Portable Fridge for camping


Are you about to hit the road and want to keep your favorite drinks and foods cold? Do you need to integrate the small refrigerator into your camper? Or do you want a complete cold / hot solution that also allows you to reheat snacks, perhaps while you are camping? The best portable refrigerator offers you all this, in a small space.

A little tip
Some refrigerators have the lid hinged on the short side of the structure, while others have it fixed on the long side. It might seem like a minor consideration, but the way your cooler opens up can make a big difference. The lids attached to the side require less space to open and, since you are facing the long side of the compartment, it is easier to view and reach the contents. If, on the other hand, you intend to install the appliance in a deep space, the hinged lid on the short side is the most suitable for you.

Your budget
The price of the mini refrigerator is linked to a series of factors, such as capacity, the division of the internal compartment, the brand. If you choose well-known and well-established brands you can expect to spend more, but the quality will also be better. In the online sale you will find models for all needs and for all budgets, starting from 50 euros up to over 100 euros.

Our choice
1. Aequator Lumi 24 electric portable refrigerator
capacity: 24 liters, chosen because the operation is silent, 12 volt car fridge. Its operation is based on thermoelectric cooling, also known as the Peltier effect. Unlike normal refrigerators, it is activated without moving parts or coolants, providing a temperature difference with the external environment of -18 ° C. This ensures long life, robustness, high sealing and compact dimensions. It can be conveniently stored in most trunks. Characterized by particularly silent operation, it is powered by 12 V and 230 V sockets. It is in energy efficiency class A ++.

2. Klarstein BeerPacker portable fridge
capacity: 50 liters chosen because it keeps everything in perfect order, 12 volt car fridge. Whether you want hot coffee on long car rides or super-fresh soft drinks, this versatile container keeps food and drinks warm and cold. Inside there is an entire case of beer.

A removable insert keeps everything tidy in the interior and allows you to store snacks and drinks separately, for example. It can be transported easily, thanks to the folding handles, the tie rod and the wheels. Its power consumption is around 48W and has control lights.

3. Severin KB 2922 thermoelectric portable refrigerator
capacity: 20 liters, chosen because it consumes little, 12 volt car fridge.

The appliance is in energy efficiency class A ++ and is suitable for cooling and keeping food and drinks warm. It is powered with connection to the mains or with connection to the 12V cigarette lighter via the adapter (both cables are supplied). It cools down to 20 ° below room temperature and can also keep food warm up to 60 ° C. Its features are completed by the control light and the removable cover equipped with a brushless motor fan. It weighs approximately 4 kg and has a size of 42 x 40 x 28.5 cm.

4. Mobicool portable refrigerator 9105302940 W48 AC / DC
capacity: 48 liters, chosen because there is a full case of drinks, 12 volt car fridge

Very spacious (30 x 40 x 32 cm), it can accommodate a box complete with two-liter bottles. The lid is split in two to minimize the loss of cold compartment in the lid. It has two stable wheels and a foldable multifunction handle for easy transport. It works with connection to the network or to the car socket (cables supplied).