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The weight problem is affecting more and more people by the day. A recent study published by the Journal of the American Medical Association, 35.5% of women and 32.2% of men in the US alone are obese. These rates were again confirmed by the CDC. Note, however, that these statistics do not include overweight people which means that the number of people suffering from weight-related problems is bigger than the study revealed.

However, the research also revealed that people are becoming increasingly more aware of the health risks of being obese or overweight. This is perhaps the reason the weight loss industry is booming. Interestingly, the study also revealed that even as more and more weight loss supplements turn out to be scams, there are some genuine brands that produce quality products that actually work. I am a testament to this fact, and in this article, I am going to tell you about Truu Keto, a weight loss supplement that helped me cut off 139 pounds.

My name is Melissa Carter, a music industry executive based in London. Before I tell you about this word-class fat-burner, though, I thought it best to first share a bit of my weight loss story. Perhaps you can relate and get some inspiration.

Five years ago, to many people around me- my friends and family- I seemed like a success story. My business was booming and I sometimes even rubbed shoulders with well-known rap stars at the Grammies. At one time I was even named the “Power Player” by a famous magazine. However, no one knew that I was miserable inside. I had a life-long food addiction that I had not dealt with, and now it was slowly catching up with me. I was getting fatter and fatter, and I was pre-diabetic. My mother had died of diabetes at 40, and I knew that if I didn’t start making things right for myself, I was doomed.

So I started by making changes to my diet. I made healthier food choices; I avoided junk foods as much as possible and instead, began eating more vegetables, fruits, seafood, whole grains- anything that was healthy. I enrolled in yoga and aerobic classes, and after six months, I was 50 pounds lighter. This, however, didn’t last much. A year later, I gave birth to my son, and all that weight came back. I was demoralized, and I didn’t quite work out as hard as I used to.

In 2015, however, I hit bottom one evening when I could not fasten my seat belt on a flight. I was so ashamed of myself, I could ask for an extender. So I pretended the belt was buckled. Through that flight, I realized I needed real change, and quickly. And this wasn’t going to be some crash diet or an extreme workout routine.

So what was this going to be? Earlier, I had tried using weight loss supplements, but most of them were honestly underwhelming. I was considering bariatric surgery. I sought advice from my father who had lost 96 pounds, and my doctor. Both of them told me the surgical procedure should be my last option because I wasn’t morbidly obese after all. My father recommended a supplement he had used, and which, apparently, had helped him burn off those extra fats. It took a lot of convincing from him for me to even think of trying the supplement. My experience with supplements hadn’t been very good.

I talked to my doctor who said that if I had to use the supplement, then it would be advisable to combine it with an exercise routine and a healthy diet. I researched the product, and on seeing that many customers were happy with its results, I decided to give it a try. Coupled with an exercise regimen, Truu Keto made me 139 pounds lighter just three months after I started using it.

So what’s Truu Keto? Here’s What You Need to Know

Truu Keto is world-class fat-burning supplement who’s mechanism is based on a metabolic process called Ketosis. This metabolic process involves the body using fat instead of glucose to produce energy. It is a normal metabolic process in which the body is almost entirely fueled by fat as opposed to carbs. When your body lacks sufficient glucose (which come from carbs) to produce energy, it switches to burning fats instead. This process leads to a build-up of amino acids called ketones.

As a means of weight loss, some people encourage this metabolic process by limiting carb intake. This is what led to the development of ketogenic diets. A ketogenic or keto diet is a low-carb, high-fat diet. It deprives the body of glucose making it to switch its metabolism to fat-burning.

While keto diets are effective for weights especially when they are combined with exercise, a lot of people find it quite hard to adhere to them because of two main factors. One, the diets require some adaptation process. It can take as much as two weeks for your body to transition to ketosis and during this period, you may experience what is now termed as “Keto Flu.” With “Keto Flu,” individuals experience flu-like symptoms which include fatigue, headaches, nausea, et cetera.

Secondly, keto diets are restrictive. These diets require that you give up all forms of sugars and limit your carb intake as much as possible. This means no more pizza, burgers, rice, bread, pasta, ice cream, candy, donuts, etc.

Apparently, these are among the major reasons the Truu Keto manufacturers decided to come up with its ketosis-based formula. The formula is designed to trigger the ketosis process as naturally as possible and gives you the weight loss results a keto diet would give you without causing any side effects.

Again, unlike ketogenic diets, Truu Keto doesn’t restrict the user as regards to what you can, or you can’t eat. This doesn’t, however, mean that you should mind what you eat. In fact, while using the supplement, it advisable that you follow a healthy diet so that you can get as quickly as possible. While I was skeptical at about using Truu Keto at first, I am glad I decided to use it.

Some of the ingredients in the Truu Keto formula include Beta-hydroxybutyrate, Garcinia Cambogia, Green Tea Extracts, and Green Coffee Bean Extracts. All of these ingredients are organic, and they are widely used in the weight loss industry because of their potent fat-burning effects. And there is a lot of scientific study evidence supporting these ingredients for weight loss.

Why I Chose Truu Keto and Why I Think You Should Too

Nowadays, there’s a lot of skepticism about using weight loss supplements. This is understandable, especially given the fact that many supplements sold today are overly hyped, and they’re totally underwhelming when it comes to delivering their weight loss promises. In fact, some are scams out to make a quick buck. While this is the case, though, I’m a testament to the fact that still, there are supplements actually work. I used Truu Keto, and I am happy with the results.

