How Neuro Lingusitic Programming Helps Manage Stress and Improve Your Health

How Neuro Lingusitic Programming Helps Manage Stress and Improve Your Health

NLP stands for neuro linguistic programming, unlike common misconception; it is not a modern concept. It has been around since the 1970s. It is frequently referred to as ‘a user manual for your mind’. Mastering NLP will give you insight into how thinking patterns can affect every aspect of your life.  NLP specifically looks at the way you think and process thought (neuro), it also looks at your language patterns (linguistics) and also takes a look into behavior control (programming). Essentially, NLP looks at how these three important elements interact and positively or negatively affect individuals.

The co creators of neuro linguistic programming described it as an attitude which is an insatiable curiosity about human behaviour. All the strategies, techniques and tools used in neuro linguistic programming present a great opportunity unlike any other for the detailed exploration of human functioning.

It is extremely difficult to define NLP succinctly because it covers a very wide field and has diverse applications. At its core neuro linguistic programming is a collection of personal development tools that can help improve performance. NLP is a collection of tools that can help elevate communication skills. It is a practical and pragmatic collection of methods and insights that can help you improve how you communicate internally (within yourself) and externally with others.

Originally it was designed as a means of creating a precise model of how human beings communicate. Although it is a simple approach, it is nonetheless an enormously powerful approach to professional development and personal development. Neuro linguistic programming is actually based on the study of steady and successful human performance in which the skills of remarkable performers are studied and then made available to persons willing to learn it in form of NLP techniques.

Neuro linguistic programming is incredibly important to anyone who wants to boost their performance because it an ‘owner’s manual’ on how to utilize the brain. Formal schooling only teaches you algebra, geography and tone of other staff and ignores to teach you how to feel and how to have great relationships.

You can effectively use neuro linguistic programming methods and insights to be in charge of your feelings and thoughts so that you can run your life more successful. What is amazing about NLP is the fact that it is an ever-growing collection of insights and information into how human beings behave and function. It has a wide array of mental techniques that will enable you improve how you behave and feel.

Neuro linguistic programming is the study of success

NLP has been described as the science of achievement or technology of the mind. However, at its core, NLP is essentially a study of success, it thoroughly studies the factors that account and contribute either to success or failure in professional and personal performance. Right from the time Neuro linguistic programming was developed, it was meant to study and find ways to improve human behavior and master thinking styles that can foster successful traits that can boost professional and personal performance.

Does Neuro Linguistic Programming really work?

Although there are many sceptics, years of reliable research prove that effectively executed neuro linguistic programming is very effective in helping shape character and boost performance. NLP techniques offer a comprehensive system how human beings process feelings and thoughts; this gives one the knowledge and insight to know how to interact with the world.

Fundamental to the techniques of neuro linguistic programming is the belief that every person is person and is also an expert in their own life. What does this imply? It simply means that everyone with the help of NLP techniques holds the potential to find viable ways forward that are perfectly suited for them.

What are the benefits of neuro linguistic programming (NLP)?

I know it all sounds very complex and scientific; it is actually really simple; you will study how to excel in all the spheres of life whether it is personal or professional aspect. Sounds appealing right? I mean who doesn’t want excellent? Neuro linguistic programming will help you differentiate between an average and an excellent performer. It will help you bring the best out of yourself and out of others.

What makes NLP so helpful, beneficial and easily adaptable is that it is actually a practical skill that can be learnt and mastered overtime. Here are some benefits you can accrue from mastering NLP methods and techniques using our incredibly amazing sessions.

Neuro linguistic programming can come in handy in helping shed off those extra pounds

Contrary to popular misconception that overeating is a just an acquired character, it actually has more to do with what’s going on in the mind. An extensive reliable study ascertained that persons trying to lose weight experience positive changes from regular neuro linguistic programming sessions. NLP handles the mindset, once the mind is right; weight loss comes naturally.

NLP promotes learning and makes you more responsive to comprehending and absorbing new information

Acquiring new knowledge or learning something new is extremely difficult particularly if you are distracted, discouraged or have a negative mindset. Being a good learner all starts in the mind. In fact a recent reliable study found out that NLP can be used to instill confidence in people with dyslexia. Once you master NLP techniques, you will be able to get fully immersed in a deep state of relaxation and significantly lower levels of anxiety that can interrupt learning. Being in a relaxed and serene state impacts your learning capability significantly. Researchers agree that it can also help promote learning in people with ADD/ADHD.

Neuro linguistic programming helps manage and reduce anxiety

Just like other relaxation techniques such as meditation and hypnosis, neuro linguistic programming also comes in handy in reducing anxiety. A recent study unequivocally showed that NLP can help deal with anxiety-related issues such as claustrophobia. MRI scans ascertained that neuro linguistic programming is extremely effective in eliminating the feeling of anxiety that makes people afraid of closed spaces.

