The Surprising Link Between Health And Homes


and security around our homes. We could mention factors like the structure of the house, the way the property was designed and built, the quality of the construction materials used, its degree of maintenance, and the existence of any safety devices. But things like the quality of the water or indoor air and the presence of any chemicals also ponder heavily in the same equation. Did you know about the link between your home’s features and your personal safety or health? Lots of health conditions such as high blood pressure and different types of cancers are negatively influenced by these particular aspects. Not to mention the risk of accidental poisoning, especially in young children and pets, when chemical substances are found in the area in and around a house. But the way household residents act is yet another contributing factor to this complicated equation.
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Below you will discover a few interesting facts on the way the quality of the air indoors, or the quality of the security locks on the front door of a house can affect the well-being of the people living in it.

Indoor Air And Health

  • The health of your eyes, nose, and throat can be severely influenced by the poor quality of the air that you breathe inside your very home. If you thought that you are entirely protected from pollution and gas combustion once you lock the front door behind you, you have another thing coming.

  • Wood or cigarette smoke, as well as natural gas combustion are known to release toxic gases and small particles into the air, damaging the quality of the air you and your family breathe on a daily basis.

  • Radon is known to cause cancer, while secondhand smoking can trigger different forms of breathing for heart diseases. The poorer the ventilation inside your home, the higher the risks of suffering from various health conditions.

  • But did you know that even something as apparently insignificant as high temperatures or levels of humidity inside your home could ruin the quality of the air indoors? High temperatures and humidity can boost the concentration of different pollutant in the air.

  • Do you normally like to have candles burning inside your home, to create a relaxing mood? You may want to give up the habit. The same goes for home deodorizers. Why? Because they are known to worsen symptoms in people with preexisting breathing illnesses.

Improper Home Safety Devices And Personal Security

The lack of quality locks on your entryways, topped by the lack of safety bars or locks on your windows will significantly contribute to higher levels of risks in terms of burglaries or home invasion. The way you will choose to manage the security of your home will influence the levels of peace of mind and tranquility you and the rest of the household members will enjoy. Being constantly stressed about about someone easily getting inside your home because of poor quality locks on your doors or the lack of an alarm system installed by a professional service will not do you any good. If you do not know how much a locksmith cost you can go online and research the average market prices and be fully prepared to hire an expert home locksmith to throw a hand at you.

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