Many causes of skin anti aging – those determined by genetic and hormonal factors – are completely natural and cannot be avoided. But there are external factors – such as excessive sun exposure – that can cause premature skin anti aging. Careful lifestyle choices can reduce the impact of these factors and help make skin look younger for longer.

What causes premature skin anti aging?
Sun exposure – together with inadequate or insufficient sun protection – is responsible for over 80% of premature skin aging. UVA and UVB rays trigger the release of free radicals in the body – a process known as oxidative stress. Free radicals damage skin cells and accelerate photoaging. The skin protects itself through tanning and thickening of the epidermis, but there is also a limit to the level of protection that these preventive measures offer.

Other external factors that cause oxidative stress and that can contribute to premature skin aging include:

  • Pollution
  • Smoke
  • Diet
    Inadequate treatments
  • Excessive exposure to the sun causes premature skin anti aging
  • UVA & UVB rays are responsible for 80% of premature skin aging.
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  • Excessive exposure to harmful UV rays can also cause sunburn.

How to protect the skin from premature anti aging?
The following lifestyle changes help protect the skin from oxidative stress and prevent premature skin anti aging:

Avoid excessive sun exposure and use adequate sunscreen – A little sun is good for you, but limiting your skin’s sun exposure time helps prevent premature skin aging. A conscious approach to sunscreen will also help make skin appear younger for longer. We recommend that you incorporate suitable FP products into your daily beauty routine. The right sunscreen is the one that suits your skin type and your phototype. The level of protection you choose should vary depending on your geographic location and the intensity of the sun.

  • Woman applying sunscreen
  • Adequate sunscreen can help prevent premature skin aging.
  • Eat healthy

Protect the skin from air pollution

Air pollution, common in many of our cities, also causes the formation of free radicals and aggravates the effects of sun exposure, accelerating oxidative stress. Protecting the skin daily with a suitable SPF product helps slow down this process.

Avoid smoking

The chemicals and nicotine in cigarettes cause oxidative stress in a similar way to pollution. Quitting smoking helps prevent premature skin aging.

Some chemicals, such as surfactants, can be harmful to our skin, causing oxidative stress and causing premature skin aging. A good beauty routine helps prevent premature aging and slow down the visible signs of skin aging in general. We recommend that you follow the following beauty routine:

  • Cleanse the skin to remove makeup and dirt. A gentle cleanser cleans the skin without stressing or dehydrating it.
  • Tone to prepare the skin for the next treatment.
  • To protect. Facial sunscreen should be part of your daily beauty routine.
  • Take care of your skin with a moisturizer that gives it the hydration and nourishment it needs. Choose products based on the most visible signs of aging: wrinkles and fine lines, loss of volume or loss of elasticity and the appearance of deep wrinkles.