Best Countertop Dishwashers


1st place – Dishwasher 14 Brastemp Services Activate! BLF14ARANA Inox

The winner of our list has a simple and clean design best countertop dishwasher, but has great features. It has the capacity to wash up to 14 services at a time, with 5 programs that vary between fast and heavier washing, and can reach up to 3 hours of cycle.Among its features are Digital Display, special cutlery basket, Smart Sensor to help you select the best program and the Acqua Spray function, which helps to clean dishes. The model earns points also for having stainless steel lining and being built-in. Its average price is R $ 2,900.00.

2nd place – Electrolux LI14X Dishwasher
The second place is also a very robust device, capable of handling 14 services in a single wash, but this time with 6 pre-ready programs to help in your day to day. It was below the first place only because of its higher price and because it is not built-in, although it also has stainless steel lining. Its average price is R $ 3,200.00.

3rd place – Panasonic Dishwasher 15 Services NP-6M1MBKBRP (edgestar 6 place setting countertop portable dishwasher)
This very advantageous option from Panasonic also offers several washing options and high capacity. It is possible to wash up to 15 services and have 8 pre-selected programs to take care of everything for you, including a water-saving mode. Although it does not have as many extra functions as other models best countertop dishwasher, it has stainless steel coating and is a built-in appliance, which makes your kitchen more beautiful, especially if it is planned. Its average price is R $ 4,500.00 and has already appeared on Promobit for R $ 3,300.00.

4th place – Built-in dishwasher 14 Brastemp Gourmand BLB14FR Services
The fourth place just did not get a better placement due to its high price, the highest on the list, inclusive. It is a very robust and powerful model best countertop dishwasher, being able to handle 14 services large countertop dishwasher, with 5 ready washing programs. It has a digital display, cutlery basket and the option of automatic shutdown. In addition, it is a built-in model and has stainless steel cladding magic chef dishwasher review, with an extremely elegant design. Its average price is R $ 6,000.00.