Cellulite and 5 Effective Natural Ways to Prevent it

Cellulite and 5 Effective Natural Ways to Prevent it

Cellulite can be described as a condition in which the skin has a lumpy, dimpled appearance. Although it can occur on most parts of the body its usually common around the buttocks and thighs. This condition is also referred to as orange peel skin owing to its texture.Cellulite seems to be one of the problems that trouble women mostly, based on the number of times the solution to this problem appears on women’s websites, magazines, blogs etc it seems there is no natural cure that has been found for it yet.

Even though it doesn’t cause any pain by the mere fact of having it, its normally considered unaesthetic problem and women hate the idea of having to deal with this menace. Note that in some cases cellulite can be prevented but you can’t do this without knowing when it can appear. Cellulite can be as a result of a sudden stretch of connective tissues most commonly after pregnancy, or after weight loss or after growth. It may however in other cases be due to the activity of the hormones and genetics.

Types or grades of cellulite

A severity scale of cellulite published in 2009 ranks this condition by use of three grades:

  • Grade 1 or mild; characterized by an orange peel appearance, with between 1 superficial depression to 4. And a slight sag to the skin.
  • Grade 2 or moderate: characterized by a cottage cheese appearance and between five to nine medium depth depressions. The skin also appears moderately draped
  • Grade 3 or severe: characterized by 10 or even deeper depressions and a mattress like appearance, the skin is severely draped.
  • Given below are 5 of the best natural ways to prevent cellulite. These methods are meant to balance the connective tissues or fat in your body and deal with the many possible causes of cellulite.

Dry brushing

There is a lot of anecdotal support for dry brushing as a means to prevent cellulite.dry brushing feels great and helps stimulate the flow of blood in the body.dry brushing opens up the pores on your skin and should be done on a daily basis or even twice a day. Remember your skin should be dry before brushing so the ideal time is before you shower

You should scrub in circular sweeping motions towards the heart. Avoid back and forth sweeps. Start from the feet, up towards your leg on both sides as you go to your arms up to your chest. When working on your stomach, direct the brush in an anticlockwise manner. An important point to note is that dry brushing should be done in a gentle manner so as not to irritate or redden  the skin

Use a natural non synthetic natural brush and if possible vegetable derived. The bristles should not be too stiff at the same time not too hard.dry brushing is one of the easiest and easily available method of skin care health. That is why this technique is loved.

 Consume a lot of Gelatin

Gelatin is majorly comprised of the amino acids proline and glycine which unfortunately many people don’t consume in the required amounts. This is due to the fact that they are found in parts of the animal that we don’t consume such as bones and fibrous tissues.

Apart from proper skin, nail and hair growth these amino acids are important in ensuring an optimal immune function and also in regulation of weight. One theory that makes gelatin important for cellulite removal is, its decline in our diet reduces the much needed building blocks for healthy connective tissues.

Apart from the mentioned benefits Gelatin is also good for the joints and also help in their recovery. It’s also a great source of dietary collagen.

3) Coffee scrub

This is another beneficial way to reduce cellulite. The casein in the coffee benefits to the skin as it also has a tightening effect .the massage also helps stimulate blood flow.

To make a coffee scrub you will need a quarter a cup coffee grounds, 3 tablespoons of brown sugar and three tablespoons of coconut oil.mix the ingredients to form pate like combination.

Massage the mixture into your skin for several minutes firmly applying pressure and afterwards wash as usual. Employ this technique 2-3 times a week. You should be able to see results in a couple of weeks.

4) Myofacial massage

One common theory is that cellulite is formed in the superficial fascia, which is a layer of connective tissues just below the skin containing fat cells.inactivity; improper exercise and injuries can make cellulite form since the superficial fascia is fibrous in nature.

Some therapists can be able to perform this kind of massage which is also known as myofacial release to smoothen the connective tissue layer and at the same time help with certain types of joint and muscle problems related to fascia imbalances.

There is an alternative for those who are unable to regularly access this kind of massage. Use a deep tissue foam roller on a regular basis. It will be of great help to your cellulite condition.

5increase in intake of potassium and water

The right kind of diet is a sure enough way to reduce cellulite. Take for example, models can go for a sodium free diet with full of vegetables and fruits for up to a month before a photo shoot. Likewise intake of potassium rich food is important as it helps eliminate stagnant cellular matter and also improves circulation.

You will need a total of 12 bananas to meet the daily required levels of potassium. But rather than eating this whole amount, just eat vegetable in variety say five servings per day simply put drink a lot of water, eat more vegetables  and eat less salty food(sodium is not good for reduction of cellulite)


Cellulite can be a major issue in your life and can make you feel less conscious. You don’t have to. The above solutions will not only take care of you cellulite problem but also give you other great health benefits.Dont give away another coin for those expensively packaged creams that will only worsen your condition.

