Electricity Freedom System By Rich Lubbok

Electricity Freedom System By Rich Lubbok

Electricity Freedom System – A Sincere Review

We are surrounded by hundreds of devices which run on electricity and make your life easy. Electricity freedom system bannerWithout them we simply cannot imagine to live a single day. Just consider for a second that during the hot summer days, your electricity goes off due to some fault in the power distribution cables. You will not be able to enjoy cool air from you air conditioning system, you will not be able to enjoy drinking cold water, you will not be able to watch your favorite TV serial or movie, and you will not be able to see in the dark. I can bet, you will not be able to spend even a few hours without electricity in your home. I am so confident because I have been in such situation when I had to live without electricity for almost 12 hours. Believe me it was a nightmare for me, and it changed my life. I started realizing the importance of electricity in my live; I started thanking God for giving me such a blessing that made my life so easy and stress free.

When I look beyond my home I see that the whole world is so dependent on the use of electricity that in case any major breakdown or natural disaster strikes, and as a result we run out of electricity, there will be no life. The complete dependency of humans on the use of electricity in almost every walk of life scared me and pushed me to look for ways to be less dependent on the commercially available electricity and rather look for ways to create my own electricity. Another factor that contributed greatly to my electricity freedom search was the rising cost of commercial electricity. At a time when it is hard to make the ends meet, the soaring prices of electricity make it even harder to manage a limited budget. On top of that the use of electricity has also increase greatly due to our dependence on various electric gadgets products. The only way I could think of was to either minimize my use of electric products or look for alternative ways to generate cheap electricity for myself.

This task was not very easy by any stretch of imagination, as if it was, everyone would already have adopted it. But, this did not stop me to continue my struggle, I was so desperate to come with an alternate electricity production system that I left no stone unturned. My search and struggle did not leave me with any great options till I was able to read about the “Electricity Freedom System” by Rich Lubbok. This was the kind of solution I was looking for and I am glad that I found it. IN the lines below, I am going to share some good things about the system and persuade you why you need to have one of these in your home.

What is Electricity Freedom System?

Electricity Freedom System is the brain child of Rich Lubbok- a professional renewable energy researcher, who is a strong believer of limiting the dependency on the commercially available electricity and making use of other alternative ways to create cheaper electricity.Electricity freedom system CD2 He has been enjoying the freedom from the commercial electricity and using his own created electricity for years now and saving a lot of money. He does not want to keep all the advantages by himself, rather he is a strong believer that every one should limit their dependency on the commercial electricity and try to produce their own cheaper energy. This is the reason he has unleashed all the secrets of producing low cost electricity in his eBook “Electricity Freedom System”.

Once you follow the easy step-by-step directions and guidance provided in this eBook, you will be on your way to completely cut your dependence on the commercial energy and will not be affected by any of the power distribution problems or electricity breakdowns.

Rich Lubbok has provided all the details about building your own miniature power plant. The things you need, and the way to build such a miniature power plant have been described by Rich in such a friendly and comprehensive way that even a lay man is able to easily understand it and follow the directions to build his/her own mini power plant. The best part about Rich’s Electricity Freedom System is that it teaches you and helps you create your own electricity by using the power of Mother Nature.

The Logic Behind Electricity Freedom System

As a researcher who spent plenty of time and resources looking into various means of renewable energy, Rich came across discovering the power stored in grass and fallen leaves, weeds and twigs. His research on all such materials revealed that they can be used as a good source of alternative energy. He believed that grass as well as fallen trees, weeds or twigs store plenty of sunlight energy in them to carryon the photosynthesis process. He believed that this stored energy can be utilized effectively to produce electricity. According to his research, a few pounds of these plant materials were able to produce enough energy to run your electric appliances for up to 3 hours or more. In order to capitalize on the powers of such plant materials, Rich along with his close friend and a research colleague Jim Tellman designed the prototype of a generator which was able to convert this plant energy into useable electricity for domestic consumption. In this guide you will everything about building this efficient generator is a very simple and easily understandable way. This instructional eBook will guide you in the following ways:

