AminoGenesis E.Y.E. Control Lid Lifting and Dark Circle Serum Review


Are bags under the eyes an increasingly obvious problem aminogenesis eye control? In the morning is it frequent to wake up with swollen eyes or with deep dark circles that give the face a tired and not very relaxed appearance aminogenesis reviews? Below we will illustrate what are the factors that lead to the appearance of these unsightly imperfections and what are the remedies to mitigate and eliminate them.

Bags under the aminogenesis eye control reviews: causesĀ 
Bags under the eyes are manifested by swelling under the eyes and sometimes also with the presence of a dark halo. Their appearance can be linked to several factors: stress, particularly tiring periods in which not enough hours of sleep accumulate and aging. Indeed, advancing age is one of the main reasons for the appearance of bags under the eyes. In fact, as we get older, the aminogenesis skin care reviews – particularly thin and delicate – loses elasticity and tone and tends to relax. In some rarer cases, however, eye bags can be caused by certain diseases such as: conjunctivitis, hypothyroidism, liver or kidney problems.

Dark circles: causes
Another imperfection that can occur in the delicate area around the eyes – sometimes accentuated by eye bags – are dark circles, dark halos that appear in the area under the lower eyelid. These imperfections can be triggered by many factors such as stress and lack of rest, family predisposition, dehydration of the tissues around the eyes, excessive exposure to sunlight, photoaging, edema aminogenesis products (accumulation of liquids under the skin), allergies, smoking, alcohol and unbalanced diet.Once the causes of bags under the eyes and dark circles have been identified, what can be done to remedy these imperfections?

How to get rid of bags under the eyes – aminogenesis products
The type of remedy must be chosen based on the specific cause of the bags under the eyes. However, there are natural, cosmetic and, for the most critical cases, surgical remedies. Let’s see the main ones, aminogenesis reviews.

Bags under the eyes: natural remedies

Rest: If the eye bags are caused by fatigue and stress, increasing rest or slowing down your pace can facilitate their disappearance. It is advisable to sleep at least between 7 and 9 hours a night.
Cold packs: even packs with cold water or natural substances help to mitigate these imperfections. For example, a mint leaf and aloe vera pesto or a chamomile pack can be applied to the eyes for about 10 minutes.
Sleeping with the head up: if the eye bags are caused by a stagnation of liquids, sleeping with a pillow a little higher or with the back resting against the back of the bed can contribute to their drainage from the eye area and the progressive reduction of bags .
Massages: gently massaging the skin around the eyes with circular movements helps to reactivate the microcirculation and deflate the area.
Protect the skin from sunlight: using sunglasses with good protective lenses helps prevent photoaging of the skin, one of the causes of bags under the eyes.