Understanding Keratotis Pilaris and how to treat it using natural ingredients

Understanding Keratotis Pilaris and how to treat it using natural ingredients

The last thing anyone wants is dull and dark skin. No matter your complexion, you need skin that is free from any dark spots and darkness caused by dry skin conditions, poor lifestyle choices, stress and some medical conditions or medications.

Often confused with acne KP is a completely harmless skin condition that leads to tiny and hard bumps that will make your skin feel almost like sandpaper. These be rumps are light coloured ad the y often appear on the buttocks, cheeks, thighs and upper arms. Sometimes the bumps are accompanied by mild swelling and redness. Although they rarely show up on the dace it varies from one person to another.


Statistics and medical evidence have ascertained that although unsightly and mildly itchy, these bumps caused by Keratosis Pilaris don’t hurt and they also do not get worse. Many teenagers and children get this skin condition and then it disappears as they get much older. Contrary to common misconception, there is no scientific evidence to ascertain whether this condition is genetic. Most doctors advocate for cleaning and exfoliating skin regularly and also keeping it moisturised.

What causes Keratosis Pilaris?

Unlike pimples that are caused by build up of oil in the skin pores, Keratosis Pilaris is caused by the build up of protein (Keratin). This is the protein that helps to protect your skin from any infection or bacteria. When it is in excess, it leads to build up that forms a plug that systematically blocks the opening of the hair follicle in the skin. The reason most doctors are still uncertain about KP is because there is still no clear reason to clarify why the Keratosis build up specifically triggers build up on the hair follicles.

What is certain is that people with extremely dry skin are more susceptible to Keratosis Polaris. It gets even worse if you dry skin during the winter months because the cold only makes your skin drier.  When it is cold, there is more moisture in the air and this makes the blockage on the follicles worse which makes Keratosis Pilaris worse. Additionally, KP is also more common in people with other skin conditions such as Atopic Dermatitis and Eczema.

How is Keratosis Pilaris Diagnosed?

Pretty simple actually, this disease is diagnosed by the doctor simply taking a look at your skin. When you want a reliable diagnosis, it is best to seek the attention of a knowledgeable and experienced dermatologist because they will be able to distinguish it from any other skin conditions. The last thing anyone wants is to treat eczema when what they have is Keratosis Pilaris.

There is no test required to ascertain the Keratosis Pilaris diagnosis

This skin condition is largely considered a cosmetic issue since it has adverse effects on your skin or general health. Most doctors recommend simple natural remedies that do not expose your skin to more harm.

Here are a few effective home remedies that can help you deal with Keratosis Pilaris;


As mentioned earlier the red bumps are caused by build up of keratin, it therefore goes without saying that regular exfoliation can help to reduce the build up. For exfoliation to work, it must be regular and consistent so that build up is systematically removed. The reason exfoliation is so effective is that it helps to open the and also release the trapped hair follicles. Within a few weeks you will begin to notice some positive changes on your skin.

When exfoliation is done regularly, it goes a long way in maintaining the appearance and feel of skin. There are two ways exfoliation can be done; chemical peeling of the skin or alternatively mechanically peeling the skin. Mechanical peeling involves skin scrubbing which can be irritating and itchy. Chemical peeling is preferred over mechanical exfoliation because constant rubbing tends to dehydrate and also make the skin rougher.

Loofah or Sponge Scrub

Each time you take a shower, how about using a piece of natural loofah or sponge to gently rub down the areas that are affected with Keratosis Pilaris. Keep in mind that the keyword is here is GENTLE. Being too rough on your skin will not help with KP, it will further exacerbate the situation.

Rubbing vigorously or roughly will irritate the skin and also lead to inflammation of the follicles which only worsens the situation.

Oatmeal as a skin rub

All you need is two tablespoons of oatmeal and three table spoons of milk or water. Oatmeal is a great idea for KP because it is gentle and also moisturises the skin so that you don’t lose the natural moisture that keep your skin soft and supple.

Diet modifications

What you eat will eventually reflect in how you look. Your skin will look good if you eat more fruits and vegetables.

Also drink consistently at least 2 liters a day to helps ensure that there is enough water to keep your skin moisturized.

What not to do if you have Keratosis Pilaris

If you have KP it is best to follow the following precautions:

  • Avoid scratching the bumps or rubbing your skin roughly as this will only cause further irritations and swelling
  • Shower using warm or lukewarm water. Avoid hot water as this only irritates the KP and likely to make the condition worse
  • Moisturisers are your friend moisturise consistently and you will see a definite positive change on your skin
  • Avoid skipping showers, if you have Keratosis Pilaris the worst thing you can do is skip showers as this will worsen the situation. When you shower, you are removing any accumulated dirt on your skin that can further block the skin and cause other skin conditions apart from KP
  • Ensure that all the moisturizers you use don’t block your skin pores. Look out for the word non-codemic this means oil free and does not block pores which is what you need when you are already suffering from KP

There is no doubt that Keratosis Polaris is a frustrating skin condition that can lower your self-esteem and be quite frustrating to deal with. There is no cure for it since scientifically speaking it is not a disease. All you can do is manage it and reduce the unsightly appearance using the techniques mentioned above.

