Moulinex LM2A0, best single serve blender

  • Low price
  • Good build quality
  • Very large container
  • Quick and easy to clean
  • Versus

Some difficulties in crushing ice and hard food. Moulinex LM2A0 is a decidedly economical table blender with essential functions, best single serve blender yet equipped with the features necessary to meet normal needs in the kitchen. Lining and jug are made of plastic which seems to guarantee a certain solidity.

Moulinex LM2A0 is an entry level table blender as evidenced by the really cheap price. In my opinion it is an appliance suitable for smoothies, milkshakes and recipes that include a liquid part. I found the biggest limitations in treating only solid ingredients, taking a long time and having to adopt some stratagem to obtain the desired consistency.

Philips Daily Collection HR2100 / 00

  • Good results with smoothies, milkshakes and velvets
  • Easy assembly of components
  • Simple maintenance
  • Versus

Not very powerful motor for crushing ice or dried fruit Philips Daily Collection HR2100 / 00 is a blender that has a 400 watt motor, suitable for smoothies, milkshakes and velvets, but not very suitable for finely chopping ice. The product has 4 star-shaped serrated blades with an inclined shape, two speeds and a pulse function, useful for processing dried fruit by reducing it into grains but not pulverizing it completely.

Better results in terms of homogeneity of the compound are obtained by adding liquid to the solid ingredients, taking care to alternate operation every two minutes with short pauses, to avoid overheating of the engine. The 1.5-liter plastic measuring cup snaps securely to the base of the motor and is also equipped with a lid complete with a practical dispenser best single serve blender, which closes hermetically so that liquids do not spill out during mixing.

Smeg BLF01 – best single serve blender

  • Vintage style
  • High quality materials
  • Versus

The Italian company is always attentive to the aesthetics of its products but in this case it has transformed a blender almost into a piece of furniture. The vintage style, the different colors of your choice and the contrast with the parts with glossy chrome finish, give you an object that will hardly go unnoticed.

An appliance designed to last over time, with a die-cast aluminum structure and the only plastic parts consisting of the support base and the collar. The 1.5-liter jug ​​and lid are in transparent Tritan to ensure resistance best single serve blender and maximum safety given the absence of BPA. The quality is also demonstrated by the weight that slightly exceeds 3.6 kg, with non-slip feet that maintain the correct stability.