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The ketogenic diet is part of the low carb diets used for weight loss Metabo Matrix. In this article, we will explain what it consists of and what its pros and cons are, also providing you with an example scheme for the various meals of the day.

As anticipated Metabo Matrix reviews, the ketogenic diet is a type of diet based on a drastic reduction in carbohydrates. The latter is so called because it induces the formation of ketone bodies, acid substances such as acetone and acetacetic acid.

There are several types of ketogenic diets, differentiated into:

  • hyperlipidic and hyperproteic ketogenic Metabo Matrix (such as the Atkins diet);
  • hyperlipidic and normo-hypoproteic ketogens (such as the modified Atkins diet for the treatment of drug-resistant epilepsy)
  • hypolipidic and normoproteic ketogenic metabo matrix dr oz (such as VLCKD, used for the treatment of obesity).

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Generally, cells use sugars as a source of energy. However metabo matrix free trial, when a condition of scarcity of these nutrients occurs, the body is obliged to use the storage fats which trigger a condition called “ketosis”.In this case, the body compensates for the lack of carbohydrates by increasing the production of ketone bodies which have the task of providing energy to the central nervous system metabo matrix phone number, also contributing to the appearance of satiety.

In order for the state of ketosis to be induced, it is necessary that the intake of carbohydrates be lower than an amount that varies between 20 and 50 grams per day.

The basic principle for the 21-day ketogenic diet is therefore to eliminate carbohydrates (carbohydrates and sugars Metabo Matrix) from the diet, increasing the amount of proteins and fats. To do this metabo matrix reviews, it is necessary to select the foods that can be freely consumed and those whose consumption must be limited or excluded.

It is advisable to avoid all those foods that may include hidden sugars such as fruit juices, which contain 90% of added sugars and only 10% of pulp. Also pay attention to the sugars contained in candies, chewing gum, drugs, supplements Metabo Matrix, sauces and balsamic vinegar.Other foods to exclude or limit in the ketogenic diet are all legumes and cooked carrots (which can only be ingested in small quantities, if raw), bananas, pineapples, apples, persimmons, mangoes, cereals, potatoes and their derivatives.