And it goes without saying that with any health problem, watch your diet, exercise and avoid stress.

To help you out with your entire skin regimen here is a guide that will get you started in the right direction

good skin

Do you spare any time to take good care of your skin or is your daily schedule too packed? Most women are too exhausted after a tiring day and rarely have the time or energy to maintain a daily skin routine. Although you may not think too much about your skin, it is integral that you take the prerogative to develop and maintain a skin care regimen that works for you. This is because the skin is the largest body organ and it works daily to protect the body. To a woman flawless skin enhances beauty and substantially boosts self esteem.


Still, sceptical? Here are 3 main reasons why skin care is indispensable to every woman no matter how busy you are:

Beautiful skin is a long-term process

If you desire beautiful skin 20 years from now, you have no option other than developing a daily routine. Having radiant and flawless skin is a lifelong process. Negative or nonexistent skin routine hurts your skin in the long term.

Prevention is better than cure when it come to maintaining healthy skin

Fixing skin issues such as acne and dry skin is an uphill task. These issues can also be considerably costly to resolve. It is better to avoid these problems in the first place by adopting a skin care routine that maintains the health and glow of the skin.

When your skin looks great you feel good

Nothing is more disturbing than acne and dry skin patches all over your skin especially the face. Clean and clear skin not only boosts your confidence level but also fuels your motivation to maintain your daily skin regimen. Now that you know how important it is to adapt a skin care regimen, here are handy tips that will help you come up with an effective skin regimen that suits your lifestyle

  • It all starts with good hygiene

Take a bath at least twice a day with a lot of water and soap. You don’t have to use expensive soap just one that is gentle on your skin. A regular bath eliminates toxins, bacteria and any viruses that accumulate in the body through perspiration, skin shedding and the skin products you use such as lotion and deodorant.

  • Stay hydrated

Generously apply lotion on the skin

After a bath apply a generous amount of lotion on the skin to help keep the skin supple and moisturized. Consider using a lotion that contains sheer butter which reduces inflammation, softens the skin, improves skin elasticity and moisturizes the skin. This should be done on the rest of the body except facial skin which is sensitive and requires a skin regimen of its own.

Taking care of facial skin

Ascertain your skin type

Before buying any product or adapting to a skin regimen, you need to be sure about your skin type. Different skin products meet the needs of specific skin types. Your skin is normal, oily, dry or sensitive.  Visit to the dermatologist will give you an accurate answer. Once you are sure what your skin type is you are able to but effective products that will enhance the appearance and health of the skin.

Follow the basics of an effective skin care regimen

Your daily skin care regimen should include:


Twice daily every morning and evening is ideal. There are a plethora of cleansers in the market so research extensively so that you pick one that suits your skin type. Industrial cleansers are infused with beneficial ingredients such as humectants and antioxidants that get rid of toxins without necessarily stripping it of its natural oils.



Ensuring that your skin is adequately moisturised not only helps the skin stay younger but also helps sooth irritated skin. Most industrial moisturizers are infused with beneficial ingredients such as Vitamin E and C which not only provide anti-aging effects but also protect the skin from free radical damage. An alternative moisturise is coconut oil which apart from being an excellent moisturiser is also has antifungal and antibacterial properties. Additionally, it can penetrate skin better than other oils.


The human skin sheds dead cells from the surface on a daily basis. An exfoliating cleanser or a scrub will come in handy in removing theses dead cells and revealing a fresher and cleaner look. Exfoliation also helps to refine pores and even out skin tone.

Protect your skin from the damaging effects of weather

Although summers are great, consistent exposure to sunlight causes skin damage and also leads to premature aging. Protect your skin from the damaging effects of direct sunlight using sunscreen that contains SPF 15. Apply sunscreen generously on your entire body especially the chest, neck and face.

A great skin acre regimen adapts to the season what works during the summer might not be effective in winter. For instance; during the winter frigid temperatures cause the skin to dry so moisturize more. High humidity levels and elevated temperatures make oily skin oiler. Nothing is set in stone; the trick is to play around with formulations and consistencies. If you realize that your skin is responding negatively o not responding at all then it is an indication that you need to switch it up.


The pride and joy of every woman is glowing, healthy and flawless kin. Although many women have a busy schedule and think good skin is out of their reach, this is far from the truth. With these simple tips, you will be able to concoct an easy-to-adapt-to skin regimen that suits your skin type and seamlessly integrates into your lifestyle.