Which doctor to go to for help?


Impotence is a problem that men are reluctant to talk to their doctor about. Avoiding the subject, however, will not allow the cause to be identified or treatment to be applied. It is worth remembering that erectile dysfunction is one of the common medical problems and the doctor will certainly not be surprised at anything and will approach our problem in a matter-of-fact way.

After taking an interview, the family doctor will assess whether the impotence may result from systemic diseases or be a result of taking medications. He will order certain tests to confirm or rule out probable organic causes, such as glucose, cholesterol, testosterone and protactin levels.

Diagnosis and treatment of erectile dysfunction are performed by urologists.
In some cases, they may order special diagnostic tests, such as ultrasound of the prostate, injection of prostaglandin into the cavernous body of the penis. After determining the causes of impotence, you can start treatment, the purpose of which is not only to eliminate impotence, but also its causes.

How is erectile dysfunction treated?
The main treatments for penile erectile dysfunction are:

  • Oral pharmacological treatment,
  • Pharmacological treatment with injections into the cavernous bodies,
  • Psychotherapy,
  • Therapy with the use of vacuum devices,
  • Surgical treatment – microsurgery, vascular surgery, penile prostheses.