7 Key things you MUST know about Treating Stretch Marks

7 Key things you MUST know about Treating Stretch Marks

The saying goes that every single scar tells a story. However, when it comes to stretch marks, this is not the case. These streaks show up everywhere; on the armpits, thighs, chest, groin and abdomen. They occur when the skin is overstretched either during puberty, pregnancy or rapid weight gain. When it comes to stretch marks, no one wants to tell the story, we all would just want to remain mum and hope they go away.

If you have stretch marks, they are nothing to be ashamed of because you are not alone. According to reliable statistics almost 85% of people will develop stretch marks at some point in their life. Research has ascertained that most people who develop extreme stretch marks can attribute it to steroid use and endocrine conditions or probably have a genetic component. Otherwise stretch marks tend to heal although not completely sometime. For instance, after pregnancy women have stretch marks; some heal faster than others while others remain with the stretch marks and they actually get worse overtime.

If you are grappling with stretch marks then there is some good news for you. According to a study that was published in the American Journal of Clinical Dermatology, stretch marks are not a permanent affliction, they can be treated. Although they may not completely disappear, they will become less visible.

Here is what you need to know about treating Stretch Marks

While they will certainly become less visible, stretch marks may never disappear completely

We sadly live in a generation that is obsessed with perfection. What if the perfection that we seek is unattainable? This is the case when it comes to stretch marks. You may never get rid of them completely but the appearance will certainly improve. Your aim when it comes to treating stretch marks is not perfection but improving the overall appearance and texture, this is according to Dr Jeremy Brauer a dermatologist surgeon with the renowned NYU Langone Medical Center. Most treatment options focus on getting rid of the pigmentation through stimulating new elastin and collagen to create a normal appearance of the skin. Keep in mind that improvement will not take a few days; it requires patience and will take a few months. This means that obsessing in front of the mirror will not be helpful just be patient and consistently follow the treatment regimen strictly.

Younger stretch marks are much easier to treat as compared to older ones

Research and statistics have clearly shown that brands new stretch marks are much easier to treat as compared to ones that have been around for a long time. When they are brand new they are not quite as unsightly, they appear as raised red lines on the skin. At this early point, a dermatologist will use a pulsed dye or a NY-YAG laser to target the blood vessels around the area that is affected. When the stretch marks are wide, deep with redness and pigmentation they are much easier to treat. Overtime, which ranges from 6 to 24 months, stretch marks will fade and become thinner. When the stretch marks are older they become thinner white lines known as striae alba which are extremely difficult to treat.

There is one particular treatment options that has been found to be more effective than others

After exhaustive research of previous studies that have analysed stretch marks treatments, researchers found out that one particular type of laser is extremely effective as compared to other treatment options available in the market. It is called a Fractional Laser and was developed by Fraxel Dual. This type of laser works by helping to create evenly spaced zones of injury within the skin, some areas are left untreated to allow for rapid wound healing. The treatment works on the fact that when the body gets around to healing the micro injuries, it creates new collagen. Most lasers currently used in the treatment of stretch marks work by systematically take off the top layers of the skin. The reason that this particular laser is so effective is that it works by actually delivering energy below the surface of the skin without harming the top layer of the skin in any way.

Two is better than one when it comes to Stretch marks

When it comes to treating stretch marks any treatments needs to be accompanied by prevention. This means doing treatment and prevention simultaneously.  You must combine any treatment therapies with a proper skin care routine that focuses on moisturising your skin to boost its elasticity. Moisturising when it comes to stretch marks is effective when done using natural oils such as Shea butter, rosemary oil, coconut oil and olive oil.

There are new treatment options being developed to combat this challenge

As mentioned earlier, many people are struggling with stretch marks unsuccessfully. This has motivated more researchers to focus on developing a cure that will help clear these stubborn scars. There are new laser machines being developed. There is no doubt that in the next 5 to 10 years there will be more effective and safe treatment options for person with stretch marks. According to knowledgeable and experienced dermatologists the aim is coming up with a treatment regimen that is specifically target the affected area and focus on long term treatment not just temporarily improving the appearance of the skin.

Miracle Lotions and creams that promise overnight results will not make much difference

In an age where everyone wants to be picture perfect unscrupulous traders are able to promise miracles and sell their products to ignorant customers at exorbitant process. The truth of the matter is that no matter how expensive it is, it will probably not work well unless it is formulated to penetrate under the skin and make changes there. What does this mean? Stretch marks are better treated when the problem is handled from beneath the kin.


