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Keto Advanced Weight Loss Review

Did you know that about 30 percent of the people in the world are overweight or obese? The global obesity problem continues, and a new study has found that about 2 billion people in the world are obese or overweight. The study also found that more than 75% of these obese or overweight people are actively looking for weight loss solutions. So if you struggling with weight loss, you are not alone. A few years ago, I was extremely overweight, but with the help of a combination of diet, regular exercise, and one weight loss supplement, I successfully shed off a huge chunk of body fat and regained my body shape.

I am Candice Cole, a make-up artist based in New York, and a mother of one. In this post, I want to inspire people like you who are struggling with weight loss by sharing my weight loss success story. With the help of Keto Advanced, a weight loss supplement, coupled with exercise and a healthy diet, I managed to lose up to 37 pounds in just four months. At the end of this piece, hopefully, you are going to be inspired, and find out why should also probably consider using Keto Advanced.

In 2014, I had a road accident which resulted in me gaining alot of weight! After the accident, and even after healing, I fell into depression, and my wounds were a constant reminder of what had happened (my husband died in the accident). I quit my job and stayed indoors watching TV and eating my pain away. Before I knew it, I had gained more than 50 pounds.

One day, however, I decided to get myself on track. I tried several supplements, but none worked. I enrolled in various workout classes, but I couldn’t get the results I wanted. One evening, Jack, an old friend of mine sent me an ad he had made about this weight loss supplement called Keto Advanced. He claimed he had used it and lost 15 pounds in two weeks. I was skeptical at first, but I ended up placing an order, and now I am happy I did.

Does Keto Advanced Work? Here’s What You Need to Know

This supplement comes with a unique formula which according to the manufacturer, works by triggering a natural fat-burning process called ketosis, earning it the name Keto Advanced. Ketosis is the process through which a human body uses fat to produce energy instead of using glucose, the normal energy substrate. This process is what led to the development of Keto diets. When on a keto diet, one gets up to 80% of their daily calories from fat, and limits or entirely stops consuming carbs. This way, the body is deprived of glucose, and as a result, the process of ketosis is triggered.

Keto Advanced is designed to work the same way as keto diets do but in a more a rapid way. The formula contains various natural ingredients proven to bring about this effect. One of the active ingredients in the supplement is Beta-hydroxybutyrate, a ketone that is naturally present in some herbs and the raspberry plant. For ketosis to occur, there must be sufficient a level of ketones in your system, which is Keto Advanced contains Beta-hydroxybutyrate as one of its main ingredients.

While keto diets can be very effective for weight loss when used regular exercise, it should be noted that they can be very restrictive. As noted earlier, while on a keto diet, most of your calories are going to come from fat. Again, before the body fully transitions to metabolizing fat (that’s, before achieving peak ketosis), you might experience some side effects like mild headaches, fatigue, stomach upsets, etc. This is not the case when using Keto Advanced. While it is still important to mind what you eat, the supplement doesn’t restrict what you should eat. And it doesn’t come with any serious side effects- I didn’t experience any. The supplement gives you weight loss results as a typical keto diet would, but in a quicker, and safe way.

It is worth mentioning that all the ingredients in Keto Advanced are all-natural and there is sufficient scientific evidence backing them for weight loss. As I mentioned earlier, I am very skeptical when it comes to using health supplements. So before I decided to use Keto Advanced, I did some background check and found that almost all the ingredients used in this product actually have a variety of medical applications, one of them being aiding weight loss. Some of these ingredients include Beta-hydroxybutyrate, Green Tea Extracts, and Green Coffee Bean Extracts.

Why I Decided to Use Keto Advanced

Jack is one of the most conservative people I have ever known, so when I saw his ad on Keto Advanced, let alone him claiming to have used the pill, I was kind of taken aback. As I read his ad, for a second, I thought that the supplement was different, after all, Jack had lost weight on it. And because I was desperate to lose weight, I decided to ring him the next day and ask him about the product. He sounded very convincing. However, I still went online and researched the product, and after reading about its formulation and researching the ingredients, I decided to place an order.

Here’s some information on how the supplement works. You can, of course, also check the product out on its official website.

How Keto Advanced Works

Unlike several weight loss supplements, Keto Advanced uses multiple mechanisms to result in weight loss:

  • Kick-starting ketosis

This is perhaps the major fat-burning effect of Keto Advanced. As explained in the previous sections, Keto Advanced triggers fat-metabolism, leading to increased fat-burning. After just a few months of using the pill, you are sure to shed off a huge amount of body fat.

  • Blocking the formation of fat cells

Excess fat is deposited in body tissues as fat cells through two processes namely adipogenesis and lipogenesis. An enzyme called citric lyase is essential to these processes. The formula of Keto Advanced blocks the formation of fat cells by blocking citric lyase functions.

