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Natural anti-wrinkle creams: the active ingredients and the effects on the skin
by bioderm rx reviews Natural anti-wrinkle creams help slow down the visible effects of aging by keeping the tissues hydrated and toned, without however resorting to silicones or mineral fats. Let’s find out better.

Anti-wrinkle cream Natural anti-wrinkle creams – bioderm rx reviews Starting at the age of twenty-five, the metabolism of cells slows down and begins the process that we call aging.
At the skin level, aging results in a loss of hydration, a decrease in tissue tone and elasticity and the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Although the aging process is a natural and irreversible phenomenon, it is possible to slow down its effects visible also through the use of specific cosmetics.

A good natural anti-wrinkle cream can in fact help to preserve or regain a youthful appearance. Why use a natural anti-wrinkle cream The visible factors of skin aging are represented by the decrease in skin hydration and elasticity and the appearance of wrinkles and dark spots. With aging, in fact bioderm rx, there is a slowdown in cell renewal, a reduction in the production of the hydrolipidic film of the epidermis and the degradation of collagen and elastic fibers.

These phenomena lead to the formation of wrinkles bioderm rx, the appearance of pigmentation, a loss of tone and elasticity of the skin which also becomes thinner, dehydrated and more exposed to external agents.The aging process is irreversible but through a correct and constant protection of the skin. skin can retain a youthful appearance for longer.

An anti-wrinkle cream has the function of:

  • moisturize and protect the skin by integrating the skin barrier;
  • provide the skin with nutrients that it is no longer able to produce or that it produces in limited quantities;
  • stimulate the epidermal cells to renew themselves.