5 Best Anti-aging Foods

5 Best Anti-aging Foods

Aging can be described as the total sum of all the changes that happen to our bodies during our lifetimes from birth to death. Aging is always associated with a decline in our cognitive abilities and also brain power. Another side effect to aging that many people fear most is the susceptibility to diseases and infections that tags along with aging.Aging can affect every cell in every major organ in your body, and yet the question as to what triggers aging still begs for answers. Now back to the question that everyone wants to know, how do you slow aging naturally? The attempts to combat the effects of aging have an old history as that of mankind itself. Many people not only want to look young but also feel young.

Whereas there isn’t a magical formula that can miraculously erase this phenomena, incorporating certain foods into your diet is the most efficient technique you can employ to combat aging. These delicious and healthy foods will assist slow down the effects of aging in every inch of your body. From your skin which is a major pointer to aging to your brain, your heart and even your joints. Basically these anti aging foods are known for their high anti oxidant and anti inflammatory properties. In this article we take a look at the top five foods that can help you combat the effects of aging on male skin.


For the lovers of fish good news for you.apart from salmon possessing a super antioxidant in the form of astaxanthin, it also has carotenoid which is known for its anti aging properties. Produced by bacteria, algae and fungi astaxanthin concentrates higher up the food chain as these foods primary producers get consumed for food.

In a study astaxanthin was found to inhibit oxidative damage to DNA by first reducing the C-reactive protein and then strengthening the immune system. It was also found to increase the good cholesterol HDL and improve circulation of blood by decreasing triglycerides. Additionally the clinical success attributed to astaxanthin goes beyond protection against inflammation and oxidation making it very useful in preventing or slowing aging signs.


This yellow colored root spice has a long history of usage in Ayurveda,which is the traditional system of medicine in India. Turmeric is known to have more than 300 bioactive components. These compounds have the potential to cure many diseases most of which modern science is still uncovering.According to a study it was found that curcumin which is one of the main bioactive ingredients present in turmeric to be the most effective anti inflammatory compound even beating ibuprofen and aspirin. Inflammation triggers or worsens many diseases including diabetes, arthritis, heart diseases, many types of cancers among others. curcumin and other antioxidants present in turmeric can help maintain a healthy inflammation level in the body.

Prevalence of Alzheimer disease in adult Indians is 4-5 times less than their American counterparts. According to experts this can be attributed to the fact that Indians consume about 25-50 mg of turmeric on a daily basis over their entire lifetime.


Studies have shown blueberries to reduce to delay aging and promote longevity. These amazing fruits have the highest level of antioxidants among all fresh fruits owing to their anthocyanins, vitamin E and vitamin C content. Additionally these fruits also contain vitamin A, selenium iron and zinc in significant amounts. Another important aspect of blueberries is their memory boosting capabilities. a study involving older adults, found that 12 weeks of consuming blueberries led to an improvement in their brain functioning and memory in general,.

Clinical studies have also shown blueberries help slow down age related loss of vision, in particular macular degeneration, cataracts among other retinal disorders. This can attributed to blueberries having carotenoid antioxidants which are directly beneficial to the health of the retina. Blueberries also protect your skin against free radical damage due to excessive exposure to the sun. Consumption of blueberries on a regular basis also reduces muscle soreness especially after rigorous exercise like running. just to be sure eat organic blueberries to avoid consuming a whole lot of pesticide

Olive oil

People living along the Mediterranean tend to have a longer life expectancy together with reduced risks for heart diseases and stroke due to their consumption of olive oil containing meals. Additionally they also have lower triglyceride and cholesterol levels, reduced blood pressure as compared to their North Americans and European counterparts.This is mainly because olive oil is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids. Regular consumption of olive oil reduces inflammation and prevents hardening of the arteries therefore hindering the development of artherosclerosis, thus lowering heart disease risks.

The risk for other diseases associated with old age like Alzheimer and other dementias can also be reduced by regular consumption of olive oil. It also protects the liver from the consequences associated with oxidative stress.


These fruits are immensely healthy and very rich in antioxidants,antiviral and anti bacterial properties. They are also a very good source of vitamin E, vitamin A, vitamin C and folic acid. Its believed that in traditional settings these fruits were useful in maintaining a healthy circulation of blood such that they are even recommended for consumption to patients that are coming out of a long illness.

