10 Tips that will Help you Select the Right Products for your Facial Skin

Today’s market is literally flooded with numerous skin care products. This makes it very difficult choosing a  skin care product that will suit your needs. Some products are good for your skin’s health and appearance while others have the possibility of causing skin troubles in future. This makes it important to choose your products wisely and not just to go with anything that catches your attention.

For the best effects you should be able to have a comparison between products based on some guidelines or techniques that are recommended by professionals. In this article we are going to look at some of the guideline or tips that will be of help to you in your search for the products that will work well on your face.

1) Know your skin type

Now this should be your first concern. You cannot take good care of your skin if you do not know its type. It is pretty simple to know your skin type without necessarily seeking the services of a professional skin care therapist or a dermatologist. There are basically 3 types of skin dry skin, oily skin and combination skin. To determine your skin type ,wipe your face with a clean facial tissue in the morning when you wake up.

  • Dry skin-when you have this type of skin the tissue paper will remain clean. This type of skin can easily develop wrinkles and is prone to aging. It requires thorough skin care. For its treatment use a beauty product that has natural masks and moisturizers
  • Oily skin-after wiping your face, you will see oily spots on the tissue paper. Traces of oil will correspond to the areas around your nose, cheeks and forehead. This type of skin has a lot of problems and is prone to acne. The advantage to this type of skin is that it does not age faster and is not prone to wrinkles. It is better to clean this type of skin carefully and also avoid rich creams.
  • Combination skin-will have spots of oil corresponding to the areas around your nose and forehead alone. Unlike oily skin the area corresponding to your cheeks will be clean. This type of skin has patches of both oily and dry skin and therefore from its name requires a combination of skin care products.

Other two minor classifications of skin types include sensitive and normal skin. Sensitive skin is the most fragile type of skin and therefore needs special care to avoid having problems.Knowing your skin type should be the first tip in choosing a beauty product that will suit your face.

2) Stick with the basics

There are basic and standard ways of taking care of your facial skin. Do not complicate matters. To have an effective skin care routine you will require only three products. First you will require a gentle cleanser to wash your face. This cleanser should be specific to the needs of your skin type.

During the day you have to apply a daily moisturizer having an SPF of 30 and lastly you will require a night cream. These products should be used on a regular basis in order to take care of your complexion

3) Prioritize skin care needs

You may be having an idea of how you would want your skin to look like after treatment. You should make a point of choosing your top skin care need. After doing this, you will have to narrow down to those products that you feel will be able to take care of these needs. Is eliminating wrinkles your target or maybe you want to reduce fine lines. Having a clear objective concerning this will help you choose an effective product

4) The ingredients of products

The ingredients in the products you are trying to compare will give you a pointer as to which product will take care of your facial skin needs effectively. For example if you wish to wear the skin care product in the course of the day its good that it contains a sunscreen ingredient.

Skin care therapists recommends that sunscreens to have ingredients like zinc oxide and avobenzone. It is also recommended that a skin care product worn during the day should have an SPF of at least 15.

5) Choose products that have active ingredients

Especially if your main goal is to reduce aging signs, the best product should have an active ingredient that has been proven. Some of these anti aging ingredients include peptides,kogic acid,retinoids,alpha hydroxyl acids salicylic acid or hydroquinone.

6) Avoid products that have fragrances

This is a simple one to detect. a little sniff at the product and you will have your answer. Or alternatively you can take a quick look at the ingredients list. According to CNN health website perfumes and fragrances in skin care products are the leading causes of irritant skins and allergies.

7) Do not consider the price

The fact that it is expensive is not a guarantee its effective or of quality and vice versa. In the same breath you can find products that are beneficial to your skin in some cheap drugstores

8) Read through reviews

This is especially important to those who want to save on time and at the same time wish to get a quality product. Let reviewers like those who do consumer reports don the work for you. Or alternatively take a look at your regular beauty magazine. Whether you are looking for cleansers, serums or creams perusing through these reviews will give you an idea of the best product to buy

9) You need a well-thought out skin care regimen.

