FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) about exercise and physical fitness

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) about exercise and physical fitness

Is yoga an efficient and beneficial exercise even if it does not help burn many calories?

Yes Yoga is very beneficial and helpful. Although it may seem relatively mellow as compared to other training programs such as running on a treadmill, it has a slew of health benefits that will come in handy in weight lost and in toning and shaping the body.

Reliable and extensive studies haven unequivocally proven that regular yoga sessions will significantly lower the risk of developing heart diseases and hypertension. Additionally yoga also helps in meditation and will come in handy in lessening symptoms of stress and depression such as headaches and diabetes.

Are balance exercises such as Tai Chi, Yoga and Pilates just a fad or do they really help?

I know the health industry is full unscrupulous entrepreneur who want to make a coin at all costs. However trust and believe that these balance exercises are neither a myth nor a lie. Balance exercise come in handy in significantly improving your ability to maintain and control your posture whether you are walking, running, working keeping good balance as you go about your daily routine. Improving balance will help you; avoid falling constantly and ensure you walk and up down stairs without stumbling or getting winded easily.

I watch my diet keenly and I am not overweight, do I still need to exercise?

Eating a balanced diet and maintaining a healthy body weight are just a start and a part of a healthy lifestyle. Regular physical activity plays a huge role in your mental and physical health. Staying physically active helps you remain strong and fit to ensure you remain physically independent as you advance in age.

How do I adhere to my exercise regimen?

There a wide range of challenges you are going to face when trying to stay in shape by exercising daily. These challenges include lack of motivation and difficulties in scheduling. Here are a few tips that will get you moving more often;

Try as much as you can to shun labor saving devices

How about washing the car by hand and avoiding the escalator or even taking some time to more the lawn This will ensure you are physically active all day so that the idea of exercising doesn’t seem to exhausting and frustrating.

Ink the deal it will make you more committed and dedicated

Pen down the time you plan exercising and take it seriously. Include exercising in your daily planner and respect it just as you would any other appointment in your schedule.

Keep record

While exercising is helpful, you will not have an idea of your progress if you don’t keep record of what you are doing.



On some occasions just do what you like

Whatever exercise regimen you choose should give you the freedom to have fun and engage in activities you look forward to. If swimming is your thing then try and incorporate it into your daily work-out routine.


Your body is not designed to be sedentary; instead it is designed to be in constant motion then take some time off rejuvenating (sleep). Why go against nature? Just keep it moving and you will see the positive change it will make on both your mental and physical health.