10 Techniques That Will Help a Man Lose Abdominal Fat

10 Techniques That Will Help a Man Lose Abdominal Fat

As a man and woman alike its good to take care of your weight and especially cutting down your abdominal weight especially if you have accumulated abdominal fats. a big belly is not only a problem because of its appearance but the health risks it poses to those who have it. Having lots of fat exposes you to a serious risk of getting heart diseases and type 2 diabetes.

And for this health reason losing belly fat should be one of the problems you should tackle because it will present you with massive health benefits. An estimation of belly fat can be made by measuring the circumference of your waist. If you find out that you have a lot of excess fats then its better you take the necessary steps to shed it off. Good thing for you there are certain strategies you can employ which are tailored to specifically burn your belly fat. In this article we take a look at ten technique that will help you lose that belly fat.

Avoid artificial sweeteners

Sugar and sugar sweetened drinks should be a no to you if you want to lose that belly fat. Studies show that these sugars are very unhealthy to the effects of metabolism. Note that sugar is half glucose and half fructose. Significant metabolism of fructose can only take place in the liver.

Addition of a lot of sugar to your body overworks the liver which subsequently turns some of the fructose into fats. Several studies point to the fact that sugar and specifically due to the presence of fructose can lead to accumulation fats both in your belly and liver. This is the primary mechanism behind the harmful effects of eating sugar and other artificially sweetened drinks i.e. fruit juices, sugary sodas and many other high sugar sport drinks.

Eat more protein

Protein comes in as the most vital micro-nutrient if you want to lose belly fat. Protein has a lot of effects to your eating habits in that it tends to reduce your cravings by 60%,can boost your metabolism by 80-100 calories in a which in turn helps you eat 441 calories fewer in a day.

It’s safe to say then that if you want to lose belly fat then incorporating proteins in your dietary changes is single most effective step you can take. Protein will also help you not to regain weight in case you choose to abandon your weight losing efforts.

 Cut carbs from your diet

This is a rather obvious strategy. It’s an effective way though because when you cut carbs you reduce your appetite and consequently lose weight. As compared to low fat diets low carb diet observers  have the potential to lose excess fat 2-3 times than the former

According to studies low carb diets specifically target your belly fats and regions around the liver and other organs. For starters avoiding refined carbs like candy should be enough especially if your protein intake is high.

Eat fiber rich foods

You can get fiber mostly by incorporating indigestible plant matter into your diet. Mostly eat soluble and viscous fiber to get the desired weight effects. These kind of fibers bind with water to form a thick gel that deposits in the gut. These gel dramatically down both movement, digestion and absorption of food the end results being a reduced appetite and a feeling of fullness.

A review study found out that adding 14 grams of fiber daily led to a 10% decrease in intake of calorie and 4.5 lbs in weight loss over a period of 4 months.


Can you have a healthy lifestyle without exercise? Personally I don’t think so. Likewise exercise is an effective way of reducing your belly fat. Dont just concentrates all your efforts on abdominal exercises. It won’t work because losing fats in only one spot is not possible.

Incorporate aerobic exercises into your daily routine such as walking,swimming,running.exercise is also a sure way of ensuring that you don’t regain your belly fat after losing it.

Keep track of how much you are consuming

Whatever you eat is important. Also in the same breath how much you eat of that “whatever” is also important. Most people really don’t know what they are eating. They may think that they are eating low carbs or high protein diets but they tend to do a very serious underestimation.

Especially when you are starting a weight loss program its vital to fine tune and measure what you eat to reach your targets. It may perhaps needs tabulation and a calculator.

Get enough sleep

Getting enough sleep is very important to the functioning of the body including metabolism. Lack of sleep will leave your body exhausted and interfere with physical performance. An inadequate amount of sleep can also can also interfere with the production of key hormones that are involved in metabolism of fat cells.

It’s advisable that you have enough rest probably 7-9hours of sleep.

Incorporate fat burning beverages

Don’t actually dwell too much on the taste of these drinks if you want to lose that belly fat. Some of the drinks or beverages you can incorporate in your lifestyle include matcha green tea, ginger tea, water, and no sugar added fruit juices.

 Eat healthy fats

Essential fatty acids are important in the synthesis of hormones responsible for metabolism of fat stores. Some of the sources through which you can be able to get these healthy fats include coconut oil, cold water fish and not forgetting nuts and seeds.

Cut back on your alcohol intake

In small amounts alcohol can have beneficial effects to your health. But when taken in excess it will be seriously harmful to your health. Studies show that too much alcohol makes you gain belly fat.

From observational studies heavy consumption of alcohol is linked to an increase in central obesity (accumulation of fats around the waist area). These are some of the techniques that you can employ in your quest for a flat tummy. But the most important thing to remember is what you eat and how much of it you eat.

Want a Flat Tummy? Drink tones of water!

Drinking water is very important in helping reduce body fat. Most people are very skeptical about water helping in weight-loss, in fact a considerable percentage of the population believes that this is merely a health fad. So is water helpful in reducing abdominal fats. The fact is yes. Drinking water is beneficial in the following ways;

Benefits of drinking tones of water which will help with loosing abdominal fat

Water is an effective natural appetite suppressant

Drinking cold water helps in controlling thirst which in turn suppresses appetite. Most people have no idea that when they are hungry, what they actually need is hydration. The thirst signal is sent from a person’s hypothalamus, with the hunger signal. This is a big reason why many eat more than they would if they were drinking tomes of water. It is advisable to go for cold water because it is easily absorbed by the body at a quicker rate than room-temperature water.

Water helps in burning fats and cleansing kidneys

Apart from being a natural appetite suppressant, water also has other weight; loss related activities such as helping to burn fats assisting leasing the kidneys.  Good kidney meets healthy liver,  with a great liver and kidney, you are simply  likely to burn less calories.

Tips on how to integrate water into your daily routine

If you are a very busy individual, you don’t have the time to think about how to make drinking tones of water an enjoyable part of your routine. Here three tricks that work;

  1. Try and drink throughout the day, this means having your water bottle on the go
  2. Always drink a glass of water before every meal; a glass of water gives you an illusion of fullness that will help cut down portion sizes.
  3. How about replacing sweetened drinks with water; instead of highly caloric drinks such as soda, fruit juice and yogurt, go for water, it is the healthier choice.
  4. Ensure you much alcohol consumption with water
  5. As our water intake increases try and check on sodium consumption

Ever heard of water weight? What is abdominal water weight and how can you lose it?

Sometimes your gut may swell simply because of water weight. Water weight is simply extra water that is stored all over the human body. It is temporary and should not be confused with long term water retention that may be chronic and will need a thorough medical check-up.

Here are some effective ways to lose water weight;

  • Cut down on processed and packaged foods, most processed foods have a large amount of sodium; too much sodium affects how the kidneys work leading to water retention in the body.
  • Potassium rich foods such as legumes and vegetables will help you lose water weight; potassium can help your body release any excess water that is stored in the abdominal area.
  • Drink more water, sometimes you may be retaining water simply because you are not drinking enough of it. When the human body is mildly dehydrated, it holds onto water because the intake is low.