10 Best Supplements for Good Skin

We all want that radiating skin that is devoid of wrinkles and any signs of aging. There exists a wide variety of supplements out there that may help boost the moisture in your skin and help you get that radiating skin that you always desire. Supplements make for a better choice as compared to injectibles. Injectibles may not always work as you intend them to as they involve a number of risks. Take for example injectibles that are made from harmful bacteria which already gives you warning signs. Another risk involved with injectibles is in the case that the medical officer performing the operation may use too much of the them. These are some of the reasons as to why supplements may be healthy to your skin both in the short run and long run. In this article we take a look at ten best health supplements for a good skin.

1) Vitamin A

Refers to a group of retinoids.this is a very common type of vitamin and it serves very important purposes in our bodies primarily immune function,vision,health of the skin cellular communication and reproductive health. As a supplement this vitamin can be found in standard oral creams and topical creams. Vitamin A is a powerful supplement for your skin. Vitamin A works by stimulating the dermis, a part of your skin where collagen, elastin and blood vessels are located. Vitamin A can be admitted orally or alternatively you can apply the topical creams to the affected area. You will need to be cautious with creams because your skin has the potential to react negatively when another ingredient is introduced. So it is advisable to start with a small area of your skin to see what happens.

2) CoQ10

The name might seem strange but actually CoQ10 is an enzyme that is produced in the human body naturally. Involved in many biological processes in our bodies this type of enzyme is present in each and every cell and tissue in the body. As mentioned earlier this enzyme is present in the whole of our bodies and therefore it is involved in several body processes. Therefore the skin is greatly affected when levels of this coenzyme decline, maybe due to old age. This includes the natural ability of your skin to repair and regenerate new cells. The levels of this enzyme steadily decline from the age of 30.so it may be greatly benefit your skin if you add this supplement to your body.CoQ10 can be taken orally or in its liquid concentrate

3) Vitamin C

Vitamin c has to be the vitamin you are familiar with most. This is due to the diverse health benefits they carry. It naturally occurs in fruits and vegetables and always included in multivitamins and several other dietary supplements.Vitamin C works by blocking the damage that may be caused by presence of free radicals since this vitamin is a very powerful antioxidant. Basically vitamin C protects the cells against damage. Owing to this property vitamin C can therefore help minimize wrinkles on your skin as well as help prevent your skin from future conditions. In whichever form you wish to take this vitamin i.e. orally, creams or as beauty product, vitamin C will go a long way in assisting with your skin condition.

4) Vitamin E

Another very powerful source of antioxidants that is very beneficial to the health of the skin. It is available as a standalone supplement, in the form of multivitamins and also available in topical creams. If you are taking them orally ensure that you follow the dosage instructions. Also taking these oral pills should not be done on an empty stomach. If you choose a cream ensure that it is labeled “tocopherol” because creams with this label will have blend of other additional antioxidants apart from vitamin E

5) Zinc

This is an essential mineral that is vital to our overall health. Among the roles it plays is acting as an antioxidant and therefore helping relieve the oxidative stress and also inflammation Zinc as a supplement is readily available as oral or topical creams. In case of oral ensure that you have the correct dosage. If you are using creams apply a very thin layer first to monitor the reaction with the skin in case there is any. The side effects associated with zinc especially when taken in large doses include nausea and vomiting

6) Biotin

This is an essential type B vitamin known as vitamin B7 that together with promoting a healthy skin also promotes healthy hair and nails. According to researchers this vitamin is also thought to reduce death of skin cells which is actually good for the health of your skin. Biotin as a supplement can be found d in tablets and therefore can be admitted orally.

7) hyaluronic acid

Also known as sodium hyaluronate is without doubt one of the strongest supplements for your skin. it will help moisturize your skin because it possesses very strong moisture retaining properties. That is the reason as to why it will leave your skin glowing after using it. While it is an ingredient in creams and serums it is much more effective when taken as tablets.

