Controversial Modern Techniques To Deal With Belly Fat

Controversial Modern Techniques To Deal With Belly Fat

Zap away extra abdominal fat with ultrasound


Ultrasonic cavitation is one of the most effective and least risky high-tech non surgical fat removal techniques. In order to get rid of the extra fat, the ultra sound machine has to generate 40Hz strong ultrasound.

Is it better than liposuction treatment?

This treatment regimen has a number of benefits that make it superior to liposuction surgery. These include;

  • It is non invasive therefore less risky. Ultrasound for belly fat treatment does not involve a surgery hence there are no detrimental risks such as general anesthesia risks, bleeding and unpleasant scars.
  • While liposuction can only get rid of superficial fat tissue located beneath the skin, ultrasound treatment removes both the superficial fat and the visceral abdominal fat which surrounds visceral organs.
  • To help you put ultrasound fat reduction into perspective, you need to know that you won’t achieve the same level of fat reduction instantly; liposuction, the results are almost immediate. You will lose a few ounces per treatment session. The key is patience and a balanced diet.

To help you understand this effective belly fat treatment technique; here is additional information that will help you understand the devices used to execute this non-invasive technique

The Ultra Cavitation machine works by micro-vibrating the fat cells in high frequency. Micro vibration is due to the strong 40KHz that this innovative machine generates. This procedure breaks down the fat cells so that triglycerides are eliminated from the body through natural metabolism processes.

Statistics prove that a few months after successful treatment sessions, you will probably begin noticing visible improvements.

A brief look at high intensity focused ultrasound

The current market is crowded by a plethora of ultrasound cavitation machines developed by different drug companies. Most of these machines principally operate on the same basic idea;

There is very precise targeting of ultrasound energy targeted at destroying both subcutaneous and visceral fats which are very stubborn.

For a long time liposuction was the single most reliable technologically advanced belly fat treatment method. Due to the risks and unpleasant side effects that liposuction has, there was a need for another advanced technique that s a perfect combination between efficient and non-invasive.

Ultrasound and cool-sculpting Cryolipolysis are a viable alternative to liposuction if you are looking to trim your waistline.

Hot Wrap Fomentation

This is a very simple technique that you can easily do at home without any additional help. You simply use a thin towel or a piece of cotton on your tummy to foment it. Reliable research ascertains that this method helps in the dissolution of obstinate fat that accumulates in the abdominal region.

The obstinate fat in the abdominal region is extremely difficult to lose without going to the gym or talking up a rigorous workout regimen. The warm cloth around you belly can help in the dissolution of fats provide you do it on a regular basis.

It is advisable to only use lukewarm water, ensure the water is not too hot as this can result in burns and scars. This is a simple yet very effective techniques given you take the prerogative to be consistent by doing the hot warp fomentation on a daily basis on a regular basis.

Benefits of this methods that make it ideal for you in trimming yours waistline include;

  • This method is free and very easy to execute at home meaning you don’t need to spend extra on the gym or on hiring a professional trainer
  • Hot fomentation is non-surgical hence non-invasive and less risky as compared to other belly fat treatment techniques such as liposuction.
  • Although this method is slow, if you persist and do it regularly you will gradually improve and overtime you will be able to get that small waist you have always wanted.

Effective yet simple tips that will help you select a belly fat treatment technique that suits your particular needs and requirements. Here are three important factors that you need to take into careful consideration.


Liposuction is an excellent treatment regimen that is very effective in reducing large fat deposits of fat in the abdominal region. This surgically invasive technique can significantly improve your figure. However, just like any other surgery it comes with a slew of risks and unpleasant side effects.

Since you are busy it is essential; that go with a treatment regimen that does not demand too much effort or time

The right treatment regimen should fit within your schedule. Since you are avoiding the gym because of a demanding program you cannot handle a treatment regimen that is equally as demanding. Surgical treatment will require talking time off work and a lot time spent healing.

Don’t believe in the fads that are falsely advertised, take your time to research thoroughly before selecting a treatment regimen that can work for you

The weight loss industry is thronged by marketers who are willing to lie and promote questionable treatment regimens for consumers who are in desperate need. Never go for a treatment regimen because it is trending. It is advisable to research thoroughly then settle on a method this is most suited to you. Factors you should consider include

  • Age
  • How much abdominal fat you want to loose
  • Are you looking to lose weight or simply trim the waistline?