How More Sex will Help Trim Your Waistline

How More Sex will Help Trim Your Waistline

A healthy/active sex life will help you keep your abdominal fat in check

Reliable and extensive research proves that heart pounding beneath the sheets can help you get that flat tummy you have always wanted. The reason an active sex life helps reduce your waistline goes beyond torching calories, it touches on the mind-body-soul experience. Getting busy in the sack will not only improve intimacy in your relationship and in your marriage, it will help keep your waistline slim in the following ways;

Sex helps burn calories

Instead of the 70 meager calories, you burn while in bed binging on Netflix, how about 20 to 30 minutes of sex. Just 25 minutes of sex can burn 106 calories for a 106 man and 88 calories for a 150-pound woman. Apparently arriving at the big O gets your heart pounding as much as walking up a tall flight of stairs.

Reliable research has ascertained that sex can come in handy in curbing carbohydrate and fat cravings

Having regular sex keep the levels of cortisol  (high anxiety hormone) in check. This is extremely advantageous because excess cortisol boosts appetite for high-carbs and high-fat foods. A romp in the hay will help keep cortisol production in check.

Research shows that sexual intercourse can double fat-loss by helping you sleep peacefully for a long-time


Skimping on sleep because you are trying to catch up on work is likely to undercut your body’s ability to shed fat naturally. Give your body a boost by indulging in some one on one pleasure regularly; during sex, the hormone oxytocin is released, this hormone makes a more snuggly and comfortable sleeper.

Sex can come in handy in helping you keep your diet on track

Sex helps inspire a positive body image and also improves one’s self-esteem. With your self-esteem on overdrive because of a mutually satisfying romp, you will be more committed to sticking to your diet.

Sex is very important in helping maintain a normal body fat percentage that ensures your abdominal fat supply is in check

Have you been steadily losing excess body fat and you want to keep those pounds off, the solution is amazingly simple. You need a more active and vibrant sex life.

Did you know that losing a few pounds boosts a guy’s testosterone levels and even reverses erectile dysfunction? The effects of losing excess fat are definitely amazing! In women, shedding off the excess pounds can help prevent high blood pressure.