Using Fidget Cubes to Manage Stress and Curb Anxiety

Using Fidget Cubes to Manage Stress and Curb Anxiety

Do you find it difficult to focus or concentrate? You are not alone. We live in a generation where we are constantly trying to juggle many things at the same time resulting in stress and anxiety. This is why most people fidget and twitch when they are faced with tasks that require mental focus. Nervousness in tense situations also elevates fidgeting and makes it an uphill task to perform optimally. This has led to the invention of a range of products to tackle nervousness and the inability to focus. Fidget cubes are among the most popular products in this category. This article is a brief but nonetheless comprehensive look at fidget cubes.

So what exactly are fidget cubes and what are they made of?

A fidget cube is essentially a small handheld device that was invented and designed by Colorado based Antsy Labs. Most are made from plastic and soft high quality rubber that feels soft against the finger. This stress relieving toy features sensory tools on all the six sides. It also has an on/off style switch , a rolling ball, gears, a spinning disk, a relatively small joystick, depressible buttons and a spinning disc. This special cube is designed with the sole purpose of providing a discrete way to occupy one’s hands and other senses; it is arguably the most effective tool for a chronic fidgeter.

The Fidget Cube is a brain child of two brilliant brothers, Matthew and Mark McLachlan. According to the inventors, they included different tactile doodads on every side. The objective is letting you absent-mindedly roll, spin, click or rub the tiny interactive features. If you are unable to keep your fingers still no matter how hard you try then this is definitely the product for you. This versatile cube has something to satisfy every type of fidgeter whether you are a spinner, a roller, a clicker or a flicker.

Why are fidget cubes so popular?

When the Antsy Labs introduced the Fidget Cube on Kickstarter in 2016, the brothers were surprised that it was an instant hit. They could not believe that a simple product aimed at calming users by offering simple tactile features raised an outstanding $6 million! This makes it one of the most successful campaigns in Kickstarter’s history. Originally Mark and Matthew McLachlan sought to raise a mere $15,000. Although this start-up’s fortunes have faltered due to numerous consumer complaints. The popularity of the Fidget Cube has not depreciated as rivals have altered the design to make it more user-friendly and effective.

So why is this product so popular? Simple! It addressed a need that a majority of the population had by providing a realistic solution. It also does not hurt that it received positive coverage from the media; Fidget Cube earned kudos and actually kicked of the craze for America’s hottest toy category.

According to (, the popularity of this product can also be attributed to its effectiveness and great reception from users. A large percentage of users report that it helps to boost day to day productivity by providing an innocuous outlet for nervous and bored energy. Additionally, American parents also embraced the Fidget Cube as a way of increasing their kids’ engagement and concentration level.

The popularity of this product will definitely increase in the next five years because the corporate world is quickly accepting it as an important and indispensable productivity tool. termed the Fidget Cube as the must-have office tool for companies focused on improving productivity.

Who are fidget cubes for?

This is a versatile product that can come in handy for a large section of the population. People who can benefit from this device include;

Children with a difficulty concentrating

Developing children face a variety of issues that make paying attention an uphill task such as ADHD and autism in extreme situations. The fidget cube helps give them an outlet for the negative energy that makes focus a challenge. Since it looks like a toy, most children typically respond to it positively.

Busy entrepreneurs who attend numerous meeting daily

Business people who spend their days attending numerous meetings tend to get exhausted hence losing the ability to concentrate. The fidget cube can come in handy in enabling them concentrate for longer. It can also be a great conversation starter that can help create rapport.

Persons dealing with stress, anxiety and nervousness

When stressed, nervous or anxious it is almost impossible to consciously stop yourself from fidgeting. This device keeps you from focusing on your nerves or the cause of anxiety. Instead you are able to focus solely on the primary task making you more productive.

People prone to biting their finger nails

A significant percentage of the population is prone or addicted to nail biting. In extreme situations the nail biting is so bad that the entire nail surface is depleted creating a painful injury. The fidget cube is a Godsend for such people because they are able to keep their fingers occupied. Overtime the bait dies off naturally without any effort on your part.

Are Fidget Cubes really effective?

These devices are touted as effective in resolving a wide range of issues that we deal with on a daily basis. Are they effective, or are these just mere claims? Let’s now take a detailed look at how they help.

How do fidget cubes help to improve concentration?

According to ( ,a pair of determined researchers at the Polytechnic Institute of New York University have ascertained that minor distractions such as playing with the fidget cube can help boost productivity by simply giving the mind a break. This apparently makes it easier to pay attention to the task at hand upon returning to it. According to these researchers, what makes this device more effective is that it is user friendly and soothing to the hand. This means that you are able to concentrate on the primary task without focusing on what is going on in your hands.

