E-factor Diet Program Review

E-factor Diet Program Review

efactor diet ebook reviewIf you have not heard about the E-factor Diet and you are struggling with your weight issues, you need to do some research and try to find as much information as possible. The E-factor diet is a comprehensive e-Book that offers all those who are struggling with losing a few pounds from the body the secret trips and hidden factors. Although you may be able to find a number of e factor diet reviews on the net, but not all of those reviews are genuine, which provide you misleading information about this highly effective program.

Following is a genuine and fair review about the e factor diet as it comes from no one than the person who has used this program and enjoyed great results from it. Yes, I am talking about myself, and I consider this my duty to share the positives and negatives of this program with all those who want to use it and who want to get rid of the extra body fat in an easy way.

Let me start by telling you exactly what the E-factor Diet is and how it can help you enjoy a lean and attractive body.

An Overview

This workout plan and e-factor diet is a comprehensive program created by John Rowley, a famous figure in the celebrity circle and an authority on the subject of losing fat. One thing that makes this program stand apart from the rest of the diet programs is that it offers some innovative ways of losing weight and the it promises that you will be able to shed off all the extra weight and fat from your body in as fast as 24 hours.

The e-factor diet program is different from the others as it does not force you to starve in order to lose weight, rather it allow you to eat to as per your hunger but eat the right foods. When you follow the directions shared by the author in this program, your body will start to carve for only those foods that are good to lose weight and lose it fast. Unlike other diet programs widely available in the market, you will not feel tired or lack of energy in your body, rather you will be energized all the time when you undergo this diet system. The food items recommended by John Rowley in this E-factor Diet program help promote your metabolism and create a better hormonal balance in your body so you are able to lose weight fast without experiencing any side effects.

You won’t be able to find any common phrases or approaches in this e-guide like “eat better” or “exercise more”, rather this program focuses on the key factors that are the major cause of the weight issue. This e-book identifies some food items and the unique active ingredients present in them and how these food items affect on the body and make it gain or lose weight. This is how you know what food items to eat and what to avoid, when you are done reading this e-Book. By knowing about various food item and their affects on the body, you will be able to prepare a good diet plan for you so that you are able to maximize your weight loss.

The Methodology of the e-Book

The main focus of the e-factor diet e-book is the food that we consume on daily basis. By using the best foods that enhance our body metabolism system and avoiding those which are the source of body fat, we can easily handle our over-weight issue easily. This is the reason, the author of the e-Book Mr. John Rowley has divided the food items into different groups, let us see what these food groups are and why are they divided in to various categories.

  • The first group created by John Rowley is called the Energetic Food Group. These are the food items that are rich in sugar and carbohydrates. Most of us eat such sugar and carbohydrate rich food items early in the morning in our breakfast. Instead of eating the energetic foods, John Rowley recommends eating the Endothermic foods. Endothermic foods are the ones which release the fat-burning hormones in the body and help dissolve the extra body fat from the body.
  • The second food group that this e-book discusses about is the Histamine Producing Food Group. Although Histamine is created naturally in our body, and is the leading cause of inflammation and bloating of various body parts, there are some food items that cause an increase in the amount of body Histamine. Consuming those food items that spark the production of Histamine in the body can make your body look larger and bulkier. By avoiding all such food items, you can make your body look leaner and muscular. There are some foods that reverse the process of histamine production in the body; you need to look for all such food items.
  • Besides these two most important food categories, John Rowley also shares a list of food items he calls, enzymatic goods and enjoyment foods . These two groups of food are equally important in helping you lose the extra weight from your body without putting a lot of effort.

You do not have to write down a full description and these food items and look for them on the net, because John Rowley has provided a complete list of all the food items that fall in each category. All you now need to do is buy them fresh from a grocery store and try to use them in your daily diet. The list of food items shared in the e-factor diet program contains all of the fruits, vegetables and cereals that we can easily find in the markets. You do not have to go abroad or find them on the net to use them.

