Amino Genesis E.Y.E Control Review? Is it Really Safe? How Effective is this Product?

Amino Genesis E.Y.E Control Review? Is it Really Safe? How Effective is this Product?

Amino Genesis EYE Control is an anti-ageing supplement that is specifically formulated to help maintain or attain youthful looking eyes despite age. No matter how great you age the one part of the body that will always betray you or rather show your age is the skin around the eyes. A look at your eyes will show the world the age accumulated overtime because of sagging eyelids. Sadly, sagging eyes are not necessarily a true reflection of age, sometimes they are because of not taking great care of our skin to prevent them or at least minimise their appearance.

Without proper care of the skin around the eyes, sagging eyelids will actually give bonus on top of already advanced age. This product is essentially an anti-aging serum formulated to help lift up and puff up sagging eyelids. It helps to improve their texture and also comes in handy in improving and preventing hyper pigmentation. According to the manufacturer, they developed a formula that is an excellent alternative to surgeries that are not only expensive and painful but also entail a significant amount of healing time. In a nutshell, it works by gradually reducing conspicuous and saggy eyelids and also eliminating tightened eyelids and dark circles.

What information does the Manufacturer Claim about Genesis EYE Control?

The best thing about this product that distinguishes from other anti aging serums in the market is the fact that the manufacturer does not choose to maintain anonymity. It is manufactured by a company known as AminoGenesis. It is formulated to specifically design to help correct droopy eyelids and also help to eliminate dark hade that forms around the eyes with aging. Additionally, this serum also contains ingredients that not only tighten the upper eyelid but also make the area around the eyes look more youthful. For instance one of the key ingredients used in this formulation is Albizia Julibrissin which helps to tighten and detoxify the skin around the eyes making it look more youthful, full and tight. It is able to achieve this by helping rejuvenate and revitalise the skin around the eyes without the need for painful and expensive surgery.

One of the best thing about this product that helps to establish its legitimacy is the fact that manufacturer does not make unrealistic promises. It is not a miracle cure that will work overnight, instead it is a product made from ingredients that have proven effective. It works gradually but is a sure product; this is according to reliable statistics and first-hand testimonies from long-term users. It therefore requires patience and consistency to deliver great results. How well it work depends on the condition of the skin around your eyes before you start using the product. As a rule of thumb when it comes to anti aging serum for the yes, it is always good to start early ‘immediately you realise a change in the skin around the eye.’

What are the ingredients and how does it work?

To understand how this anti aging serum works, we must first know what in included in the ingredient list. Every single ingredient that is included in this formulation plays a key role in making the product safe, fast acting and effective. The ingredients used in this product help to rejuvenate and also detoxify the skin around the eyes so that the appearance is enhanced. The main ingredients in this formulation are:

Diisostearyl Dimer Dilinoleate

This compound is potent and highly effective hydrate that helps the skin retain its natural moisture. As skin ages especially the skin around the eye, it loose it elasticity because it no longer holds moisture as before. The moisture the skin holds, the better the appearance and the lesser the saggy look and hyper pigmentation.


This is a compound that was first discovered by a brilliant Swedish chemist known as Karl Wilhelm Sheele in early 1783. It is extracted from olive oil, the discoverer initially referred to it as ‘the sweet principal of fat’. It was then developed into soap by French Chemist Michel Eugene Chevreul who named it Glycerine. Initially this compound was a treatment for eye glaucoma. Since that time numerous reliable studies have ascertained its effectiveness as an anti aging remedy.

So why is Glycerine a valuable addition to this formulation?

 It helps prevent ageing by forming a protective moisture barrier on the skin surface and also providing moisture for the skin. It is extremely effective when it comes to the skin around the yes because it gradually draws moisture towards the surface of the skin and holds it there. Restoration and drawing the moisture towards the skin will not only pump out creases and lines but also boosts elasticity significantly. Additionally, Glycerine also helps to lubricate the inter-cellular matrix of the skin. This means it fills the spaces between the tissues which are responsible for smooth texture of the skin and maintaining the skin’s shape.

According to the manufacture, the main reason that glycerine is one of the main ingredients in this formulation is because its boosts skin turnover by aiding in skin regeneration. Numerous reliable studies have ascertained that glycerine increases the thickness of corneocyte skin cells which is a skin cell in the outer epidermal layer of the skin. Thicker corneocyte means no dark circles, no fine lines and so sagging skin.

Albizia Julibrissin Bark Extract

This is a medicinal plant often called the ‘mimosa’ or ‘Persian silk tree’. It helps to protect the skin from premature aging by boosting Melatonin production. More Melatonin means improved respiration and ridding the skin around the eye of toxic glycogens that not only accelerate aging but also inhibit the formation of new skin cells. In a nutshell, Albizia Julibrissin Bark Extract helps to nourish the skin, replenish lost moisture to achieve a healthy and youthful look around the yes.


This is an important ingredient in this formulation that essentially works by supporting the formation of elating and collagen. There are the compounds responsible for moisture retention, skin elasticity and texture. The production of elastin and collagen decline with age, any compounds that ids in their formation is a valuable addition to an anti aging EYE serum.

