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The birth date is just a number that does not always correspond to the real age of your skin. In some cases the face looks less old, but in other cases it looks more, and that’s where we need to intervene!

Slowing down tissue failure is the first step to counteract the passing of the years and visually appear younger. Watch out for the signals your body gives you! It is advisable to investigate the nature and the body district from which the imperfections derive, linked to the senescence of the face. It is called visology and is a branch of alternative medicine, through which we can understand if our body is healthy or not through facial skin signs.

Let’s start immediately with the first list of elements that you may notice on your face, working to eliminate at least half of them will significantly change your current skin situation, actively counteracting skin aging.

You have noticed the appearance of discoloration spots
Regarding hyper or hypopigmentation spots, the appearance of which begins to show around the age of 40, it is always good to remember that they are the tip of the iceberg to which other more or less serious manifestations are linked such as redness, dermatitis and skin thickening capable of stress the skin and premature aging.

Dry skin: how to prevent skin aging
Your skin remains dry throughout the day. At the base of a constantly dry and poor in elasticity skin there is always little or no hydration. The problem can be endogenous, that is, it comes from the body or exogenous, or the cause lies in external agents.

In the first case you can take action yourself, drinking a lot and using a nourishing cream capable of repairing and replenishing dry and damaged tissues. In the second case you should understand what is the element that creates dryness and protect yourself from it, usually extreme temperatures favor this unpleasant skin condition.