Best home mixer grinders


What you need to know before buying a kitchen mixer
The kitchen mixer is a rather compact appliance with a power of 550/600 watts, multifunctional and with a large range of interchangeable accessories. It is usually equipped with a transparent universal container made of glass, plastic or steel and the lid is equipped with a vertical tube through which you can insert the ingredients during the centrifuge without having to turn off the machine and avoiding the food splashing; the mixer works thanks to stainless steel blades of different shapes and sizes depending on the use we will have to make of them.

Many accessories for multiple uses

Supplied with the traditional blades for mincing and shredding food there is a perforated disc to pass the tomato and the accessories do not end there, the accessories to be added are really many and serve to facilitate life for all those who love to cook but do not they have a lot of time. The disc with perforated blades allows a julienne cut of potatoes, carrots, celery, peppers, onion and turnips. The disc itself has a horizontal blade with a thin cut perfect for making potato chips, Jerusalem artichokes and beetroot for frying.

How much does a kitchen mixer cost
Modern industry, with the help of new technologies, in recent years has now provided household appliances capable of satisfying any need with truly competitive prices, enclosing in a single machine all that is needed to carry out all those operations in a short time. cuisine that not many years ago could have been done in the space of a day.

Today the cost of a kitchen mixer starts from around 50 euros up to 300-400 euros for the most demanding, providing a guarantee of superior quality. The price variation depends a lot on the type of materials used to build it: the one with blades, tubs and accessories in stainless steel will have a higher cost than the one with plastic components. The power of the motor and its speeds will be to be taken into consideration when choosing the planetary movement or not and, importantly, the warranty options provided by the manufacturer will have their weight.

What are the uses we should make of it?
fruit-and-vegetables-to-mince Talking about a multifunctional kitchen mixer is quite generic and, to choose a good appliance, you need to have clear ideas about the use we want to make of it: it is useless to be dazzled by a super-equipped and gigantic appliance if the space available to us is limited and some accessories will be useless to our needs if we have other machines in the kitchen that do the same thing.

Before making the purchase, therefore, we must consider that the purchase of a kitchen mixer is a real long-lasting investment for the whole family, which will therefore have its own cost. It is therefore essential to understand what are the elements to be evaluated during the purchase.

In summary, a good mixer must have:

  • Mixer;
  • Food processor;
  • Juicer;
  • Whips;
  • Kneading hook;
  • Sturdy plastic casing, die-cast aluminum;
  • Motor power and different speeds;
    A pleasant aesthetic;

The mixer is a discreet and effective aid, offers good performance as well as ease of use and, if you choose the most equipped, there is nothing that cannot be done. A good appliance allows you to have your hands free while he mixes, grates, minces and kneads according to the accessories that are used all hooked to a single machine body, thus saving time and money. It is no longer conceivable to spend hours cutting all the vegetables by hand to make a good soup but it can still be enjoyed by putting only one appliance to work.