Also known as Siegesbeckia orientalis, this compound is a plant extract that is packed with emollients. These emollients are fast acting and effective in soothing skin, reducing inflammation promoting collagen production and also restoring collagen. The end result is that Darutoside improves skin elasticity and also significantly brightens skin surface appearance to help reduce dark circles.

Polysorbate -20

This is largely a thickening agent that comes in the form of an oily liquid that it used in numerous skin care formulas. The reason it is added to so many skin care products is because it helps to form emulsions by significantly reducing the surface tension of the substances that need to be emulsified. It is created by reacting ethylene oxide with fatty acids that are obtained from vegetable oils and vegetable fats.

Potassium Sorbate

This compound was first discovered inside the mountain ash tree, it is essentially a variation of ascorbic acid which is a widely known polyunsaturated fat. For skin care product to have a longer shelf life, they need a preservative. The most commonly used preservative is paraben which has been ascertained to be harmful on the skin. This is why the Amino Genesis company choose to use Potassium Sorbate which is both gentle on the skin and helps preserve the skin for longer. It also does not hurt that this compound is a mild moisturiser with anti bacterial and anti fungal properties.

Hydroxyethyl Cellulose

This is another highly potent organic preservative that helps to ensure that this skin care product that does not gather mould, bacteria and fungi. It is gentle on skin and helps keep moisturised and retain moisture which is an issue that skin deals with when aging.

Acrylates/C10-30Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer

This is another fast acting thickening agent that is also used in numerous skin formulas. Additionally, it also helps to stabilise the ingredients in this product so that the other ingredients are able to perform fast and effectively.

So how does Amino Genesis E.Y.E Control work?

According to the manufacturer this anti aging EYE serum works by moisturising the skin and helping to retain moisture despite the age of the skin. Additionally, it also contains ingredients that brighten the skin and helps reduce any fine lines and wrinkles that tend to form around the eyes as we advance in age. Additionally, it helps to eliminate the side effects of EYE stressors such as lifestyle habits and environmental factors that cause the eyelids to sag. This formula also helps to eliminate dark shadows and crow’s feet that make the area around the eye appear tired, depressed and old. In a nutshell, Amino Genesis E.Y.E serum comes in handy in enhancing skin elasticity, strengthening and rejuvenating skin around the yes to make it more youthful.

What are the ADVANTAGES of using Amino Genesis E.Y.E control?

Fast acting

All the ingredients in this formulation are carefully picked out to ensure they aid in enhancing the potency and fast acting nature of this ye serum. Since each product plays a key role the skin around the eyes is restored and rejuvenated at a faster rate as compared to using other products in the market. Within two weeks of consist use, there is no doubt that you will notice a big change in the skin around your eyes.

Helps detoxify skin

This is perhaps the best part of using this anti aging serum. IT does not only focus on making your skin look youthful but also gets rid of any pollutants that may be affecting the appearance of skin and making you look more distressed, tired and exhausted all the time.

Effective yet gentle

One of the biggest challenges about using eye anti aging serums is the fact that most are too harsh on the skin and in the long term end up doing more harm than good. The last thing anyone wants is to spend their hard earned money on a product that will not deliver as promises and in case cause harm.


This ingredient can be used as both a treatment measure for ageing skin around the eyes as well as an effective anti ageing serum that can help protect you from premature ageing symptoms around the eyes which are a common occurrence. When it comes to anti ageing prevention is always better than cure so this product enables you do just that before the situation gets worse.

All the ingredients used In this formulation are clinically tested

One of the most important things to check out when it comes to choosing any cosmetic product is the ingredient used in the formulation. The company that manufacturer this eye anti ageing serum is open about the ingredients and how they work to make the product effective as a whole.


Like most anti aging creams, it is not yet approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Agency). You can take comfort in the fact that almost all the ingredients in this formulation are considered safe and effective by the FDA. The hope of the manufacturer is that in due time the evidence that this product will become insurmountable and the FDA will not have a choice but review this product for possible approval.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions about Amino Genesis EYE Control)

How do I use Amino Genesis EYE Control?

It is pretty simple; it comes in the form of a topical cream that should be applied on the affected area around the eye. After applying it, lea e it on the surface from ten to fifteen seconds then gently use clean fingers to rub it in to ensure infiltration to the inner layers of the skin.

Are there any precautions to take when using Amino Genesis EYE Control?

When it comes to any anti aging product you must consult your dermatologist to ascertain that it is the right course of action. This avoids the situation of using a product that your skin does not necessarily need. Additionally, before you apply it entirely, use it on a small patch around your eye to see if it irritates you. If there is no adverse effect then continue using the product consistently.

How long before I notice positive improvements?

There is no definite duration, but according to manufacturers within two weeks of consistent use there should be a change. How well this product will work depends on a number of factors including;


Condition of the skin at the beginning

Lifestyle habits

General Health of the user

Skin sensitivity


This anti ageing formula will help you rejuvenate and refresh otherwise saggy skin with dark shadows and crowfeet. It is important to keep in mind that Amino Genesis EYE Control will not work overnight and requires consistent use to deliver great results.