The Decalogue of the Ministry of Health for the correct use of food supplements
A few days ago, the Ministry of Health published bio x keto a handbook for the correct use of food supplements, to help consumers navigate this vast and constantly growing market.

In the first point of the Decalogue, the Ministry emphasizes the importance of diet for well-being and for maintaining good health. Before turning to the supplement market, it is good to correct your diet and lifestyle. In a healthy person, a healthy, varied and balanced diet already provides all the macro and micronutrients the body needs and, as indicated on the supplement label, these products bio x keto should not be used as a substitute for a healthy diet. and balanced and should not be taken to compensate for the negative effects of an improper diet and lifestyle.

Furthermore, the use of food supplements for the purpose of reducing one’s body weight has a marginal role in achieving one’s ideal weight. The only effective strategy to lose weight is bio x keto to reduce the intake of calories and increase energy expenditure through physical activity.

Often even sportspeople make excessive use of food supplements bio x keto, without there being a real need. Even those who play sports can satisfy the increased nutritional needs through the diet, which will be elaborated according to their physical conditions and the type of activity practiced. There is rarely a need to take supplements for those who play sports and it is necessary to be wary of products sold as miraculous or able to solve any problem.

The Ministry then recommends that you carefully read the labels of the supplements, both to make sure that the effects indicated meet your needs and to check for any ingredients to which you are allergic or intolerant bio x keto, check the additional warnings, the indications relating to storage and obviously the methods of use and the doses not to be exceeded.