8) Fern extract

Sometimes it is known as polypodium leucotomus extract or simply PLE extract. This is because this chemical compound is the active ingredient in fern extract. Fern extra is a very good supplement for your skin health because it offers special protection against the harmful UV rays of the sun; we all know that these rays are the leading cause of depletion of collagen in your skin. So protection against this will keep your skin healthy

9) Omega 3 fatty acids

These are one of the healthy fats. They are naturally occurring in foods such as seeds ,fish, nuts and many more. In supplementation though, omega 3 fatty acids can be found as flaxseed oil or fish oil. Although other supplements do exist, these two are the most common ones. Omega 3 has anti inflammatory effects on both the skin and muscle tissues. Remember to take these supplements with food

10) Calcium

This is a very common mineral in the body. Though you may associate it with other functions, calcium actually is very important to the health of your skin. Primarily calcium assists in the growth of cells and regeneration. This will possibly give you a young and vibrant skin.It is pretty simple to administer this supplement. It comes in the form of tablets and therefore taken orally. Just ensure that you follow the dosage instructions on the package.

Tips on taking care of facial skin

Most men ignore facial skin care completely. This is mostly because such men think skin care is rather feminine. Soft and clear skin will make any man look great. Additionally, it is well documented that when skin is taken care of, it retains its moisture and elasticity and this makes you look younger. In this article we are are going to look at easy but effective tips that a man can employ to ensure great facial skin.

What are the Benefits of Taking Care of Male Facial skin?

Prevents acne

What causes acne is overproduction of sebum that accumulates on the skin pores causing an infection. This is the reason why when you pop a pimple you get a white substance (sebum + bacteria).

Help slow down the effects of aging

Every part of the body ages. As skin gets older, it naturally looses its ability to hold moisture and its elasticity therefore becoming wrinkled and dry. When the skin is properly cleaned consistently, the pores are clear and acne is prevented.

Helps ensure soft and clear skin

Regular skin care basically entails exfoliation, cleansing and moisturizing skin.When all this is done regularly, your skin is able to retain moisture and also remain elastic for a longer time. Vi skriver alle våre anmeldelser med et objektivt og nøytralt syn, og sjekker alltid om casinoet er lisensiert og i tillegg er et sikkert og rettferdig casino https://www.casinonorske.com/casino-anmeldelser.

Male facial skin

Male facial skin is thicker than a woman’s facial skin by approximately 25 %. The amount of sebum produced in males facial skin is also more as compared to similar secretions in women. The skin density of male facial skin is also higher than that of females. This makes men less susceptible to common skin afflictions such as sun burns.

Natural ways of caring for male facial skin



Your skin needs to cleaned using a natural cleanser or a commercial one. Cleansing is effective when done consistently at-least twice a day. When the skin is cleaned, any dirt or germs accumulated on the surface of the skin are removed.


While cleansing must be done daily, exfoliation is great at least once in three days. Exfoliation can either be chemical or mechanical. Mechanical exfoliation which essentially involves scrubbing skin is much harder as compared to chemical exfoliation. It is through exfoliation that dead skin is removed from the surface of the skin and in the pores.

Moisturize Regularly

You want great skin on your face? There are no shortcuts so you must moisturize and do it regularly. Since men generally produce more Sebum than women, it is advisable to only use oil-free moisturizers.

Eat healthy by including a lot of fruits and vegetables in your diet

What you eat will show in your skin. When you eat too much junk and processed foods, it will definitely show in the state of your skin. Fresh fruits such as avocados and tomatoes are great for your skin. Also ensure your diet is packed with fresh vegetables and a lot of water. Men are encouraged to eat more vitamins and lean proteins. Proteins supply the vital building blocks needed to create new skin around the face. Vitamins on the other hand, will supply the body with minerals vital for replenishing the skin. Using plant products to treat the skin is another effective natural tactic that men can employ to improve the health and appearance of their facial skin. Here is a list of natural compounds that will helps you in your endeavor to take care of male facial skin:

Apple Cider Vinegar

Potent cleanser that is still gentle on skin


Aside from having antibacterial properties, honey also moisturizes skin and improves elasticity

Virgin Coconut Oil

This is a great moisturizer when used in  moderation, just enough to ensure it moisturize but does not clog pores.

Medical ways to Care For Male Facial Skin

There are viable medical options to care for make facial skin, particularly when the skin is badly damaged. The most common ones include using creams, skin therapy,laser treatment and radiation therapy. Care must be taken when using skin creams because some people are allergic to, sulfur, which is the main ingredient in many skin creams. While male facial skin can be challenging to take care of, it is totally worth it because the positive improvement is incredible.

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