It is actually suggested that a combination of guided imagery and relaxation are perhaps the biggest reason why NLP is effective in curbing feelings of anxiety.

Neuro linguistic programming helps in mood stabilization

There is limited prove that NLP can be an extremely useful tool in promoting an overall healthy and stable mood. Keep in mind that stress and chronic depression involves a myriad of personal factors that are unique to an individual because mood changes are specific to every person. NLP techniques are beneficial because they can be multifaceted and specifically tailored to meet individual needs.

Neuro linguistic programming can help you get over bad and destructive habits

One of the most effective ways to rid yourself of bad habits is to replace them with new better habits that promote personal and professional growth. NLP has actually remained one of the most sought after methods in helping people quit bad habits such as procrastination and smoking. Neuro linguistic programming has an arsenal of techniques that can come in handy in getting over bad habits such as junk food obsession and the inability to adhere to a steady exercise regimen.

Neuro linguistic programming can help boost and enhance business success

NLP is used rightly and appropriately can have a huge and significant positive impact on a person’s professional life. This simply means that NLP techniques can help you change your behavior so that it can align and become better suited to your business goals and objectives. This effective behaviour control technique can help you become more productive and successful professionally without having to slave for hours on end.

How does NLP help promote career and business success? Simple! NLP techniques will you harness and gain from good behavior, it will also eliminate and alleviate any bad habits so that you can succeed in career and in business. The fact that NLP techniques are focused on improving learning strategies means they are hugely influential in guaranteeing business success. Since neuro linguistic programming will help understand human behavior, it will come in handy in helping reinforce good business mechanisms.

Neuro linguistic programming can significantly enhance creativity

Research has unequivocally ascertained that NLP strategies and techniques can help you become more creative. By thoroughly understanding how different sensory elements influence your behavior, you will have the knowledge to start experimenting with different strategies and different ideas. This gives you the capability and insight to see common problems in a new light.

NLP techniques will come in handy in helping get rid of fears and phobias

Since neuro linguistic programming concentrates on understanding strategies that guide and transform behavior to ensure you can deal with fears and phobias. With the assistance of NLP techniques, you can change your internal response and learn to face your fears head on so that you can get over them. NLP will help you learn how to control your emotions when you face a phobia.

Neuro linguistics programming helps to improve relationships

Since neuro linguistic programming is solely focused on elevating your understanding of human behavior, it can come in handy in helping you improve your relationship with other people. By simply understanding how people operate and behaviour, you can respond to people better and understand how to resolve conflict amicably.

What is the best way to learn and master neuro linguistic programming?

It is common knowledge that for most people how they learn in school sets the standard by which they gauge all future educational opportunities including NLP. Traditional school learning is mostly a passive process; a learner essentially absorbs information from books and from a teacher. After learning, students are required to regurgitate the information they have learnt after an examination. The best way to learn neuro linguistic programming is to stray from traditional school learning. Why should NLP learning be different? Simple! Neuro linguistic programming is more about skill and not information. NLP is about what an individual can do not what you know or understand.

Is it really possible to learn NLP from online courses and books?

Skill with neuro linguistic programming is very different from knowledge about neuro linguistic programming. It is possible that you can amass a tone of knowledge but still fail to skilfully use NLP. It is just like horse riding, you can read many books on horse riding without actually meeting a horse one on one. If you stick to reading a bout horses for weeks, you will become very knowledgeable. Possession of knowledge does not equal to actually mastering a skill. Just an hour of horse riding practice with a knowledgeable and experienced riding coach can give you more skill than just reading about horse riding. This case also applies to neuro linguistic programming. That said, you are probably wondering whether you should take some time and read about neuro linguistic programming. Yes, you absolutely should take some time and read about NLP particularly if it is a new concept to you.

There are numerous credible sources both online and in books. Online sources are convenient because apart from being free they also provide in-depth information about neuro linguistic programming. Reading should however not be the focus, it is solely meant to simply give you introductory knowledge. If you want to master and gain optimally from NLP session, then it is time to stop reading and start practising. Attending live neuro linguistic programming workshops is a great way to master NLP techniques. The problem is most people do not have the time to attend live NLP sessions. If live sessions are out of reach for you then you are the perfect candidate for our effective audio recordings.

Quick Tip

Try as much as possible to avoid NLP indigestion-NLP is a great and very exciting subject that can fascinate you deeply. It also has unlimited range of application. There is a tendency among learners especially beginners to rush and look for more information that might actually be false or misconstrued.