Natural methods of treating catarrh


Colds, which occur 1-2 times a year during periods of changeable weather or when many people are ill in the environment, are a kind of norm, provided that they pass within a few days, leaving no traces. When they turn into a strongly mucous, recurrent condition or cough, then they require a therapeutic approach.

In a healthy person, with a well-functioning immune system, a cold should end at the head area. If the lungs are weakened, mucus enters them, causing a cough that can develop into chronic inflammation of the lower respiratory tract or contribute to inflammation of the ears.

It is important to act as soon as possible, already at the first symptoms.

Common cold – causes

Before proceeding to the treatment, it is worth asking yourself a little trouble and track down what makes the symptoms do not want to leave us.Natural methods of treating catarrh

They could be behind this.:

  • viral infections,
  • immune system disorders,
  • sudden changes in the weather, especially the drop in temperature,
  • wind that has over-cooled the body,
  • fatigue, asthenia, sleep deprivation,
  • depression, sadness (this is an emotion associated with the element of the lungs)
    total Biology Associates catarrh with the feeling of stink: “something stinks here”, ” what are they up to?”.

Natural treatment for catarrh

Although it used to be said that catarrh takes seven days to cure and a week to cure, we are not completely helpless. In case of watery colds, a fresh ginger infusion will do. Those with lots of catarrh will soften garlic syrup or blanched garlic.

If you have a hot infection with a sticky, yellow, thick discharge, apply sage leaf and medical Skylark. For chronic conditions will help the herb of hyzop, gentian and / or elecampane. In contrast, when swelling of the lymph nodes to the herbal recipe add scarlet.

Lime blossom, black elderberry and wild rose strengthen the immune system, act expectorant and warming, removing the influence of the virus and mucus. It is also worth preparing bactericidal and at the same time nutritious syrups from onions, beets, pine shoots and thyme.

Syrups helping for catarrh

I encourage you to try my composition-natural honey syrup, which has warming, antibacterial, antiviral and slightly expectorant properties. It is able to nip in the bud the first signs of frostbite and colds, strengthens immunity, and in addition it tastes very good.

It can also be modified according to your own taste and medicinal preferences.

What else helps with catarrh?

In order to strengthen the immunity of your and children, it is worth to reach for propolis-an excellent natural antibiotic from our bees. If you are breastfeeding, babies are great at spitting milk into their mother’s nose. I would reach for this source in the first place-women’s milk contains a wealth of compounds that stimulate immunity and relieve swelling of the mucous membranes.

In the season of colds, it is also good to prepare yourself garlic oil. A few crushed teeth pour a few tablespoons of fat. Leave in a jar to soak for 2 days, then drain the garlic and use at every opportunity.

If you want to get rid of microbes from the air, hang crushed teeth near the bed in a sock or a thin bag. You can also spray essential oils of thyme, tea tree, lavender or camphor in the room.