Is ‘Starvation Mode’ Real or Imaginary?


Do you have to go hungry to lose a few pounds? Absolutely not! Indeed, it is exactly the opposite starvation mode myth or fact: only by eating correctly can you lose weight while maintaining the weight achieved!

Rule 1: never lose weight by going hungry
Rule 2: Keep your calorie needs in mind
Rule 3: Change your eating habits instead of dieting
Rule 4: distinguish between hunger and appetite
Rule 5: find the right nutrition for you

  • What satisfies you the most starvation mode myth or fact?
  • How to lose weight a lot and fast?
  • What helps you lose weight in a healthy way?
  • What is the best sport for weight loss starvation mode?
  • Tasty recipes to lose weight without being hungry
    In short starvation mode study

Rule 1: never lose weight by going hungry starvation mode weight loss
Most people think that losing weight is synonymous with limitations, sacrifices and hunger. However, it is wrong to believe that cutting down on food as much as possible is the best way to get in shape: in reality starvation mode myth or fact, you lose more weight by eating abundantly what is starvation mode, not suffering from hunger!

When we take in a very low amount of calories weight loss starvation mode, the metabolism is blocked and the body distributes nutrients carefully.

In most cases, carbohydrates and lipids are directly stored in the body to better withstand hunger, but as soon as we eat more abundantly the annoying yo-yo effect thwarts all our efforts. To prepare for another period of hunger weight loss starvation mode, the body transforms almost all the nutrients it takes into body fats, which will then end up on the hips! In short, starving to lose weight is not a good idea at all!

Rule 2: Keep your calorie needs in mind, how to stop starvation mode
The first step to lose weight without being hungry is to calculate and respect your calorie needs, which depends on your personal goal and calorie consumption; the latter is individual and varies according to various factors such as gender, height and level of daily activity. Depending on whether you want to lose weight, gain weight or simply live healthily, the balance between calorie needs and consumption is fundamental.

Rule 3: Change your eating habits instead of dieting
Can you go on a diet without feeling hungry? Sure! Just switch to a healthy and balanced diet, which does not mean either going hungry or having to give up! Indulging in chocolate or a pizza every now and then does not make you fat, just like a salad or a protein shake does not make you lose weight. In our article on how to be able to change your eating habits you will find useful and tasty recipes. Losing weight in a healthy way is possible and advisable!

Rule 4: distinguish between hunger and appetite
Having an appetite or eating out of boredom is what really makes you fat: we should therefore only eat something when we are really hungry! For this reason it is important to always ask ourselves if we are really hungry or just hungry; in fact we often eat simply out of habit. Of course we don’t have to give up on breakfast, lunch and dinner, but often a sweet snack with colleagues, some chocolate at work and a glass of wine in the evening relaxing on the sofa are also part of our routine: all additional calories that don’t we pay attention and then, when we are on the scale, we wonder why we are gaining weight instead of losing weight!

5: find the right diet for you
Do you want to lose weight without being hungry and without the need for complicated nutrition plans? The key to finding the ideal diet is to be honest with yourself: ignoring bad habits helps little, just like convincing yourself that you only want to eat salad! It’s important that you find the middle ground between the unhealthy things you like to eat and healthy foods, but it may take some time.