What are the Common Mistakes that People Make When Selecting their Skin Care Products

What are the Common Mistakes that People Make When Selecting their Skin Care Products

Choosing skin care products is not as easy as most people think. Taking is for granted can mean permanent damage to your skin especially. Despite age and gender everyone desires clear and glowing skin. The products that you use will make a huge impact. In this article we are going to look at the top 10 mistakes that most people make when choosing skin care products.

Choosing products based on the popularity

We live in the age of social media where news and even products become viral. There are products that get publicity and popularity either because they are marketed by celebrities or many people swear by them. Do not be fooled, just because the product is extremely popular does not mean that it is effective or meant for you. The truth is that when it comes to skin care what works for one person can be disastrous to another person. A good skin care product is one that is formulated to specifically handle your specific needs. For instance the product might be popular because it is a great cure for acne; this does mean it will help you get rid of the hormonal acne that you have been suffering from. To avoid going by popularity here is a tip

Go for a product that suits your specific wants and needs. This means ascertaining the specific problem you have and finding a product that targets it.

Not reading about the ingredients

A skin care product is only as good as the ingredients that are used to make. What are the specific needs of your skin? Does it need moisture or are you suffering from a specific skin condition that needs a specific ingredient. For instance products such as cocoa butter are generally used to soften skin meaning when looking for the perfect moisturizer you need to look out for it. In the other hand if you have sensitive skin, your aim should be to avoid any irritants that can make your skin react negatively. In this case look out for ingredients that are irritants such as alcohol. If you are not sure about the effect that a particular ingredient might have on your skin, there is no harm in researching exhaustively and then buying the product later. If you thought that the FDA does a good job regulating the ingredients that are contained in cosmetic and personal care products then think again. The same way you obsessively look at the food labels is the same way you should approach skin care products.  There are numerous synthetic chemicals that are added to skin care products to make them more effective. Some of these ingredients are endocrine disrupters, skin irritants and skin penetrators. According to reliable research, some of these ingredients can even be carcinogenic. Here are 5 harmful ingredients in skin care products to look out for:


This is a commonly used preservative in skin care products because it is extremely effective in preventing mould, bacteria and yeast. This is perhaps the reason why beauty products can last for years without decaying. According to reliable research, parabens actually posses estrogen-mimicking properties that are affiliated with an increased risk of developing breast cancer. In fact parabens have been positively identified in numerous biopsy samples from breast tumors.

Synthetic colors

If you take a look at the labels on your skin care products and come across FD&C and DC, they simply represent colors that are used to give the skin care product the attractive color you see such as pink or purple. What most people do not know is that such colors are derived from coal tar and petroleum sources which are associated with cancer and causing ADHD in kids.


These are a group of chemicals that are used in thousands of skin care products to help enhance softness and flexibility. This compounds what gives some skin products their silky smooth feel. The problem with these compounds is that they have been proven to be endocrine disruptors that are linked to the development of breast cancer.


This is a commonly used antimicrobial chemical that has been proven to be an incredibly powerful endocrine disruptor that especially affects reproductive hormones and thyroid and is also a skin irritant. Additionally, there are claims by knowledgeable and experienced experts that this compound also contributes to the production of bacteria that is resistant to bacteria. This compound is present in toothpastes, deodorants and anti-bacterial soaps.


This can either be formaldehyde or preservatives that release formaldehyde. The main reason this is common constituent in skin care products is because it helps to prevent the growth of bacteria. This chemical has been linked to nasal and nasopharyngeal cancers. Additionally, formaldehyde also affects function of the immune system and leads to allergic skin reactions. This is a compound present in nail polish treatments, cleansers, conditioners and nail polish treatments

Thinking that expensive means effective

The notion that expensive skin care products are always the best is absolutely false. This is because it all comes down to marketing. A company can produce the exact same product and decide to market it as luxurious and market a part of it as low end product. It can be the same exact product but it will convince the market that one is superior to the other. While this is not always true, you need to buy a product based on the ingredients and how its formulation will help you cater for your skin’s needs and wants.  When looking for the best skin care products for you, do not just focus on the price, instead research the ingredients and look for trustworthy references.

Buying too many skin care products

In the effort to have soft and glowing skin many people end up buying too many products that when used together can actually cause more harm than good.  For instance, you don’t need 5 cleansers and more than one moisturiser to cope.  All you need is to moisturise, cleanse and exfoliate so that you can take great care of your skin. Alternatively find products that serve multipurpose for instance there are some cleansers that also exfoliate. The reason too many skin care products are not advisable is because you are exposing your skin to too many chemicals and this can have detrimental side effects.

Not giving products enough time to work

Let us say you have terrible acne that despite numerous efforts has refused to go away. You will be desperate to get rid of the acne and this will naturally make you impatient when it comes to waiting for the product to work. According to knowledgeable and experienced dermatologists, you should give a skin care products at least 3 months to see whether it is effective. Earlier than that you are being impatient and it has probably not had enough time to showcase its effectiveness.  As a rule of thumb use a product for 3 months before shifting to another. If you don’t see a change in 3 months then perhaps there is a problem with the formulation or it simply does not work for you.

Choosing inappropriate products

When it comes to skin care products, each formulation is meant for a specific demographic. For instance a teenager should not use anti-wrinkle cream because their skin is still too tender and the chemicals in the anti-wrinkle cream can damage their skin tissue. The key to success when it comes to choosing a product that suits you is research exhaustively or simply talk to a dermatologist about what your skin needs.

For instance in your 20s what your skin needs most is cleansing and miniaturisation so that it remains elastic and smooth. As you approach your 30s what you need is to exfoliate regularly so that your skin develops an ability to rejuvenate itself. When you reach your 40s it is time to begin doing anti-aging treatments such as anti-wrinkle cream. Additionally at this stage you cannot afford to skip the 3 golden rules of skin care exfoliate, cleanse and moisturise.

Apart from age, different people have varying skin types so you need a skin care product that is suitable for you. For instance, dry skin needs a powerful moisturiser that will help you get rid of skin flakes of dry skin. On the other hand, if you are dealing with oily skin you need a powerful cleanser that helps get rid of the excess sebum that accumulates in skin pores leading acne in extreme cases.

Choosing products that will worsen your skin condition

Sometimes the costly mistake that people make is using products that make a pre-existing skin condition worse. For instance if you have acne you still need a moisturiser except you specifically need one that does not block pores.  On the other hand if you have Keratosis Polaris (KP) you need a product with lactic acid so that you can exfoliate and stimulate the growth of new skin cells that are not affected by KP.


The skin is largest organ in the human body hence the need to take great care of it. With this tips at your finger tips there is no doubt you will get the soft and glowing skin you have always wanted.