Not loosing Stubborn Fat Deposits in your Midsection Despite Working Out and Eating Healthy? Here is why…

Not loosing Stubborn Fat Deposits in your Midsection Despite Working Out and Eating Healthy? Here is why…

Losing belly fat is challenging whether you are overweight or you are simply trying to trim your waistline. Still can’t button those tight jeans even after weeks of adhering to a strict diet? Don’t get worried or lose the dedication to continue. This struggle is a common occurrence but it will all be worth it when you can wear that crop top confidently.

Reasons you may not be losing abdominal fat

Magnesium insufficiency in the body

Most people have no idea that Magnesium plays a vital role in helping you achieve that small waist you have always wanted. Research proves that the human body requires Magnesium for over 300 chemical reactions including the metabolism of fats.

The solution is pretty simple! Start ensuring your diet is packed with Magnesium rich foods such as beans and leafy vegetables. You can alternatively talk to a medical practitioner about Magnesium supplements.

Are you working out wrongly?

The last thing anyone wants after squeezing time out of the busy schedules to exercise is to gain nothing. If you decide to go the exercise route, ensure you seek the advice and guidance of a knowledgeable and experienced expert

Lack of adequate sleep makes it extremely difficult to shed those excess fats on your tummy

Lack of adequate sleep advocates for the production of cortisol which is a stress hormone associated with excessive fat gain. In order to lose abdominal fat and keep it off, you will need to get rid of potential distractions such as electronics.

Try as much as possible to maintain a routine sleeping schedule to keep cortisol level steady.

Are you hooked on soda? This might be the reason your tummy is still flabby

Soda is a favorite of most people. However, sodas are packed with calories that ultimately work towards increasing abdominal fat. Instead of soda, how about drinking a lot of water or opting for a juicy and healthy fruit packed with nutrients such as an apple.

Research unequivocally proves that too much alcohol is a huge reason why many cant loose belly fat despite dieting strictly

Numerous studies have proved that alcohol significantly increases appetite. In fact certain alcoholic drinks are associated with abdominal obesity; beer for instance is tied to excessive fat ij the abdominal area, ever heard of a beer gut! Apparently this name is pretty accurate.

The solution is to reduce alcohol intake and ensure that every time you partake in alcohol you also drink an equal amount of water.


Losing abdominal fat without going to the gym is achievable provide you commit to a well-thought out diet regimen and you avoid unhealthy habits that promote weight gain and excessive fat accumulation.