Keto Advanced


A few days ago, while he was still bogging large baskets in clear vines, I was having fun in Bavaria in the beautiful and very beautiful city of Munich …

But here, due to lack of organization, hasty departure, and because Lufthanza had made the nasty joke of limiting the weight of my luggage to 8kg, I couldn’t take my usual travel essentials with me: cocoa butter. , coconut oil in large format, TCM oil and so on.

Fortunately, Munich is quite a VERY well-stocked city with organic shops. In my street there were not one but TWO organic shops facing each other, and I think I spent some time in both. They were really cool and I wanted to buy everything.

Keto AdvancedAnd since many of you are still worried about how they will do on vacation, I wanted to show you that we actually always find something to do, and sometimes even, we find Nuggets that we didn’t have at home! We hope it inspires you!

I avoided the first trap that was waiting for me, just 1 meter from the shop entrance: gooseberries.

It’s my favorite fruit: I was crazy about it when I was little. And to be completely transparent, I could have bought some. I mean, one of the advantages of the advanced keto adaptation (forgive me for a slightly pompous adjective) is that the overall insulin does its job and that we tolerate carbohydrates much better, when obviously they are consumed intelligently.

So I could have, and now I know that I can afford this kind of thing in limited quantities, BUT finding myself in a context where I did not fully control what I would eat at meals and where it would definitely be necessary to handle unexpected events, I preferred not to take them.

I bought a supply of avocado and then right next to the avocado stand (we will positively notice the consistency of the department layout, good VollcornerBio), it was the COCONUT stand, where there was whole coconuts, half coconuts and coconuts already cut And tasting. (I think someone warned them of my visit). I got stuck right away.

The next step, in the coconut yoghurt department, I found my favorite brand MOON OF COLLECTION and I admit that I have been redone because I find the best consistency of Abbot Kinneys and, unfortunately, it is a German brand that we find less and less in France! Several health food stores have already stopped them and replaced them with a stupid brand I hate (Ya Chia) (which contains VERY TOO MANY CARBOHYDRATES, and therefore cannot be consumed on a ketogenic diet!)