Revitol Cellulite Cream


Oils, fibers, herbal teas and exfoliating brushes. Here are some strategies against cellulite that, if followed properly, will help you get rid of orange peel skin

Choose the anti cellulite remedies based on the causes
1. Essential oils
2. Foods rich in fiber
3. Birch
4. Anti-cellulite exfoliating brush
5. Coffee scrub
6. Green tea
7. Pilosella

Cellulite is a very widespread and poorly tolerated ‘problem’, above all because it is difficult to find remedies against cellulite or really effective anti-cellulite exercises. It manifests itself externally with the so-called orange peel, that is to say the “holey” appearance that the skin assumes. An alteration of the adipose tissue under the skin produces the orange peel effect.

Cellulite is not necessarily linked to weight, rather with poor blood circulation and water retention. There are three types: compact, flaccid and edematous.Compact cellulite affects in most cases women with a good physical condition and with toned muscles but most of the time it is simply a strong water retention; the flaccid one occurs mainly after the age of 50 and in people with hypotonic tissue. Finally, there is edematous cellulite mainly due to circulatory pathologies.