The Package

Now that you know what is the backbone of the e-factor diet program, you will need to know what is included in the package when you buy this program from the net. Following are some of the things that you get when you purchase the e-factor diet program from the net.

  • E-factor Weight Loss Handbook
  • Handbook about Cheat your Way Trim
  • Handbook about E-factor Grocery Guide
  • Handbook about E-factor Meal Planning

If we combine the total cost of all these items, it would roughly come to about $216.95; however, when you purchase the E-factor diet program you get all these handbooks for only $29.95. This is a flat fee and there are no hidden charges involved. You get all of the above handbooks by just paying a flat $29.95. The best thing is that it comes with a 2 months money back guarantee. So, if you are not satisfied with the results and if you do not want to use the program for any reason, you can return and get the total refunds.

Why Buy this Program

If you are someone who have tried a lot of other approaches of losing weight, like taking those diet pills and other drugs, you must know that most of these drugs and diet pills or supplements contain ingredients that are harmful for the body and instead of helping you lose weight, they put you in more trouble and you suffer from various other body ailments and diseases.

The e-factor diet program is completely safe as it does not allow you to use any of these harmful diet pills or diet supplements, rather it offer you a holistic approach to lose weight naturally. You do not take any diet pills or supplements; rather you control your body weight by means of using natural food items, like fruits and vegetables.

Pros & Cons

Following are some of the pros and cons of the e-factor diet program.


Credibility – the first good thing about this program is that it is written by someone who knows about the topic of weigh loss inside out and holds extensive experience and expertise on the topic. All the famous Hollywood celebrities have benefited from the expertise of John Rowley to keep them slim and fit to look good all the time. For the first time John Rowley has share the secrets with the rest of the world, and it is your chance to buy this program and start following the tips and techniques shared by the author, if you want to enjoy a slim and sexy body like most of the celebrities. It is not the first and the last book written by John Rowley on this topic, he is written so many famous books on the subject and delivered hundreds of lectures. So there is no doubt about the credibility of the e-factor diet.

Fast Results – the approach used by the author in this guide is so effective that you will witness positive changes in your body within days, instead of weeks or even months. You do not have to see the results of the diet plan for years; rather you will start getting good comments from you colleagues and your fiends right away.

No Guess Work – the e-factor diet program is a comprehensive program and is a tired and tested program, so there are no guesses involved. All the tip, tricks as well as the list of food items shared by John in this program are proven and tested, so you should not have any doubts about the authenticity and effectiveness of this program.

Reasonably Priced – unlike other diet programs or diet supplements that you have to take or follow for longer periods of time and you spend your money for months or years, the e-factor diet program is a one in a life time investment, and you reap the benefits for the rest of your life.

Full Refund – when you purchase the e-factor diet program you are also offered a 60 day total money refund policy, which enables you to return the program any time you want and no questions will be asked from you.

The Cons

Habit Changes – if you want to fully benefit from the e-factor diet program and want to enjoy quick results, you may be required to change your life style a bit. It may require you to make some changes in your eating habits, in your sleeping habits and in your exercise habits.

Too Much Information – for some readers, John may have supplied a lot of information to digest. But most of the information that he has shared in this e-Book is relevant and needs your full attention and focus to enjoy quick results.

The Digital Only Format – as this program is available only in the digital format, so you need to have a computer or laptop in your possession to read it and follow it. People, who are used to holding the book in their hands to read it, may find it uncomfortable to read an e-Book.

Final Verdict

efactor diet ebook reviewAll in all, in my personal observation and experience, the e-factor diet e-Book contains all the things that you may ever need to know to lose weight and lose it fast. The information shared by the author is very easy to read and very easy to follow. You only have to go through each chapter and then follow the step-by-step directions provided by the John to achieve maximum results. It is not very hard to find the items needed to follow the directions and prepare the healthy food that is suggested by John. You will be able to witness quick results in your body and this is an inspiration that will keep you motivated and you will be able to achieve your targets quickly.

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