These fruits have also been used to assist clean up the skin, and lower blood pressure together with pain relief. According to another study antioxidants present in these fruits i.e. ellagic acid and punicalagin can help the prevention of oxidation of the harmful LDL cholesterol. A study conducted by the journal advanced biomedical research showed that with regular consumption of pomegranate juice your risk of heart attack and strokes will be lowered. Finally like many fruits and vegetables pomegranates is an excellent source of the chemical flavonoids which are known for their cancer fighting properties.


There is substantial evidence showing a correlation between the foods we eat and aging. Oxidative stress has been attributed as the major contributor to the aging process, leading to degradation of healthy cells. Slowing down aging can only be done by blocking pathways that lead to oxidative stress and inflammation. So there you have it, for you to age slowly, you must eat right!

Why antioxidants are important in aging

Freed radicals in the body accelerate the effects of aging. For you to effectively fight the symptoms aging, you will need sufficient supply of antioxidants. To get you started in the right direction here are then fruits rich in antioxidants that will help you fight the effects of premature ageing.



Blackberries are high in antioxidants, but be cautious because they also contain a lot of polyols, the component that is mainly found in sugar substitutes (normally blamed for gas and other abdominal issues).


Among the berries, strawberries make for another great source of antioxidants. Interestingly antioxidants present in strawberries have proven to fight carcinogens an LDL, and also cholesterol that’s notorious for causing heart health. Strawberries are also a great source of vitamin C that’s responsible for protecting the cells in your body from free radical damage


Cherries have been considered as a wonder fruit to incorporate in your meals and we can see why, if their antioxidant content is anything to go by. Cherries are also rich in flavonoids which act as antioxidant and work to remove the byproducts of oxidative stress, and therefore slow down the aging process.


Mangoes are a good source of vitamin A and flavonoids that include betacarotene, betacryptoxanthin and alphacarotene.collectively these compounds have antioxidant effects and also play an important role in maintaining your vision. These compounds will also make your skin glow and radiate. Mangoes are a great and tasty fruit that are a great addition to fruit salads and smoothies meant for both weight loss and detoxing. If you have sugar cravings, mangoes are a great way to soothe them so that you are not tempted to indulge in junk and processed foods.


Beets are very rich in antioxidant properties. Among the antioxidants present in beets include betalain an anti-inflammatory that’s aids in detoxification. Betalain is also known as a cancer protecting compound. Beets are a great addition to your diet especially when you are dealing free radicals that make you vulnerable to a myriad of diseases.

 Wild blueberries

Take a moment and hear this, one cup of these wild blueberries contains a total of 13,427 antioxidants, vitamins A and C plus flavonoids s like anthocyanidin.that amounts to about 10 times of what the USDA recommends.



You can add raspberries to your diet. Raspberries contain an antioxidant called ellagic acid which according to a study by journal of nutrition enhances the ability of quercetin to kill cancerous cells.

Alfalfa sprouts

Although they make look tiny, alfalfa sprouts are high in beta carotene, which is an antioxidant that protects one from lung cancer and can also help you maintain your skin,nails,hair,gums,glands and teeth. Alfalfa also provides for a good source of vitamin E which may aid in prevention against heart attacks, strokes and in also lowering your risks of death from cancer of the bladder.


Raisins contain a total of 2490 antioxidants per serving. Additionally for those suffering from weight loss problems raisin can help you tackle this problem. They will cut your cravings for junk foods.

So there you have go out there and get that raisin and you might just kill two birds with ine stone especially if you want to keep your weight in check


Prunes can be regarded as a dried version of black plums .black plums pack approximately 4873 antioxidants in totals, while these counterparts of theirs have a whooping 7291 antioxidants in just half a cup serving.


Prunes can therefore be regarded as the ultimate source to meet your body’s antioxidant needs.

Red bell pepper

Consider a medium pepper, though low in calories (a paltry 32) is rich in vitamin C exceeding even the recommended daily value and in the process keeping off atherosclerosis which can lead to heart disease.

Red apple

A fruit very rich in antioxidants. a very important to note is that you should not peel the skin off. This is because 80% of the antioxidants present in an apple are found in its skin. Besides this fact that’s also where all its fiber lies.

