Biodermix RX Review

Biodermix RX Review

The sad truth of life is that we all age and it takes a toll on our bodies, especially on appearance. It is not easy to observe the passing of time and the toll it takes on appearance. The signs of aging become visible as each day passes by. The earlier you begin protecting yourself from premature ageing, the better. Some of the most obvious ways include avoiding excessive exposure to sunlight and also starting anti-ageing products before the ageing symptoms are irreversible.

The objective of this review is to provide you with factual and exhaustive information on a product that is safe, effective and most importantly has no detrimental side effects either in the short term or long term. In this brief but nonetheless detailed article, we are going to look at Bioderm RX which is an anti-ageing product that promises to help restore the youthfulness of skin through improving texture, maintaining elasticity and also reducing the appearance of wrinkles significantly.

What Ingredients are used to formulate Bioderm RX ingredients?

Biodermix RX anti-ageing cream contains active ingredients that are specifically picked out because of their efficiency, potency and great effects on ageing skin. All the ingredients independently work to collaboratively to help minimize the effects of ageing. These powerhouse ingredients include:

Granpowder Lumiere DP

This is largely made using diamond powder which acts as an incredibly powerful ingredient that helps to fill wrinkles and also evens out skin to reduce skin creases and folds which are common aging signs that numerous people have to deal with. Diamonds are indeed a girl’s best friend!

Hyaluronic acid

Also known as Sodium Hyaluronate acid has numerous benefits and according to researchers is one of the most intriguing ingredients in skin care. It is naturally present in the body and works by helping secure skin moisture to create fullness. The reason that youthful skin looks so full and moisturized is that it naturally abounds with hyaluronic acid. According to reliable studies, the average human being has close to 25 grams of hyaluronic acid in the body, it is synthesized and degraded daily.

As we age skin moisture reduces substantially which depletes skin elasticity, therefore, exposing the symptoms of aging. Since this ingredient has a unique ability to hold moisture it helps to keeps your skin looking young. According to manufacturers, this is a ‘smart ingredient’ because it organically adjusts moisture absorption rate according to humidity relative to climate and season. One of the best things about Hyaluronic acid is that it can penetrate the upper layers of the skin when applied topically making this anti-aging cream more effective.


This ingredient is common in most anti-aging creams in the market. It works by affecting muscles the same way as Botox works. The only difference is that it will only relax muscles for up to 95% within a period of two hours. When the muscles underneath the skin are inhibited, it puts your face into the ‘expressionless state’ and there folds are wrinkles can be avoided at all costs.

Essentially Lavandox is an extract of lavender oil that is extremely potent and also fast-acting. It, therefore, gives you all the benefits you get from pure lavender oil and much more. According to leading experts and dermatologists, this is probably the Number 1 oil that helps deal with skin conditions such as cuts, burns and the numerous effects that ageing has on skin. What makes this ingredient extremely effective is the fact that it is packed with antioxidants. These are potent and fight freed radical damage which including signs of ageing on the skin such as fine lines and wrinkles. Research has also shown that Lavandox stimulates the production of three of the most powerful antioxidants when it comes to eliminating free radicals; these are superoxide dismutase, glutathione, and catalase.

Argireline NP

Just like Lavandox, this incredibly potent ingredient also helps keep your skin youthful by inhibiting muscle contraction and movement. It has been proven in multiple reliable studies that Argireline has great anti-ageing benefits on the skin. As human beings age, our skin loses its suppleness and elasticity. So how does this ingredient help ageing skin? It has been established that Argireline is a HGH enhancer. This simply means that it helps to stimulate the production of Human Growth Hormone which helps to slow down the effect of ageing on the skin.

Additionally, this helpful ingredient also helps quicken the process of wound healing. Many studies have concluded that this ingredient helps to shorten the time that wounds take to heal provided the user has a sufficient amount of proteins in their system already. Argireline achieves this important function by helping the formation of L-Proline, a compound that plays a key role in aiding the speedy recovery of wounds of all types including acne. It has also been shown that Argireline aids in easing both swelling and pain. It achieves this by ensuring unhindered blood flow to the affected area.

Argireline helps to repair and rejuvenate skin

Most skin care products containing Argireline including Biodermix RX are packed with essential anti-bacterial compounds that protect the skin from infection and damage. These compounds together with anti-oxidizing agents help to fix any harm caused to the skin because of ageing and environmental factor. In a nutshell, this ingredient is extremely effective in helping to restore the ever-evasive youthful look.

Matrixyl 3000

This compound is made up of peptides that comes in handy is signalling any damage to the skin matrix. This is what prompts skin cells to produce more elastin and collagen; these two compounds are responsible for improving texture, elasticity, and clarity of skin. This ingredient has been getting a lot of press lately with multiple reliable sources touting its effective nature while others are questioning how the mechanism works.

