Tai Lopez 67 Steps To Happiness

Tai Lopez 67 Steps To Happiness

When it comes to life, we all desire to be successful, rich and well-off – and not poor, stressed out and lonely. This desire makes us go looking for solutions in all manner of places and reading through all kinds of programs, if only we could find a sure answer to success. The 67 Steps by Tai Lopez is a very popular program nowadays that offers insight on how you can become a successful person. If you have heard about it and are interested in learning more about what it is, read on.

What is the “67 Steps” Program?

Tai Lopez 67 steps is a video course made by Tai Lopez. Lopez, an author, entrepreneur and an investor offers video lessons in the 67 important lessons he has learned in his life. He believes that you can attain excellent life quality by balancing your social life, wealth and your health. He has picked up each lesson from his own life, and illustrated it with his own insights. He has read more than 5000 books and he can offer his advice from the morals he learned by reading them.

Who is Tai Lopez?

Mr. Lopez is an author, investor and an entrepreneur. He has a background in the financial services sector. After dropping out of college, Tai became a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and started working for different companies all over the world. He became a self-made millionaire just in his 20s and was an owner of some of the biggest East-Coast nightclubs.

Tai Lopez has read more than thousands of articles and books over the years. He has also spent around two years in a leper colony in India, and living with the Amish. He is most popular for his program on YouTube named “The Grand Theory of Everything”.

Structure of the Program

– The program is web-based where the users are given a profile with a password to access the videos by logging in.
– Each video lesson ranges between 30 minutes to 1-hour length.
– There is an online engagement with the interactive community where you can post questions about the program, encourage one another and comment on the progress.
– There are monthly phone calls that you can make to Tai’s team in order to discuss your ideas, progress and questions.
– There is a monthly payment, which you can cancel anytime through Click-Bank.

Benefits of Tai Lopez 67 Steps

There a lot of reasons why you should think about investing in this program.

1. Money Back Guarantee
Tai Lopez offers a money-back guarantee for his product and can refund your money through Click-Bank if you do not like the video lessons or do not benefit from it.
2. Detailed Explanations
The program doesn’t just tell you the 67 steps you should be focusing on. Tai goes into explaining details with comprehensive logic for all of his ideas and concepts.
3. Lots of Examples
In order to help you understand each concept, Tai offers a lot of examples from his own life, people around him and examples from the books he has read. By the end of each video, everything he has said is crystal clear to the user for this reason.
4. Collection of Wisdom
Tai offers insight by offering his own words, but more words from the authors he has read, the successful people he has met, and the inspiring people who changed his life. The collection of wisdom is all brought to your table in less than half an hour.

Does the Tai Lopez 67 Steps Work?

Tai Lopez himself is a very successful person. He is an entrepreneur, owner of a nightclub, an investor and even holds a Mensa Membership. He also brings in further income through conference fees and business membership phone calls. He credits his own successful rise to the 67 steps, as he was a broke person before, and now drives a Lamborghini and lives in a Hollywood mansion. People who follow his snapchat can see him connecting with other successful entrepreneurs and celebrities like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Elon Musk, Mark Cuban etc.

All of this shows that this program works. There are also countless client and user stories that swear that the program by Lopez has changed their lives for the better.

Why Should You Buy the Program?

The program helps its users find a stable ground footing and embark on their individual journeys to becoming entrepreneurs. Many people swear by pushing faster towards their goals because of the 67 steps. The daily life lessons motivate them into working towards their goals and life. While it does not offer any magic solution, it still talks about harsh lessons that might sound bitter to some people. Users in return have to put in their work, effort and time for reaping the rewards. If you wish to change your life, you should buy this program.

Buying the Product

People who wish to try out this program will have to sign up for the program at Tai’s website. Signup is only possible after a pay of $67 per month. This averages up to paying a dollar for a video. Each of the video offers the following:

– Practical tips for the given concept
– Inspirational material
– Instructional Content
There is also an extra added bonus of how Tai Lopez reads a book in ten minutes, and a recommendation of a “book a day”, According to Tai Lopez’s Snapchat he reads more than seven books on a daily basis.

Book of the Day Program

An added bonus on Tai’s 67 Steps, the Book of the Day is a free newsletter that encourages his audience to read a book per day. It is a common fact that many people cannot read a book in a day. Tai offers shortcuts for reading the book. His book reading is based on three phases. In the first phase, you read the front and back cover of the book and flip through chapters to get an idea of what the book is about. Then you read the first couple of pages of each chapter, and then you read the first couple of lines from each paragraph.

According to Tai, it takes 66 days to form a new habit, not the old 21 that we all have heard about. This is the reason why his program is named 67 steps. He has added an extra one step for bonus. The program is extremely advantageous if followed for 66 days straight, at one lesson per day.