Delicious Berry Green Smoothie

Delicious Berry Green Smoothie

If you are a fan of the sweet and zingy taste of berries (straw berries, blueberries and raspberries) then this is the best smoothies for you. It is a simply the ultimate mixture of nutritious and tantalising fruits and vegetables. The end result is a delectable, scrumptious and soft-textured smoothie that will leave you wanting more. The berry green smoothie is by far one of the most delicious healthy smoothies.

Let’s take a look at the Ingredients

  • A half a cup of strawberries
  • A half a cup of raspberries
  • A half a cup of blueberries
  • One cup of finely chopped spinach
  • One cup of water
  • One cup of ice
  • A half a cup of low fat vanilla yoghurt
  • Two teaspoons of honey

Why berries? What is their nutritional value?

It cannot be argued that berries are simply delicious. However, what most people don’t know is that berries are also very delicious when blended together especially if yoghurt is part of the equation. Let’s break down the numerous nutritional benefits of including berries into your regular diet;


If you want to maintain a normal body weight, shed off those extra pounds and even get the 6 pack that you have always wanted then look no further than the delicious strawberry. This amazingly tasty fruit is underrated by most people who just think it is a good accompaniment for deserts. It is also an excellent source of Vitamin C which contains powerful antioxidants that help rid the body of harmful toxins that lead to bacteria build up and infections that will deteriorate the state of your health.

We live in a generation where heart disease has become the norm even for young individuals. Any fruit or vegetable that reduces the chances of developing heart ailment is a welcome addition to your diet. Regularly eating strawberries will improve your heat health substantially. According to reliable research strawberries are rich in natural fibre, folate and has no fat. Additionally, strawberries also contain phytochemicals that effectively decrease the amount of cholesterol that builds up in the vessels of the heart such as veins and arteries.

Blue berries


Most people confuse the sweetness levels with being harmful to the body. The sugar in blueberries is natural therefore harmless. Many studies have shown that diabetics who consume a high-fibre diet such as blueberries exhibit low blood glucose levels making this debilitating health condition more manageable. Blueberries are very high in fibre content in fact just a single cup contains 3.6 grams of fibre. This fibre also aids in digestion by preventing gastrointestinal conditions and also making you full for longer. This way you are able to eat less and adhere to a healthy diet plan.

  • Raspberries

Recent research has shown that there is a close relation between the increased intake of flavonoids and memory improvement. Raspberries are rich in such flavonoids which also help slow down the reduction in cognitive ability because of age. This makes it a great fruit for both children and adults. In children it boosts cognitive ability while in adults it helps reduce the decline of cognitive ability.Raspberries are easy on the eyes and can motivate anyone to take on a healthy diet. They also help in important body process that aid in weight loss such as detoxification and digestion.

The high water and fibre content help to prevent constipation when you are trying to detoxify your body. If you include raspberries in your diet you will quickly notice that you have no digestion or stomach issues because these sweet berries promote regularity. A study conducted by the department of health in Kentucky theses delicious berries are rich in an powerful antioxidant known as zeaxanthin which comes in handy in filtering out any harmful blue light rays that play a critical role in protecting and enhancing eye health. This prevents macular degeneration which affects the health of the yes substantially especially if you are advanced in age.

  • What is the role of the other ingredients?


This leafy green vegetable is rich in vitamin C, beta-carotene and fibre which all help in digestion and are also contains no fat. It does not only add some colour into the smoothies but also adds to the taste and makes the texture more smooth hence enjoyable.

Vanilla Yoghurt

This is definitely the secret ingredient which helps create a smoothie with a thick consistency, a sweet vanilla flavour and no sugar so that there are no more calories. It is advisable to use low-fat vanilla which does not add any unnecessary fat to the smoothie.

Although honey is optional it is a great addition for a sweet tooth who is looking to make the smoothies more delectable.


  • Wash all the berries thoroughly in clean and running water. Ensure that you remove any debris that tends to stick in the coating of the berries. Cut the berries into small pieces to make easy to blend.
  • Start by blending all the berries together for about minute then add the rest of the ingredients and continue blending them until you achieve the consistency that you are going for.
  • Serve when cold. This smoothie is not just a healthy and delicious treat you can actually serve it a dessert at the end of meals especially lunch. Taking this smoothie for lunch keeps you fuller for longer until it is time to take dinner. This makes it easy to eat healthy and avoid consuming jink food which compromises your healthy diet plan.

Who will benefit most from this smoothie?

This is a great way to make your kids enjoy eating veggies because you can substitute the spinach with kale or broccoli. Since they will be eating as dessert they will enjoy it more and don’t be surprised if they even ask for more

This is a great meal for anyone battling with cravings for sugar and junk food. Since you remain fuller for longer because of the large quantity of fibre in all the three fibre you can easily eating unhealthy stuff.