The last thing anyone wants is dull and dark skin. No matter your complexion, you need skin that is free from any dark spots and darkness caused by dry skin conditions, poor lifestyle choices, stress and some medical conditions or medications. Additionally using cosmetics with corrosive chemicals can also make your skin darker and dull. Before we go any further lets understand the difference between skin lightening and bleaching skin

How is natural skin lightening different from bleaching?

Natural skin lightening is also known as brightening your skin. The aim of this kind of treatment is not to change your complexion entirely but just add radiance to dull and dry skin. On the other skin bleaching which sadly is becoming popular is a dangerous cosmetic procedure that entails lightening darker skin to achieve an overall paler skin tone. Skin bleaching products are quite harmful because most are rich in Hydroquinone which makes skin paler by substantially reducing the production of melanin which gives skin its pigment.

Some lighteners that claim to work fast achieve this because they contain mercury in large doses which can lead to a myriad of health problems that will plunge you further in medical and financial turmoil. Mercury is extremely harmful and can affect how your major organs work. Skin bleaching products containing mercury are especially dangerous for pregnant or breastfeeding mothers. This is because they will substantially damage a baby’s developing nervous system and brain. On the other hand, nursing mothers have been shown to pass mercury while breastfeeding which also affects their child developing brain and nervous system.

Why to avoid bleaching skin…

Bleaching works by significantly reducing the production of melanin which is the element that protects the skin and also gives it its pigmentation. Without melanin you are vulnerable to skin cancer at the slight exposure to sunshine. Additionally healing from even the simplest cuts and bruises becomes an uphill task.

If you want your skin to feel soft supple and also look bright and radiant, your best option is natural skin lightening.

Here are simple but effective ways to lighten your skin naturally…


This is one of the best natural products for your skin. Aside from having antibacterial properties, this simple ingredient also helps to brighten your complexion naturally. Yogurt is natural by-product of mils that is packed with nutrients that are great for the skin. Here are some creative ways to use yogurt on your skin;


  • Gently and softly rub plain yogurt on your skin. Yogurt has been known to help with a variety of skin conditions including Keratosis Polaris and other irritating dry skin conditions that lead to the skin becoming dark and dull. Do this yogurt treatment once daily for a few weeks consistently; within two weeks you will begin to notice some positive changes.
  • Another great option is to mix one tablespoon of fresh plain yogurt with ½ teaspoon of honey. Mix the two ingredient to form a consistent paste and use it on parts that you feel need to be moisturized. For instance on your face and neck. Leave the mixture on for fifteen minutes and then wash it off with lukewarm water. You will notice that your complexion will be getting brighter.


One of the most important ingredients when it comes to taking care of your skin is vitamin C , it is present in most cosmetic products. What most people forget is that oranges are rich in natural vitamin C that is extremely effective. Additionally, oranges also have natural skin lightening abilities that help get rid of dark spots, dark patches on the skin. Oranges can be used creatively in two ways to brighten skin;

  • Combine a teaspoon of orange juice with a pinch of powdered turmeric and then apply it to bed every night before going to bed. You can also apply this mixture on feet and hands. Wash off the mixture about thirty minutes and ensure this is done daily without any fail. In just 2 weeks, you will notice a huge improvement in your complexion.
  • The second method which is equally as effective is to grind the orange peels to create a fine powder. Then mix a tablespoon of the powdered peels with a tablespoon of plain yogurt to make a thick and consistent paste. Apply this paste on your skin everyday for at least 15 minutes then gently wash off with lukewarm water. Leave this mixture on for 20 minutes and you will notice that your skin is remarkably lighter. This mixture is extremely potent hence should only be used twice a week.

Gram Flour

This is one of the most potent natural ingredients for anyone who wants to lighten their skin complexion naturally. Gram flour is extremely effective because it contains numerous ingredients that are helpful in skin care and promote the health of the skin. Gram flour is great for people with oily skin that promotes acne. It strips your skin of excess oil while still helping your skin to retain its natural moisture.

  • Mix a tablespoon of gram flour with rose water to make a thick and consistent paste
  • Gently apply this mixture on your face. Feet and hands
  • Leave this mixture on your skin and then after 30 minutes wash it off with water


This is natural skin bleaching agent that is also an incredibly powerful moisturizing agent that will leave your skin looking and feeling soft. The biggest contributor to uneven skin tone is dry skin. Honey solves this by fading acne scars and age spots. Additionally, honey also has powerful antibacterial properties. Skin lightening honey remedy is very easy to make:

  • Simply apply pure honey on your face gently and coat your entire face. It is recommended tat you apply honey on a freshly cleaned face. This simple remedy is effective as it help remove any skin cells accumulated on the surface of the skin. Leave the honey on for 15 minutes and then wash it off with lukewarm water. Do this daily and you will notice a better and improving complexion in just 3 weeks.

Aloe Vera Gel

I am sure you have heard about how aloe vera helps to moisturizer and cleanse your skin. Scientific studies have ascertained that this natural pant helps to alleviate hyper pigmentation and also comes in handy in the restoration of your skin’s original pigment. Keep in mind that hyper pigmentation is one of the leading causing of dark spots and uneven skin tone.

Additionally, aloe Vera has a natural cooling effect that helps in regeneration of new cells and rebuilding damaged skin tissue. Apply aloe vera jelly daily on your skin. Here is how to make the aloe gel; simply cut the leaf into half, and then squeeze out the gel and apply it on your face.


These 5 remedies are natural, effective, potent and completely free from any detrimental side effects. It also does not hurt that they are quite affordable.