Thanks to the countless scientific studies and discoveries made in the field of food supplements, today you can rely on different products to speed up weight loss and say goodbye to extra pounds in no time.

Sometimes the weight loss process takes a while to take off and it needs a little help to give you the motivational boost. Personally I have tried so many food supplements and I can say that the natural ones are the best.One in particular has fully satisfied me, it is called Forskolin Active.

It arrived in Italy only last year after the boom in America, brought to light by the American broadcast The Dr. Oz Show. In this program, Dr. Oz presents several methods and products to lose weight quickly and without too much effort. If you are also looking for a good product to lose weight, read on!

Forskolin Active: what it is and how it works
The Forskolin Active food supplement is a slimming product based on forskolin, an active ingredient used for centuries in the medicine of oriental populations, particularly in India. This vegetable has been used by locals for more than 200 years to protect the heart, but also the respiratory system and the nervous system. It was used not only in the therapeutic field, but also as a spice in the preparation of typical dishes. It acts directly on raising the contraction of enzymes and hormones responsible for the elimination of excess fat.

The two molecules involved are lipase and CAMP, or cyclic adenosime monophosphate. It also increases the amount of testosterone which performs the function of controlling fat mass by stimulating the synthesis of proteins that make up lean muscle tissue.

Forskolin Active: benefits
The forskolin present in the supplement in addition to having slimming capabilities by acting directly on the body’s molecules that control body fat, performs various functions, such as:

  • It has a vasodilating action;
  • Lowers blood pressure;
  • It controls the activity of the bronchi by preventing and calming asthma;
  • It stimulates the release of the hormones produced by the thyroid gland;
  • Increase the amount of insulin to control blood sugar.