What is the best steamer for a wedding dress?


How to take the travel steamer for wedding dress.  Better to check or carry in hand luggage? O cruel doubt wedding dress steamer!

I believe there is nothing safer than taking your wedding dress with you to the cabin. If you are nervous like me, you will be able to check as many times as you want if your little darling is there, if everything is right. After all, right … best portable steamer for wedding dress it wasn’t easy to choose, it wasn’t cheap and it’s just the most important look of your life so far!

But, if you decide to dispatch the wedding dress for any reason, hire insurance that covers lost luggage.A bride has a thousand and one concerns in her head and the safety of the dress’s arrival at the destination should not be one of them.Have you ever imagined arriving in the city that you chose with such affection and your dress did not?

Options for packaging the wedding dress
The ideal is to ask the store where you bought / rented your dress and give it to you ironed and ready to use steaming a wedding dress. Ask what type of hanger is best for hanging the dress and provide this item. Abuse the tissue paper between the layers of the dress so that it does not lose shape.

# 1 – Take in an empty suitcase, steaming wedding dress at home
It sounds so silly and so obvious, but it is an option to be considered. Line the bottom of the suitcase with tissue paper or clean plastic packaging.

Do not take anything other than your dress in the suitcase, remember that it is made with a delicate fabric and that anything, absolutely anything, can stain it.You can choose whether to check in or take the suitcase in the cabin, but remember that to carry as hand luggage it must comply with the size standards stipulated by the airline.

I don’t like this option because you will hardly have a smooth suitcase at home, without zipers, without accessories best steamer for wedding dress… All of these items are potential threats for such a delicate piece!

how to steam a wedding dress with a steamer?

# 2- Take it in a box
This was the option I chose to travel with my wedding dress, because I think it’s safer. I took my wedding dress in a white box inside (important to not stain the fabric). In a laundry I asked for pieces of plastic they use to send clean clothes to customers and lined my whole box with it and how to get wrinkles out of wedding dress? check satin wedding dress wrinkles!

I kept the dress carefully using a lot of tissue paper. My mother and I improvised handles on the box for easy transport and I took it as hand luggage.The box fit perfectly in the upper compartment of the plane and I felt safe and confident the entire trip.

# 3 – Take it packaged only in the clothing cover
This option is the one I recommend least. Usually the wedding dresses are bulky and long, so it is difficult to walk around holding such a delicate and heavy piece by the hanger.Also, to transport it on the plane in this way you need to take it as hand luggage and make sure that there are lockers available to hang it on the aircraft (normally, there are only business class aircraft), otherwise, your dress will be completely wrinkled in the top compartment of the cabin.