There can be two skin care regimens namely primary(basic) and advanced skin care regimen. The primary one belongs to those who don’t have to spend too much effort and tie on theirs skin. The opposite is true for advanced skin care regimen. Knowing the regimen that works for you will help you choose a skin care product

10) Acne prone skin

There are products that are recommended to those whose facial skin is prone to acne. Specifically those whose acne come in the form of pimples filled with pus as opposed to hard red pumps.

For all those who appreciate skin care, here are effective ways to naturally get rid of facial scars

A scar is mark left behind once the healing process is complete.  Scars may appear due to a wide range of reasons. Some scars may result from an injury. Other scars are caused by natural deformities in our bodies. Such scars are the hardest to deal with mainly because they are a permanent feature in a person’s anatomy.  Surgery is another possible source of scars.

Scars are good because they serve as an indication that a wound is healed, and that the body is back to its normal functional state. Facial scars are common and can result from pimples or any facial injury. While there is nothing wrong with a scare here and there sometimes when not controlled scars can affect your appearance particularly when it comes to facial scars. With some simple tricks up your sleeve,you will be able to naturally fade the appearance of the scars

Reasons to pursue natural options to fading facial scars

First, natural remedies are cheap because they come from readily available materials. These materials may include naturally existing stuff such as herbs, some type of soils, honey and plant residues. The cheapness of natural options makes them attractive considering that to many, cost is a huge concern when selecting a treatment option. Additionally, some segments of the population do not have a huge disposable income. For this group, cheap natural alternatives provide a good remedy that is within their financial capabilities.

Secondly, natural options to fading scars are readily accessible by many people. This is because, as pointed out earlier, most of the options are sourced from available materials. Additionally, the options are affordable, making them accessible to a huge portion of the public. Lastly, other people prefer natural options to fading scars because they simply perceive them as better. This is particularly true, for many parts of Asia, China and Africa. Culture is responsible for most of these perceptions. The huge preference for natural ways of fading scars makes a discussion of this approach worthwhile. In the next sections some of the ways of fading scars naturally wall be discussed at length.

Natural was to remove facial scars


Honey is known by many for its consumptive and storage use. However, for quite some time, some indigenous populations, particularly in North America, have used the bee product for therapeutic purposes. Modern science has since confirmed that indeed honey has some medicinal properties particularly related to the curing and fading of scars. Consequently, many lotions and skins care products that have honey as their main ingredients have emerged.  The procedure for using the product entails applying it on the affected area periodically for some time. One can opt to keep the affected area dry or closed. Typical effects of using honey are expected after 2 to 4 weeks.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Vinegar is another natural alternative to fading facial scars. Usually, this product is combined with other natural remedies for increased effectiveness. Nevertheless, one can use the product without any additions and still enjoy its beneficial effects. The proper way of using the product entails mixing it with a limited amount of water and applying it to the affected area using a piece of cloth for about ten minutes daily over a period of time. The outcome of using the product becomes visible after about two weeks.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a tropical plant belonging to the cactus family. For long, the plant has been rumored to have medicinal properties. Consequently, several commercial products that have the product as their primary ingredient have been launched into the market. The sap of the plant is the fluid that exhibits the medicinal properties. Thus, using the product begins with drawing the sap from the plant. This is done by shredding it into pieces, and pressing it. Alternatively, one can simply cut a slice of the plant in its fleshy areas to expose the sap. The sap should then be applied to the affected area at least twice a day for best results. Care should be taken when using the product because it is poisonous if ingested. Moreover, some people are naturally allergic to the product, and as such, they should not use it.


The use of lemon to fade scars has been around for quite some time. The acidic properties of lemon juice are responsible for the fading qualities of the fruit. Thus, using the product entails applying the juice to the affected area and leaving it for about ten minutes. This will expose the scar to the acid contained in the lemon juice. One should wash the affected area after the process to prevent an over-concentration of acids on the scar. This may lead to another scar.


Cleaning scars regularly is another often neglected and underscored tactic of fading facial scars. This tactic is founded on sound science. In that regard, by regularly cleaning the affected area, a person helps the body to shed off dead cells, which will be eventually replaced by new ones. This hastens the natural process of fading the scars.

Eating healthy

Eating healthy diets is another often ignored way of fading scars naturally. A typical diet for fading scars will have lots of vitamins and proteins. The two dietary components aid the body to naturally fade the scar.

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