Raw figs

Eat these fruits raw in order to reap maximum benefits and also forego the coating of sugars and flavor.

Enjoy these candies like fruits on their own in the form of a quick snack or you can add them to a salad of avocado, kale and onions.

Medjool dates

They may seem unfamiliar when talking about your grocery shopping list but perhaps its high time you check out these small fruits. One medjool date contains 1.6 grams of energy boosting fiber on average. Also present is a bit of vitamin B6, magnesium and potassium too.



Due to their cost, availability and taste bananas are one of the widely consumed fruits in the world. They have wide variety of health benefits that include fiber, that aids in digesting and most importantly antioxidants that have anti aging benefits.


Tips on taking care of facial skin

Most men ignore facial skin care completely. This is mostly because such men think skin care is rather feminine. Soft and clear skin will make any man look great. Additionally, it is well documented that when skin is taken care of, it retains its moisture and elasticity and this makes you look younger. In this article we are are going to look at easy but effective tips that a man can employ to ensure great facial skin.

What are the Benefits of Taking Care of Male Facial skin?

Prevents acne

What causes acne is overproduction of sebum that accumulates on the skin pores causing an infection. This is the reason why when you pop a pimple you get a white substance (sebum + bacteria).

Help slow down the effects of aging

Every part of the body ages. As skin gets older, it naturally looses its ability to hold moisture and its elasticity therefore becoming wrinkled and dry. When the skin is properly cleaned consistently, the pores are clear and acne is prevented.

Helps ensure soft and clear skin

Regular skin care basically entails exfoliation, cleansing and moisturizing skin.When all this is done regularly, your skin is able to retain moisture and also remain elastic for a longer time. Vi skriver alle våre anmeldelser med et objektivt og nøytralt syn, og sjekker alltid om casinoet er lisensiert og i tillegg er et sikkert og rettferdig casino https://www.casinonorske.com/casino-anmeldelser.

Male facial skin

Male facial skin is thicker than a woman’s facial skin by approximately 25 %. The amount of sebum produced in males facial skin is also more as compared to similar secretions in women. The skin density of male facial skin is also higher than that of females. This makes men less susceptible to common skin afflictions such as sun burns.

Natural ways of caring for male facial skin



Your skin needs to cleaned using a natural cleanser or a commercial one. Cleansing is effective when done consistently at-least twice a day. When the skin is cleaned, any dirt or germs accumulated on the surface of the skin are removed.


While cleansing must be done daily, exfoliation is great at least once in three days. Exfoliation can either be chemical or mechanical. Mechanical exfoliation which essentially involves scrubbing skin is much harder as compared to chemical exfoliation. It is through exfoliation that dead skin is removed from the surface of the skin and in the pores.

Moisturize Regularly

You want great skin on your face? There are no shortcuts so you must moisturize and do it regularly. Since men generally produce more Sebum than women, it is advisable to only use oil-free moisturizers.

Eat healthy by including a lot of fruits and vegetables in your diet

What you eat will show in your skin. When you eat too much junk and processed foods, it will definitely show in the state of your skin. Fresh fruits such as avocados and tomatoes are great for your skin. Also ensure your diet is packed with fresh vegetables and a lot of water. Men are encouraged to eat more vitamins and lean proteins. Proteins supply the vital building blocks needed to create new skin around the face. Vitamins on the other hand, will supply the body with minerals vital for replenishing the skin. Using plant products to treat the skin is another effective natural tactic that men can employ to improve the health and appearance of their facial skin. Here is a list of natural compounds that will helps you in your endeavor to take care of male facial skin:

Apple Cider Vinegar

Potent cleanser that is still gentle on skin


Aside from having antibacterial properties, honey also moisturizes skin and improves elasticity

Virgin Coconut Oil

This is a great moisturizer when used in  moderation, just enough to ensure it moisturize but does not clog pores.

Medical ways to Care For Male Facial Skin

There are viable medical options to care for make facial skin, particularly when the skin is badly damaged. The most common ones include using creams, skin therapy,laser treatment and radiation therapy. Care must be taken when using skin creams because some people are allergic to, sulfur, which is the main ingredient in many skin creams. While male facial skin can be challenging to take care of, it is totally worth it because the positive improvement is incredible.