Stretch marks are a big issue that affects both genders regardless of age. The best treatment option is prevention. While you may not be able to completely prevent them completely, you will be able to boost the elasticity of the skin and reduce the severity of STRETCH MARKS.

These marks form because the elasticity of your skin cannot tolerate the constant contraction and expansion due to weight gain and weight loss. A great way to stop them is therefore having a skin care regimen that focuses on healthy, moisturised and elastic skin.To get you started in the right direction, here are Foods That Promote Healthy Good Skin

Everyone regardless of whether male or female desires to have that radiant, glowing and attractive skin that is devoid of acne, wrinkles and even stretch marks. Most of us however do not know of the fact that top complexion cures are present in natural ingredients.

Nutrition plays an important role in your general health, the health of your skin included. As more and more research is being carried out on how different foods affect body, what is clear though is that diet is paramount to the health and aging of your skin. In this article we take a look at some of the best food to incorporate into your diet if you want to have a radiant and glowing skin.

Fatty fish

Examples of fatty fish include salmon, herring and mackerel. Fatty fish being rich in omega 3 fatty acids are an excellent food for healthy skin. Omega 3 fatty acids are responsible for keeping your skin thick and moisturized. Lack of this nutrient will leave you with a dry skin. Another important role omega 3 fatty acids play is to reduce inflammation which is a major cause of acne and redness. Omega 3 also reduces your skins sensitivity to the harmful UV rays. On top of this fatty acids also contain vitamin E an essential antioxidant to your skin. This vitamin is important in keeping excess free radicals at bay.

Lastly fish is rich in zinc a mineral that is necessary for regulating inflammation levels and also helps regulate the production of new skin cells.Deficency in zinc can result into inflammation, delayed healing of wounds and also lesions.


This is a very powerful super food. This fruit is so rich in healthy fats which are responsible for keeping your skin flexible and moisturized. In a study involving over 700 women it was found that taking large amounts of healthy fats especially those found in avocados was related to having a healthier supple and springy skin. Avocado also is another good source of vitamin E a powerful antioxidant that helps prevent your body against free radicals.

Also present in avocado is vitamin C.It is worth noting that vitamin C is even more powerful in combination with vitamin E.collagen which is the main protein that builds up a healthy skin is created by this vitamin C. A half of a medium sized avocado can be able to provide you with 10% of the daily recommended intake of vitamin E and 17% of vitamin C


Apart from being a rich source of vitamin c tomatoes also contain all of the significant carotenoid, lycopene included. Carotenoid found in tomatoes has been proven to prevent wrinkles and also protect the skin against the harmful effects of the sun’s rays.

Because of the presences of this major carotenoid in tomatoes, they make for a great food to maintain a healthy skin. It is important that you eat tomatoes alongside others foods like cheese or olive oil since for carotenoid to be absorbed they need fat

Dark chocolate

Right here is another reason for you to eat chocolate since the effects of cocoa on the health of the skin has been found to be very impressive. Cocoa is very high in antioxidants. A study found out that subjects reported a thicker and more hydrated skin after eating chocolate for a period of 6-12 weeks.

There was also improvement in the texture of the skin and its sensitivity to sunburns. It is evident that cocoa can be used as a powerful tool to keep a healthy and younger skin. To maximize the benefits derived from chocolate make sure you consume chocolates that have at least 70% cocoa.


Broccoli is rich in a lot of vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to the health of your skin. This vitamins and minerals include vitamin E, vitamin C and zinc. Broccoli also contains carotenoid in the form of lutein which just like beta-carotene helps protect your skin from oxidative stress

Additionally broccoli florets are rich in sulforaphane a special compound that has impressive benefits to your health. It may also have anti cancer benefits to some types of skin cancer.sulforaphaner can also protect your skin against the harmful effects of UV rays.

Sweet potatoes

Beta carotene is a nutrient naturally occurring in plant foods. This nutrient can be converted into another vitamin A when it reaches your body and its present in colored vegetables like spinach, carrots and sweet potatoes.

A half cup serving of this dish will provide your body with enough beta carotene equivalent to four times your daily requirement of vitamin A. Beta-carotene on its part can act as better sun blocker to your skin. After consumption this antioxidant is absorbed into your skin and therefore offers protection to your skin cells against exposure to the sun.


There are many features to walnuts that make them a great choice of food if you want to have a healthier looking skin. Walnuts are a rich source of essential fatty acids.