Let’s understand how this incredibly powerful ingredient works. The skin produces elastin and collagen which are the two most important compounds in maintaining a healthy glow and youthful appearance. As we age the peptides that help stimulate the body to produce compounds to break down becomes less effective. This ingredient is extremely effective because it mimics these peptides hence signaling your body to produce these two vital compounds required to rejuvenate and energize the skin.

How to Use BioDerm RX Anti-Ageing Cream

Use it a cleaner every single day

It helps in deeply cleaning the skin right from the pores. While most commercial cleansers are okay they are not able to penetrate the skin and remove the bacteria and extra sebum that is accumulated on the pores.

Use Bioderm RX as a daily moisturiser

Follow up the cleansing with moisturising using the same product which is quite amazing! It will not only keep your pores clean but also help keep it moisturised at all times. As a moisturiser it is best to apply it at least twice a day, for a great result just apply any time you feel like your skin is dry and need some extra moisture.

Follow up Biodermix RX cream with the affiliate Age Defy Cream and Eye Renew

This helps to ensure that your clean face is now moisturized and the clean pores gently covered so that they are not vulnerable to bacteria.

How Bioderm RX works…

This incredibly powerful anti-ageing serum has a unique mechanism of action that makes it extremely effective and fast acting while still quite safe. Since it is active at the DNA level, it is able to work successfully in repairing any existent damage within a human beings skin structural mechanism. Additionally, this anti-ageing serum is packed with nano-nutrients that work collaboratively to help minimize the common signs of ageing such as wrinkles and fine lines. Additionally, this anti-ageing product also helps to stimulate the production of collagen and also eliminates the signs of weakness and dark circles affiliated with exhaustion.


Here are the main advantages that you will gain by appropriately using this anti-ageing product.

  • Work on eliminating wrinkles and fine lines
  • Eliminate the tired look that is affiliated with ageing, fine lines, and dark circles.
  • This cream is active at DNA level meaning that it solves the problem form the root cause and not just superficially
  • Stimulates the production of collagen which keeps your skin elastic and full looking which promotes youthfulness and also prevents the ‘tired’ look.
  • Guarantees smooth texture of the skin which goes a long way in helping maintain the youthful feel and texture of the skin.


Although Bioderm RX is mostly advertised as an extremely effective anti-ageing product, there are still no clinical trials that ascertain this claim. On the other hand, statistics gathered from consistent users are quite positive as most have had a great experience with this anti-ageing product.

Additionally, the manufacturers of this product also fail to mention all the ingredients that are used in the formulation. This is not uncommon when it comes to beauty ingredients that are trying to hide patents and avoid other companies following their unique formulation. On the upside, all the main active ingredients are listed so you have a clear idea how it works and what it will target.

Before using this or any other anti-ageing product, it is better to ensure that you are the right candidate for it. Start by seeking the medical attention of a dermatologist who understands your skin. The first thing a dermatologist will do is ascertain whether you are old enough to begin using this kind of products.

Where most people go wrong is starting to use this product before their skin is mature enough. Just as the name suggests, this is an anti-ageing product that helps to protect the skin against the effects of ageing. It is not advisable to use on young skin. Young people with skin issues automatically think that anti-ageing creams will resolve all their issues. This is not true because they are still able to naturally produce sufficient elastin and collagen; any product that affects this in any way is counter-productive.

How to get the best from using Bioderm RX

Use consistently without any other products to ascertain how it works for you and how long it takes to see any noticeable positive changes. This gives the product enough chance to   effectively apply its mechanism on the skin and bear results

Follow up the use of this product with drinking at least two litres of water daily. Staying hydrated helps you remain healthy but is also great for your skin especially ageing skin that needs to maintain its moisture and elasticity.

The two main compounds that are depleted when the skin is ageing are collagen and elastin which requires protein to be produced. Ensure you consume more lean proteins that can help repair and rejuvenate ageing skin. This anti-ageing cream works best when it is followed up with protein-rich and fibre-rich diet.

Why Choose Biodermix RX


This is a great anti-ageing cream that will help protect your skin against the severe effects of wear and tear such as the formation of wrinkles, dark spots, and change of texture. All you need to do is ensure your face is clean before applying it. One of the best things about it is that you can choose to use it as a cleanser.

Uses ingredients that are clinically tested

All the ingredients that are used in making this age-defying cream are not new. They have been around for a long period of time and have been proven effective and fast acting when it comes to reversing the effects of ageing. Each ingredient in this formulation has its own critical role that makes it an indispensable addition. According to the manufacturer, this blend of ingredients work together to ensure the final result is healthy and youthful skin free from blemishes and damage associated with ageing.


Finding an anti-ageing product that works for you can be quite challenging especially now that the market is crowded with numerous products promising miraculous results. Before making a purchase, take your time to research exhaustively. The last thing you need is to spend your hard earned money on a product that does not work or worse, a product that will harm your skin more.