner and Richard Harrow’s Rapid Reflux Relief program as per personal experience is the best remedy to treating relief and heartburn problem. CD1-rapid-reflux-refliefInstead of spending your hard earned money and precious time looking for temporary relief in the form of allopathic medications, it was easy for me to use all-natural means which not only provided an effective cure to the problem but also enabled me to enjoy a better and healthier life. The step-by-step guidelines mentioned in this guide were very easy to follow and did not disturb by budget at all. People, who are on a limited budget and want an effective yet permanent solution to their reflux and heartburn problem need to use this comprehensive program once in their lifetime to witness the magical results it can offer.