I, therefore, think you should also try using Truu Keto in case you are struggling with a weight problem because it works; it helped me at least. And according to the manufacturer, the formula of the supplement is designed to work in multiple mechanisms to speed up fat-burning actions. Here are some the ways Tuu Keto helps users achieve rapid weight loss.

  • It reduces carb cravings and suppresses your appetite

Appetite control is one of the basic means of increasing weight loss and preventing weight gain. Studies have indicated that individuals that effectively control their hunger pangs are 25% more likely to lose weight than those that do not know how to control their appetite. The formula of Truu Keto effectively keeps the levels of ghrelin, the “hunger hormone” in check. This way, your appetite and carb cravings are reduced significantly.

  • It helps your body switch to ketosis

This is among of the primary and most important fat-burning effects of Truu Keto. As explained previously, the supplement’s formula triggers the metabolism of fat, leading to increased fat-burning. After a few months of using the supplement, you are sure to cut off a huge amount of body fat.

  • Helps balance the user’s insulin levels

When you have insulin imbalances, you are more exposed to increased weight gain, obesity and such diseases as diabetes. With insulin imbalances, your chances of being obese, especially if you lead a sedentary lifestyle, are much higher.

Insulin is very important in the metabolism of carbs, the absorption and regulation of glucose. This is why your body has to always have the right levels of insulin. Truu Keto’s formula is designed to help keep your insulin at the right levels.

  • It promotes the metabolism of stored fats

Truu Keto triggers fat-metabolism, leading to increased fat-burning. After just a few months of using the supplement, you are sure to shed off a huge amount of body fat mass.

  • The formula stalls or entirely stops the production of new fat cells in the body

Usually, excess body fat is stored in body as fat cells through two processes known as adipogenesis and lipogenesis. An enzyme called Citric Lyase is essential to these processes. The formula of Truu Keto blocks the formation of fat cells by blocking citric lyase functions.

  • It improves the production of hormone serotonin

Having the right levels hormone serotonin is critical for you to lead a happy and healthy life. The hormone is known to reduce stress and depression while boosting your mood. Many studies have also shown that serotonin also helps prevent binge eating.

Also, there is sufficient evidence indicating that individuals that control their stress effectively are more likely to commit to demanding diet and exercise routines. By helping boost your serotonin levels, Truu Keto helps you prevent stress-induced weight gain.

It is important to mention here that Truu Keto is meant for use by healthy adults. No persons under the age of 18 are allowed to use the supplement. It is suitable for use by both men and women. However, if you are using any medication, it is advisable that you first talk to your doctor before using the supplement. Note that pregnant and nursing mothers are not allowed to use the product.

You can purchase the supplement today via the company’s official website. Unfortunately, all orders have to be placed online and no other store stocks the supplement.

The Ingredients of Truu Keto

As mentioned earlier, Truu Keto contains natural ingredients. All of which have proven weight loss benefits. The natural ingredients also have other medical applications which include prevention and treatment of such diseases as diabetes, erectile dysfunction, cardiovascular conditions, among others. I researched some of these ingredients and here is what I found as regarding their weight loss benefits.

Green Coffee Bean Extracts

One study published in the American Journal of Evidence Based Alternative and Complementary Medicine showed that Green Coffee Bean Extracts reduced body fat mass among overweight and/or obese adult participants. The subjects’ visceral fats were found to have decreased significantly after the seven-month study.

Another research came up with similar findings. The research report was published by the International Journal of Innovative Research.

Green Tea Extracts

This study report shows that Green Tea Extracts contain compounds called catechins can help with weight loss in obese or overweight women. Another study report also points out that besides helping with weight loss, Green Coffee Bean Extracts also helped reduce bad cholesterol among the participants. Another study also found similar results.

Truu Keto Vs. Other Supplements

This supplement stood out for me for various reasons;

  • It a US product. The company producing it is based in the US and has been in business for years now.
  • It manufactured in GMP-certified modern facilities
  • It has been tested and found to be safe
  • It works in multiple ways
  • Contains all-natural ingredients
  • Doesn’t come with side effects

The Benefits of Using Truu Keto

This supplement comes with a raft of health benefits which include the following, among others

  • Rapid weight loss

The formula of Truu Keto is designed to give you rapid weight loss through the various ways as explained in the previous sections. In just a few months of using the supplement, you are sure to see positive weight loss results.

  • Improved immune system

Truu Keto is composed of various natural ingredients which are packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents. These will help boost your immune system significantly.

  • Gut detoxification

The antioxidants in the supplement help to cleanse your gastrointestinal tract and detoxify your digestive system. A healthy gut translates to improved digestion, metabolism, fat-burning, and more energy output.

  • Improved metabolism of fats

Increased fat metabolism means that more and more fat will be burned to produce energy. Ultimately, your fat mass will decrease and so will your body weight. Note also that increased fat metabolism means increased energy.

Truu Keto Deals and Coupons

The manufacturer of this supplement occasionally offers coupons and other deals on the supplement. For instance, at present, all new customers are receiving a fourteen-day free trial. You might want to take advantage of this offer and get your free Truu Keto package today.

This supplement helped shed of 139 pounds within just three months. In case you are looking for a quality weight loss supplement, you should consider using Truu Keto today.