Best Charcoal Masks For Sensitive Skin


Indispensable for the care of our skin, face masks cannot be missing in our skin routine. These are targeted products, to be used when necessary or on a regular basis, with which to deal with the main problems of our skin. In addition to allowing a deep cleansing, the face masks also allow a real detoxification of the skin of the face.

To find the right product for us, however, we must take into consideration some fundamental aspects, such as the type of skin and the needs that everyone has: reduce sebum, eliminate blackheads, remove dead cells and impurities, relax the wrinkles or deeply moisturize the skin. There are many masks on the market that can help us from this point of view, whether they are cream, gel, peel off or fabric. So here are the 10 best face masks we can use.

Best Charcoal Masks For Sensitive SkinThe best face masks

The face masks included in this list were chosen on the basis of the quality / price ratio, the reviews of the users who tried them and the result obtained after the treatment. Collistar Nero Sublime Precious Mask

The Nero Sublime mask by Collistar is designed as an activator of brightness and youth. It performs a regenerating, repairing and detox action, also giving the skin a brighter effect. Black clay and Bamboo charcoal have purifying and absorbing properties. The black orchid extract is moisturizing, while the stem cells of white gardenia have recompacting and regenerating properties.

The Black Pearl hydrolyzate illuminates and Carnosine acts as a detox. After applying it, the mask will free the pores of various impurities and dead cells, allowing oxygenation and skin renewal again. It can be used both as an emergency and as a continuous treatment to be repeated a couple of times a week.

  • Pros: The face will be bright and invigorated already after the first application.
  • Cons: It is not suitable for the eye area.

Avril Moisturizing Mask is designed for dry and sensitive skin. It has an excellent quality / price ratio and is 99% composed of natural ingredients, of which 31% are organic. Thanks to Shea butter and aloe, both strictly organic, it is able to give hydration and softness to the skin. After applying it, you have to leave it on for 10-15 minutes and then remove the excess product with a cotton ball. To obtain an optimal result, the treatment can be repeated 1-2 times a week.