  • This instructional guide comes with videos as well as an eBook that clearly shows you all the steps in building and using this DIY mini power house.
  • The eBook also provides you a list of all the materials you will need to build this mini powerhouse and use it to produce electricity for local consumption
  • It will also show you the ways to protect the two converters that are used in efficient running of this mini powerhouse.
  • It also comes with a complete list of all the natural resources you can use as a fuel in your mini powerhouse to generate electricity

Besides this, Rich also teaches you some other cheap alternative ways you can use to produce electricity at home and decrease your dependence on the power producing companies who make a lot of profit. You will also be able to learn how to produce electricity by installing solar panels in your home. These solar panels produce electricity by using the power of sunrays. Additionally you will learn how to install wind turbines to store the power of wind and convert it to produce electricity.

The overall aim of “Electricity Freedom System” as the name suggests is to provide you freedom from the power generating companies and make you skillful enough to build your own mini powerhouse and safe hundreds and thousands of dollar in electricity bills and save yourself and your family from power shortages and power failures/breakdowns.

Advantages & Disadvantages

No system is perfect in this world, but we have to look whether the pros of the system out weight the cons, if they do, this means the system is beneficial in the long run and can be adopted easily. Let us have a look at some of the advantages of this system:


  • Huge Savings – one of the foremost advantages of this system is that it will help you save a lot of money in your electricity and gas bills.
  • Use of Natural Resources – you do not have to purchase gas, diesel or petrol to run your DIY mini powerhouse. You will be able to use natural plant parts to generate electricity.
  • Eco-Friendly – anyone who loves Mother Nature will surely go for this product. It does not emit any kind of un-healthy pollutants in the air. It is safe and natural.
  • Easy to build – the good thing about this eBook is that it is written in a very easily understandable way. You do not have to be a physicist or a generator mechanic to understand and follow the directions provided in this eBook.
  • Money Back Guarantee – the Electricity Freedom system comes with a 60 day no-risk money back guarantee. The author is so sure about his system that he feels no burden in taking this risk and offering 60-day no questions asked money back guarantee to the purchases. If somehow you are not satisfied with the results of this system, you can return it back before 60 days are over and get a total refund, it is as simple as that.
  • Best Value – the price at which you will get this guide is nothing as compared to the huge savings that you will enjoy once the system starts to work.


  • NO Hard-copies – the Electricity Freedom System comes only in digital format. You will not be provided a hard copy of the system, since it available only online. People who are used to following instructions by holding a book in their hands will be a bit disappointed with this guide.
  • Need Patience and Persistence – like any other system, you need a lot of patience and persistence to build and run your own powerhouse. People who are lazy, laidback or even who are in a rush need to re-think before purchasing this eBook.
  • Need to follow the exact directions – in order for the system to run effectively, you simply cannot skip even a single step. It is only by properly following at the steps in the right order that you will be able to enjoy the great benefits.

Final Verdict

If you are ready to enjoy great savings in your electricity bills and minimize your dependence on purchasing the electricity from different companies, this is the absolute system that you need to at least give a shot. The cost of purchase this system is nothing as compared to paying your huge electricity bills every month. It will not hurt you at all to try this system once, you simply cannot imagine how much money you will be able to save in the long run and completely get yourself off the grid.

My personal experience with the Electricity Freedom system was just outstanding. I not only enjoy great savings by not paying any electricity bills at all, but also feel secure that now I will never run out of electricity. I also feel confident that I am putting in my share of saving the Mother Nature from various harmful wastes that pollutes the air. I am happy that I made this decision and secured my future as well as my family’s future.

The best thing about this product is that it comes with a 30 day money back guarantee andElectricity freedom system banner it takes only a few days to build your own mini powerhouse and start getting benefits from it. If you think the system is not working as mentioned, or if you have any doubts about the system, no worries, you are covered. You can send it back and get a total refund of the cost, no questions will be asked.