Relaxation Techniques that Help Relieve Stress

Relaxation Techniques that Help Relieve Stress

There are several other fool-proof natural relaxation techniques that can fight anxiety and relaxation. Most people wonder whether such techniques actually work, or whether they are just placebo- where only those who believe in them find them beneficial. No one would fault you from being a skeptic because the fact is that some of these techniques look like they are straight out of a science fiction movie! You can rest easy, because all these methods work and there is scientific evidence that backs their efficiency in helping in body and mind relaxation.


This is simply using scents to help relax the body and the mind. Aromatherapy uses specially chosen essential oils in a controlled way in order to promote wellbeing. Most of these essential oils are naturally occurring, concentrated and extracted from trees and plants. The oils are harvested extremely carefully at specific times in plants growing cycle. Although it has long been known that smell and aromas affect humans, relatively little is actually known about what smell can do to help the body and the mind to relax.


Scientifically speaking, the essential oils naturally evoke a calming feeling that helps you relax and can also induce sleep. There are two major ways that essential oils used in aromatherapy can be used to help a person relax; through inhalation and through massage.

Aromatherapy through massage

Massage on its own is a useful relaxation technique, using specially chosen massage oils made from essential oils further enhance the effectiveness of a massage making them more relaxing and soothing to both the body and mind. Essential oils are blended with a carrier-oil during massages. The carrier oil comes in handy in making the essential oil easily absorbable. The scent relaxes you and the massage further relaxes your muscles making your body and mind relaxed, peaceful and calm. Common carrier oils that are effective include jojoba, avocado, almond and extra virgin oil. The essential oils have the ability to penetrate through the skin through the hair follicles and sweat glands to assist with eliminating toxins and increasing circulation which makes a body more relaxed.

Aromatherapy; inhalation of essential oils

Inhalation can be used to gain the benefits of essential oils. The pleasant smelling oils naturally stimulate smell receptors in the nose. This sends signals to the brain to assist in alleviating stress and improving a persons general state of mind. Using inhalation to gain benefits of from essential oils enables them to be evaporated and dispersed into the air. Although there are numerous methods of diffusing essential oils some of the most popular include;

  • Heat diffusers are used to warm the oil and disperse it into the air
  • Essential oils can be mixed with water and the midst diffuser will calm the effect of the room and add fragrance
  • Passive diffusers can be anything that allows oil to naturally diffuse and evaporate into the air Even placing a few drops on a tissue or your pillow can help you relax.

Music Therapy

Music or sound therapy involves using sound waves to heal the mind and the body. The scientific reasoning behind music and sound theory is that the all the cells in the human body vibrate at a natural frequency. This natural frequency can easily become misaligned or otherwise changed through physical stress and being tense. By strategically subjecting the body, or parts of the body to sound at a particular frequency, these misalignment problems can be improved drastically.
For instance playing back a recording of a particular soothing sound at a predetermined and constant frequency can treat muscular pains and muscular aches. While some people remain very skeptical, there are many people who testify that sound therapy has worked well for them as a relaxation technique. Regardless of how effective sound or music therapy is, there is no doubt that naturally music can affect people and can be used to aid in relaxation and stress relief.

Keep in mind that using music as a relaxation tools has to take into consideration that everyone has different tastes; while others may prefer classic music and find it relaxing, other may prefer country jams while a select group will even find rap music very soothing and relaxing. It all comes down to what works best for you. Using music as a relaxation tools does not necessarily mean lying or sitting down whilst listening to music. For it to be effective, you need to consciously listen, not just hearing the music but to ensure your brain is completely occupied and is not distracted by any other thoughts. Here are some suggestions that can come in handy;

  • A warm candle lit bath or aromatherapy massage while listening to soft classical music can help relax your body and mind.
  • Sometimes fully occupying your mind with dancing and singing rock music can help relax the body and the mind.

The bottom-line is music therapy only creates a relaxation-repose if there is a conscious effort to listen and fully concentrate on the mind not just listening and enjoying the music. If music therapy as a relaxation technique works for you then all you have to is work on increasing your musical repertoire; take time to discover new styles, new artists and new genres that you can enjoy listening to.

Self Hypnosis or hypnotherapy

This can be a very effective natural relaxation technique if rightly done. This relaxation technique can come in handy in opening the mind to new thoughts and ideas or thought processes especially if you are dealing with extreme stress such as depression. Essentially, hypnotherapy is an effective way of reprogramming how a person thinks so that you can place them in the right state of mind to enable them to relax.

This method is still very controversial and viewed with a lot of skepticism and suspicion especially in western culture. However, exhaustive research from many reliable sources proves that hypnotism is legit and relaxes the body and mind. Hypnotism is now accepted by conventional medicine and is considered a reliable and safe way of relaxing the body and the mind. Additionally, this relaxation technique helps boost self esteem and personal confidence to help overcome stress and tension related issues. It’s understandable if you are still a skeptic! But hope this will convince you, today hypnosis is taught in colleges worldwide and has even become widely accepted as a complimentary medicine technique that can help to relax and calm the body and the mind. It all legit! It’s okay to jump on the hypnotherapy bandwagon!

Maybe understanding how hypnotherapy works in making you more relaxed will help you accept and understand it;

Based on the work Sigmund Freud’s impressive body of work-the human mind is split into three sections; the subconscious, the conscious and the unconscious. According to Freud, the conscious section is the shallowest part of the mind and is only responsible for making us understand our current stress levels. The subconscious mind is nor easily inaccessible and controls how we feel and react to different situations. Additionally, it also controls different bodily functions such as breathing. Hypnotism helps to elicit a relaxation response by sinking deeper into the minds to rewrite and reprogram the subconscious. Hypnotherapy allow people to introduce positive thoughts and ideas into the subconscious to help with physical and mental relaxation. Keep in mind that this hypnotherapy as a relaxation technique is not a ‘quick fix’. It requires practice and perseverance in order for the subconscious section of the mind to pick up new messages and implement and execute them. Don’t get discouraged if it does not work out the first time, take your time because the more you practice and repeat this relaxation technique the more successful it will become to easily reach the hypnotic state.

Laughter Therapy

Have you ever thought that by simply concentrating your efforts on laughing out loud, you can relax? Pretty amazing and mind-blowing right! I know you are wondering how and thinking really! Well laughing out loud can be a very effective natural relaxation that can calm your body and relax your mind. Scientific research proves that a good belly laugh not only lightens the load mentally but comes in handy in lowering stress hormones such as cortisol. Laughing achieves this boosting the production of brain chemicals known as endorphins which help to enhance and stabilize mood.

Reliable and extensive research on natural relaxation techniques done by Harvard University unequivocally proves that laughing is an excellent way to help you cope and survive a stressful lifestyle. Additionally, laughter is also an aerobic exercise that helps you tone your muscles and boost your respiration.


Learning the effective and scientifically proven and tested natural relaxation techniques is a crucial part of coping with anxiety and stress. These techniques are a great and effective way to relax your mind and body.