How Fidget cubes help in relieving stress and anxiety

Anxiety and stress are disorders that cannot be simply wished away. A comprehensive treatment is best and undoubtedly the only option for completely eradicating these conditions. The fidget cube can help cope with stress and anxiety by helping you function at optimum level. It is a known fact that stress and anxiety tend to affect specific body parts especially the hands and fingers by causing restlessness, tingling, cramping and shaking. People find coping mechanisms such as picking or biting their nails while some fiddle with jewelry or place their hands in their pockets. This calming toy simply facilitates the need to fidget and the process of fidgeting by acting as a calming mechanism.

How fidget cubes help increase focus

Difficulty to focus in both children and adults is because they are distracted easily. This stress-relieving toy helps gain sensory-motor inputs that cause stimulation of the brain allowing increased focus on the task at hand. According to actions that help acknowledge that you are unable to focus such as the fidget cube can have a calming influence on a myriad of attention deficit issues. It helps that they are not a distraction once you get accustomed to using them

Do fidget cubes really help people who struggle with sensory processing disorders such as Autism, ADHD and dyslexia?

According to extensive research shows that physical activity even a little foot taping; gum chewing or playing with your fingers can help boost the levels of neurotransmitters (dopamine and norepinephrine) in the brain. Keep in mind that these two neurotransmitters help in increasing attention and sharpening focus. According to these studies a subtle fidget can come in handy in fighting boredom, blocking out distractions and increasing productivity. Since most sensory processing disorders are a result of neurotransmitter dysfunction, these fidgeting cubes can be extremely helpful. Experts agree that for physical activity to be effective it has to be deliberate (nothing is more intentional than consciously using a fidget cube). These tools don’t distract from your primary task making them extremely effective for ADHD, dyslexia and autism.  Research is still inconclusive, there is need for more evidence to ascertain just how effective fidget cubes are in managing sensory processing disorders.

How Fidget cubes help to relax

Nothing is more frustrating than being unable to stay calm and relax when you are desperately trying to. It can not only affect productivity at work but also make you socially awkward and unable to communicate effectively. Some signs that you are not relaxed include; sweating profusely, fidgeting and even stammering. This device comes in handy in helping you get rid of all the negative energy without exerting too much effort. When your hands are busy playing with the fidget cube, you are able to relax and stay calm even when in fear or under pressure.

  • Step by step guideline on how to choose the right fidget cube

Thanks to the popularity of fidget cubes, many companies are coming up with new designs. This makes it challenging to ascertain what the best option for you is. Since many users report that most of the brands they buy in the market are low quality and end up being a total waste of money, it is advisable to exhaustively research before making a purchase. To help you out; here are 4 vital things you need to know about selecting a fidget cube that works for you;

Check carefully to ensure that all the sides work

Spare some time to ensure that the specific device you want to buy is fully functional. Most low quality cubes have buttons that do not click, joysticks that do not freely move in all directions and wheels that don’t roll. This makes the cube harder to use because it becomes a distraction that is stressful to use. When new all the parts should move without any strain or difficulty.

The stress cube you intend to purchase should feel comfortable in your hand

The last thing you want or need is a fidget cube that is uncomfortable to hold. Since most people typically want a discrete device that they can use without any difficulty, you need to find one that feels good in your hand. This means avoiding those that feel hard and instead going for a smooth and velvety finish. This is especially crucial for the worry stone side- you want a stress toy that feels satisfying and soothing to rub no matter how long you use it.

Pay keen attention to the noise level

What most people don’t know is that the noise level varies from one brand to another. Since most users want fidget cubes for work, school and other professional setting where silence is required, check carefully to make sure that all the sides can be pressed and rolled without making too much noise. The noise level is closely related to the ability to move swiftly. When the parts can move without any difficulty, the device makes less noise.

Before choosing a particular brand, thoroughly go through consumer reviews and seek references from people you trust

There are numerous brands to pick from making it harder to make settle on one. Seek references from people who use fidget cubes daily. Also take the prerogative to research thoroughly online; go through consumer reviews. If majority of the reviews are great then there is a high chance that it is an effective and highly-functional product that is worth every penny. It is advisable to go for quality and reasonable pricing.


Mark and Matthew McLachlan invented an effective and highly functional product although it initially seemed simple. It has made waves and received extensive acceptance because there is actual scientific evidence that it can help in a wide range of issues that hinder us from being our best and performing at optimum level. Are your hands constantly moving? Are you addicted to biting and picking on your nails? Or is your child facing debilitating concentration issues? If so, what you need is a Fidget Cube. The secret is to choose one that you are comfortable with and feels good in your hand. Don’t waste any more time, choose one today and join the fidgeting revolution!