Omega 3 fatty acids will help reduce inflammation levels in your body the skin included. Also present in walnuts are other essential nutrients that are vital to the proper functioning of your skin. Walnuts are rich in zinc in significant quantities. Zinc enhances the skins function as a barrier and also helps in healing wounds and in the fight against inflammation and bacteria. Additionally walnuts also contain antioxidants in the form of vitamin E, selenium and Vitamin C.

Red or yellow bell peppers

Similar to sweet potatoes this is another great source of beta-carotene. Consider this: eating one cup of red bell peppers technically gives you about 92% of the daily required intake of vitamin A.

These are also very rich in vitamin C which is responsible for the production of collagen which gives your skin strength and firmness. A mass observational study among women found out that this vitamin was related to reduced chances of wrinkled and dry skin

  • To help you achieve the beautiful skin you have always wanted, here is a guide on taking care of under-eye skin

The skin under the eye is some of the thinnest and one of the most sensitive in the whole of our body. There is no cause for alarm if you are probably of the opinion that yours is too thin and delicate. That is just the way it is for all of us naturally.

The fact that this skin is thin also suggests that it is not capable of holding moisture and therefore can easily dry out. When this area of the eye is affected it will take a toll on the general appearance of your face. But not to worry with proper care and maintenance you can revive the youthfulness an s smoothness and therefore boost your general appearance It is not necessary to turn to chemicals to solve this problem. You can employ natural methods to ensure that you keep this delicate part of your body looking smooth and youthful.

You will have to ditch some harsh products

Once you decide to go the natural way some products you currently possess will have to go. The cosmetics industry has created the perception that you need to have a whole collection of products for you to take care of your skin especially the facial skin. Overzealous use of facial products like cleansers and scrubs can lead to a serious dryness of skin.

It is good to remember that the skin under the eye is thinner, more sensitive and therefore more prone to irritation and dryness. So you might want to have second thoughts about those products that are in your possession. Now let us take a look at how you can take care of your underneath the eye skin naturally.


  • Raw organic oil
  • Mild soap
  • Cucumber slices/cold compress
  • Petroleum jelly
  • Soft piece of cloth
  • Cotton balls

Step 1

Gently remove all make up from around your eyes. Instead of using cosmetic makeup removers use petroleum jelly and a soft cotton ball .after this use warm water together with a mild soap to wash your face. Be sure of the temperature of the water because using hot water dries up your skin

Step 2

You will have to reduce the puffiness and swelling beneath the eyes. Place a compress  over that particular area for say 15-20 minutes to reduce the swelling. Another alternative that is equally efficient is cold cucumber

Step 3

Apply the raw organic honey on the skin beneath your eyes and let it stay there for 10-15 minutes, Then gently wipe away with a warm and damp cloth. It is advisable that you make use of honey for about two to three times a week. Doing this will help in softening your and also reduce wrinkles and visible lines.

Step 4

To keep your skins moisturized apply a cream of vitamin E on a daily basis. This will also help in reducing visible lines and wrinkles. Vitamin E is also very important to the health of your skin in that it protects against the harmful effect ts of UV rays. This is just a common regimen that you can follow in taking care of the skin underneath the eyes. Other methods that you can employ to take care of your underneath skin include;

a)Applying tea bags; tea has some other important uses other than just sipping.caffeinnated tea bags can really help with the dark circles and bags beneath your eyes. The caffeine in the tea is rich in antioxidants that enhance the smooth flow of blood. In particular is green tea which according to research has anti inflammatory properties. Follow these steps

  • Steep two bags for about 3-5 minutes
  • Let the bags stay in the refrigerator for 20 minutes
  • After this squeeze excess liquid and apply to the area under your eye.
  • Leave the bags on for about 15-30 minutes

Drink plenty of water

About 60% of your total body weight is made up of water. This tells you that lack of enough water can lead to a dehydrated skin. Raising your water intake should really help. But how much is enough water. Experts recommend taking around 13 cups in fluid per day in men and 9 cups of fluid for women.

Other common and general precautions can be taken to protect your under the eye skin. It is important to wear sunglasses. Baggy eyes are often as a result of lack of enough sleep. So make sure you get enough rest. Limit your alcohol consumption since this is also a major source of eye bags. Be sure to consult your health care provider in regards to any persistent dark circles and under the eye puffiness so as to rule out any medical complication that is not known to you