Space Heaters for Large Rooms


When dealing with heating systems for industrial warehouses, the entrepreneur is – almost always – faced with a great doubt: identifying the best heating system that is both economical and efficient. The goal is obviously twofold: to properly heat the work environment, to ensure its employees the best possible conditions, without forgetting to monitor consumption, reducing it, in order to optimize spending.

Often, in fact, the need to top rated large room space heaters working environments brings with it 2 main problems:

  • high consumption costs, as well as maintenance costs
  • incorrect heat dispersion which results in a waste of resources
  • In these circumstances, the best choice that the entrepreneur can make is to adopt innovative and cutting-edge heating systems for industrial warehouses capable of offering well-being and economy at the same time.

What are we talking about?

Radiation heating systems – also commonly known as infrared heating – which are configured in all respects as economical heating systems perfect for heating large rooms, capable of reducing consumption. In addition to being a smart choice that will pay off the entrepreneur in terms of efficiency and well-being.

Economical heating systems: space heaters for large rooms

The radiation system for good space heaters large rooms or safe space heaters for large rooms – Irradiation as an economic and ecological heating system. The action of infrared rays in economic heating systems and top space heaters for large rooms – 3 properties of the radiation system. Radiation system for heating large rooms: the main advantage

The 3 economic heating systems proposed by Aircon

  • Infrared radiant tapes – best space heaters for large rooms
  • Infrared radiant tubes – electric space heaters for large rooms
  • Infrared radiant panels – top rated large room space heaters
  • Heating for industrial buildings: electric or gas?

Electric heating for industrial buildings: Aircon systems

The radiation system for heating large rooms· Irradiation as an economic and ecological heating system. Radiant heating is considered an economical and ecological heating system that exploits the natural physical principle used by the sun.

Just like when a solar ray hits a surface and heats it thanks to the action of its infrared rays, with irradiation systems the heat is projected downwards, directly on the bodies present which then absorb it, avoiding the typical dispersions of traditional systems. hot air heating.The latter, in fact, emit hot air through simple fans but it is well known that hot air, being lighter than cold, tends to rise upwards and disperse, especially in large environments such as industrial warehouses.

The innovation of radiation systems lies precisely in directing the heat directly on the masses – or bodies such as tools or objects – which absorb it, without heating the air. In other words, if traditional heating systems exploit the convention principle with the transfer of temperature from a hot body to a low temperature body (typically air), the infrared radiant heating system directly heats the surfaces and bodies it hits and not the air that surrounds them.