Blissy Silk Pillow Case


They are elegant, smooth and pleasant to the touch. Silk pillowcases are a must for bedding, not just for the natural beauty and innate decor, but for the fact that the benefits of sleeping on silk-covered pillows are evident and proven for both skin and hair. Here are the main reasons why once you have slept on silk, it will be impossible to give it up.

Smooth and hydrated skin
As reported by the English website Sheerluxe, the greatest advantage linked to the use of silk pillowcases lies in the ability of the latter not to absorb products such as creams and oils (applied just before bedtime) which can therefore continue to act undisturbed at night on the skin. . In addition, these fabrics are able to maintain the natural moisture of the skin and hair by keeping them hydrated and can create up to 43% less friction than the same pillowcases made of cotton, thus avoiding rubbing of the skin and wrinkle marks that are difficult to remove. the morning.

They let skin and hair breathe
Being breathable, silk is a material capable of maintaining a constant temperature, consequently acting on the freshness of skin and hair and reducing night sweats. This breathable property, reports the English site, also ensures that the production of sebum is also lower and therefore hair and skin can benefit from it.