4 Simple Lifestyle changes to reduce belly fat

4 Simple Lifestyle changes to reduce belly fat

1.) Try as much as you can to maintain a stress-free Life

Elevated anxiety and stress levels are an enormously powerful trigger for excessive weigh-gain. Stress might be causing the excess abdominal fat keeping you away from the abs you are struggling to get.

 How does stress affect your body?

When the human body is stressed, it releases a hormone known as cortisol. Increased levels of cortisol can turn over-eating into a bad and unhealthy habit that will be hard to overcome. Elevated cortisol levels higher insulin levels causing blood sugar levels to drop meaning you crave more sugary and fatty foods.

In a nutshell? Elevated stress levels=increased cortisol production=an increased appetite for junk and sugary foods= excess abdominal fat. Try out reliable stress management such as meditation to help keep you peaceful, focused and centered instead of stressed.If you are less stressed, your body will be able to steadily loose excess fat provided your diet is right and you take the prerogative to keep the extra fat off.

2.)Sleep uninterrupted for about 7-hours every day

Ensure you clock seven hours every day. When you sleep for an adequate amount of time your body can rest and rejuvenate from all the activity it has engaged in all day. By sleeping adequately, you are keeping your body weigh in check. Enough sleep can help you.

Sleep is just as essential as fresh food and exercise in helping keep your health in check. If you don’t sleep adequately, you ability to manage stress efficiently is considerably compromised. Apart from regenerating your energy level, sleep helps clear your mind so that you can stop focusing on the stressing aspects of your life.

Here are a few helpful tips that will help you sleep more peacefully for longer

Start by cutting off stimulants especially right before sleep

Avoid stimulating your body right before sleep by exercising heavily or consuming caffeinated stimulants and drinks. Caffeinated drinks and other stimulants will make your body more alert rather than relaxed; it is challenging to sleep peacefully when your system is too alert.

Alcohol induced sleep is not advisable

While alcohol can get you to sleep, it does not necessarily get you deep quality sleep that is healthy and boosts weight-loss. Additionally drinking alcohol every time you need to sleep will increase your chances of becoming dependant and addicted on alcohol.

Eating right will help you sleep better

Take green leafy veggies or take a drink of warm milk before you sleep. A good dose of magnesium and calcium helps relax the body muscles making you sleep soundly for longer. Additionally, also try and eat a meal with a considerable carbohydrate and protein supply. A light meal is very important, it means your stomach is not overburdened meaning you can sleep more peacefully.

Try as much as you can to maintain a consistent sleep schedule

The most effective way of achieving sounder and longer sleep is setting a regular bedtime and wake up time and maintaining it at all costs.  When you have a regular daily bedtime and wake up time, your body gets into the routine and sleeping becomes more sound and interrupted.

If you need to take a nap because you are overwhelmed or exhausted, take a nap rather than sleeping-in late. This means you can pay off the sleep debt and take a relaxing rest without affecting your normal sleep-schedule.

How can I know if I am sleeping enough? Pretty simple! If you wake up without needing an alarm and you also feel rejuvenated, focused and mentally harp. It is an indication that you have slept enough.

3.) Incorporate physical activity into your busy routine

Just because you are extremely busy does not mean your life has to be sedentary. There are simple ways to make your body more active as you go about your day. Here is how;

Skip the lift and the escalator and instead take the stairs

We are so addicted to lifts and escalators without keeping in mind that they elevate sedentary lifestyles that keep your body extremely inactive

You don’t have need to drive when you have some time to walk to your destination

Simply making walking a routine part of your day ensures that your body stays active and your metabolism rate stays in check.

Spend your leisure time enjoying a physically engaging activity that is also enjoyable

Instead of spending your vacation days drinking too much alcohol and overeating, how about going on a hike, kayaking and rollerblading. Other fun but physically demanding activities you should consider when free include swimming, tennis, golf and rock-climbing.

Walking the dog, pushing the stroller, taking long walk and even garden around the home will help you keep your body physically active. The more you are on the move, the healthier your body is at the end of the day. Even cooking will help keep you away from a sedentary lifestyle which makes it more challenging to lose excess abdominal fat especially visceral fat.

Include some physical activity in your family-time if you are a parent

If one of your kids or your partner is a sport enthusiasts, try and play along with them. Simply kicking the ball and shooting baskets around your yard will help keep you physically active. Take your kids for a fun walk or go with your partner


4.) You have to put a stop to midnight snacking

Taking that snack while binging on Netflix right before bed may is a lot of fun. What most people don’t know or choose to ignore is the fact that this habit is also extremely unhealthy especially if you are trying to lose excessive abdominal fat.

Avoid eating and working

Reliable and extensive research has proven that multi-tasking is disastrous to your waistline. Munching on that delicious burger while working on a proposal is not healthy. If you are invested in loosing excess abdominal fat, you will need take some time and focus completely on eating your meal satisfactorily.

Just because you don’t have time to go to the gym doesn’t mean you have to let yourself go, you can still be physically active and boost your metabolism rate with some creativity.

  • Loosing abdominal fat consistently will need patience and achievable goals that motivate you to stay get on a strict diet and adhere to it even when the growth is slow is not an easy endeavor, You will need to be patient and very consistent if you want your body.