  • Suppressing appetite

One of the most basic ways of reducing weight gain and increasing weight loss is being able to control your appetite. Scientific studies indicate that people that effectively control their hunger pangs are 25% more likely to lose weight than those that do not know how to control their appetite. The formulation of Keto Advanced effectively keeps the levels of ghrelin, the “hunger hormone” in check. This way, your appetite and carb cravings are reduced significantly.

  • Balancing your insulin levels

While most people do not know it, insulin imbalances can actually lead to increased weight gain besides also exposing you to such diseases as diabetes. With insulin imbalances, your chances of being obese, especially if you have a sedentary lifestyle, are increased. Insulin is key in the metabolism of carbs, glucose absorption, and regulation. This is why your body has to always have the right levels of insulin. Keto Advanced’s formula is designed to help keep your insulin at the right levels.

  • Boosting your serotonin levels

To lead a healthy and happy life, having the right levels hormone serotonin is critical. It is known to reduce stress and depression while boosting your mood. Many studies have also shown that the hormone helps prevent binge eating. Again, there is sufficient evidence indicating that individuals that control their stress effectively are more likely to commit to demanding diet and exercise routines. By helping boost your serotonin levels, Keto Advanced helps you prevent stress-induced weight gain.

Wondering whether or not the supplement is suitable for you? According to the manufacturer, Keto Advanced can be used by any adult male or female looking to burn extra fat and lose weight. This, therefore, means that any one below the age of 18 is not allowed to use the product. Also, only healthy individuals should use the supplement. If you are on any medication, it is extremely advisable that you talk to your doctor before using the supplement. Again, the company points out that for various health reasons, pregnant mothers and breastfeeding women shouldn’t use Keto Advanced.

You can purchase the product online through the company’s website. This is the only way customers can get the supplement.

What’s included in Keto Advanced’s Formula?

As I mentioned earlier, before buying the supplement, I researched its ingredients to find out whether or not they actually help in weight loss as the manufacturer claims. Indeed, most of the ingredients used in this supplement have been backed by various studies for weight loss. Here are some of the published research reports I found online and what they say about the ingredients.

Green Coffee Bean Extracts

One study report published in 2009 in the American Journal of Evidence Based Alternative and Complementary Medicine found that GCBE (Green Coffee Bean Extracts) reduced body fat among overweight and obese adult participants. The participants’ visceral fats were found to have reduced significantly after the 6-month study.

Another research report published in 2013 by the Journal of Innovative Research also reported similar findings.


In 2017, the International Journal of Weight Loss and Nutrition published a study which showed that Beta-hydroxybutyrate among other natural compounds induced ketosis among obese subjects. Another study testing the efficacy of BHB as regards weight loss also reported that the natural ketone reduced hormone ghrelin levels, LDL, and visceral fat among participants.

How Does Keto Advanced Compare with Similar Supplements?

In various ways, Keto Advanced stood out for me. For instance, unlike many other similar supplements, the supplement works in multiple ways to bring about rapid weight loss. Again, all the ingredients used in the supplement are organic which, so the chances of the product affecting your health negatively are greatly reduced. Most weight loss supplements on the market today come with various inorganic compounds that can adversely affect your health.

Also, according to information on the company’s site, Keto Advanced is formulated and produced in modern laboratories that have GMP-certification. This means that the manufacturer follows all the safety requirements. Keto Advanced has also been put to the test on multiple occasions, and results indicate that it is a safe product to use. You don’t need to worry about side effects.

Keto Advanced Pros and Cons

The benefits of using this supplement include;

  • Rapid weight loss. It’s formula is designed to bring about rapid weightloss through the various ways explained in the previous sections. Within just months of using the product, you are sure to see positive results. I was able to lose 37 pounds with four months.
  • Increased metabolism of fat. Increased metabolism of fat means that more and more fat will be burned to produce energy. Ultimately, your fat mass will decrease and so will your body weight. Note also that increased fat metabolism means increased energy.
  • Boosted immunity. The formulation is composed of various natural ingredients which are packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents. These will help boost your immune system significantly.

Other benefits of using Keto Advanced include boosted mood, more energy output, a cleansed gut, decreased appetite, et cetera.

While on the pill, I didn’t really experience any major side effect. However, I sometimes had difficulties getting the product because it is only sold through the company’s website and sometimes they would run out of stock because of high demand. I think the company should consider supplying the product to other stores so more people can easily access it.

Get Your Bottle Cheap Today!

The company occasionally offers deals and coupons on Keto Advanced. The coupons are, however, limited so in case you want to get this product at a discounted price, you might want to keep checking their website. At present, though, new customers are enjoying a fourteen-day free trial, so hurry and get your first bottle absolutely free.

The Bottom Line

I am one the happiest Keto Advanced customers. The product helped lose a huge amount of weight within a very a short time. If you are looking for a top quality supplement that will quickly and safely help you burn excess fat, I’d absolutely recommend Keto Advanced. However, while on it, remember that healthy food choices and exercise are also important.