10 Natural Ways of Taking Care of your Skin.

10 Natural Ways of Taking Care of your Skin.

Many people don’t realize that their favorite skin care product can be the real cause of the harmful toxins and chemicals that destroy their delicate facial skin and skin in general. The reality of the matter is that majority of the beauty products sold in commercial stores are packed with fragrances,stabilizers and preservatives that get absorbed through the pores of the skin and lead to a variety of long term health negative effects.

So what does this say about that daily routine you undertake to look beautiful. Don’t panic, the good news is plenty of natural alternatives exist out there to ensure that you continue taking care of your beauty needs. Also apart from using these products ensure that you incorporate the right foods in your diet

There are more natural skin care products existing out there now than ever. A lot of benefits are associated with using these natural methods. Apart from beautifying your skin, you will absorb antioxidants, promoting your skins ability to resist UV and you will also stimulate your immune system too.

Some of these natural methods include:

 Drink plenty of water

This one goes without saying. Even with a small quantity of dehydration your body functioning will be below optimum. The moment your body is dehydrated results will be shown on your skin. Not taking enough water causes your skin to look dull, saggy and loose.

Water is easily available so if you want that glowing skin, ensure that you take plenty of water. Around 6 glasses on daily basis should be enough. Make drinking water a habit, it is not only great for your skin but also for your general health and well-being. Water is especially important if you take alcohol because it helps get rid of toxins.

Eat foods rich in antioxidants

Antioxidants are the best solution to aging. They fight aging by reducing inflammation and damage to your skin. Inflammation is known as the leading cause of formation of wrinkles on your skin. Sources of antioxidants include:

  • Blueberries
  • Acai berries
  • Goji berries
  • Raspberries
  • Spinach
  • Dark chocolate
  • Organic green tea

A blend of honey and lemon as a face wash

You can easily make your own face wash right at home. To do this, squeeze one lemon into a glass. To this add a tablespoon of honey and thereafter mix the ingredients. Honey will help moisturize and cleanse your face. In case you have a dry skin it is advisable to use a tablespoon of milk instead of the lemon. In case of any remains you can store it in a fridge as long as you tighten the jar so that no air gets out. Honey is not only an antiseptic; it is also a natural moisturizer that helps keep the face soft and supple. Additionally honey also helps get rids of any bacteria that may have accumulated on the surface of the skin.

Limit your exposure to the sun

Small amounts of sun can be beneficial as it provides the body with vitamin D.However too much of the sun will damage your skin. It’s advisable that you wear sunglasses. To protect yourself from excessive exposure to the sun, use zinc sunscreen or titanium dioxide sunscreen. Aside from causing skin cancer the consistent exposure to the sun can also make your skin dry and dull. It is particularly important to avoid exposure to the sun if you have sensitive skin or if you have just exfoliated your skin.

Enough sleep and exercise

Your skin repairs and rejuvenates itself when you sleep most of the time. Make sure you sleep for at least eight hours and you should ensure its quality sleep. You also need to have regular exercises. This increases oxygen circulation and also helps release toxins via sweat which in turn leads to a clearer and firmer skin.

Sleep is a time for your whole body to rejuvenate especially your skin. If you stay awake too late you will realize that you have eye bags, if you consistently lack sleep you will realize that your skin will lease it clear appearance and soft feel.

Body cleansing

When toxins build up in your body due to water, air and food they cause damage to the body as well as speed up your aging. This build up requires detoxification. It’s recommended that you use juice to cleanse your body. When you wake up in the morning its beneficial to have a glass of water together with squeezed lemon. This combination also helps the body a lot in cleansing itself of toxins. Cleansing is especially important for facial skin which is exposed to dirt and germs although it is the most sensitive. Cleanse your face at least once daily. A natural moisturizer is a great choice because it will not strip your facial skin of the natural essential oils that keep it soft and supple. As a rule of thumb always follow up cleansing with moisturizing so that you restore back any moisture that has been lost through cleansing.

 Coconut oil

Coconut oil sets itself as one of the most diverse ingredients there is..coconut oils helps strengthen underlying epidermal tissue. It also helps remove dead skin cells, protects us from sun burns.Apply coconut oil on your skin and hair. It will help cleanse, remove make up, moisturize, and quickly help heal wounds and scars. Coconut oil also when incorporated in your diet is also beneficial for your appearance.

A skin just like any other body organ needs continuous supply of nutrients and oxygen, and washing of toxins away. Coconut oil helps with digestive and hormonal functions which are very crucial for the optimal health of your skin.


Avocado is a moisturizing fatty fruit. Avocado contains vitamins A, D and E that are penetrative to the skin. Avocados help in soothing sunburned skin, eating age spots and also help in production of collagen. Avocados help reduce inflammation of the skin when applied on top of the skin as well as when eaten. Another great things about avocados is that they are incredibly nutritious and can also be in cooperated into most meals. An avocado is also referred to as a super food which doesn’t come as a surprise given the health properties it has. Avocados are highly nutritious and contain close 20 different vitamins and minerals. Some of the abundant nutrients in an avocado include vitamin K, folate, vitamin C, potassium, vitamin B5, vitamin B and vitamin E among many more.

A 100 gram serving of avocado contains 160 calories, 2 grams of protein and 15 grams of healthy fats. Note that avocados contrary to popular beliefs do not contain any cholesterol or sodium. Apart from avocados being healthy they are incredibly delicious and can be taken alongside various foods. Avocados can be added to salads and various types of recipes. Alternatively, you can just eat them plain by scooping them out. With all these reasons avocado is an awesome food. Known as a super-food they are loaded with nutrients which many of us are lacking in our modern diet. They are good for weight loss, heart health friendly and not forgetting how tasteful they are.

Sea salt

Sea salt is loaded with a lot of nutrients and minerals such as calcium, magnesium sodium and potassium that it absorbs from sea water. Many of these minerals are same to those present in our skin cells within our body. This is the main reason as to why real sea salt help protect and restore the glow in our skin.

You can have a homemade scrub when you mix  four spoons of raw honey with two teaspoonfuls of seas salt then evenly apply this mixture to  a clean skin, after rubbing it gently you then let it stand for about 15 minutes and after that rinse your face gently.

Get enough of vitamin C

A diet that’s high in vitamin C leads to a reduction in wrinkles. According to research a skin that’s exposed to vitamin C for a long period of time is able to produce eight times more collagen. There you have it. These are just some of the ways in which we can ensure our skin glows using natural methods. As you can see most of the products and food required or mentioned above can be found easily. Just a little commitment and discipline and you will have a skin to be envied. If you cannot get all the vitamin C you need nutritionally, doctors recommend using all-natural supplement that can boost vitamin B consumption.


Taking care of your skin naturally is a great way of ensuring that it retains its moisture and is free from dirt and bacteria that clogs the pores. Additionally, natural skin care is a great way to deal with skin issues such as acne, Keratosis Polaris and eczema. While there is nothing wrong with commercial skin care products, they come with side effects that can damage your skin. It is like spending your money to harm your own skin!