How Expression Meditation Can help manage Stress

How Expression Meditation Can help manage Stress

Expression mediation is a technique that involves releasing all your tension, stress and negative thoughts creatively. The objective of expressive meditation is to release physical, emotional and mental tensions from the mind and body. Releasing this excess tension enables one to access inner peace and clarity. Most individuals find that when they creatively express what they are thinking or feeling or thinking, they are able to concentrate and gain important insight about their lives. A creative channel is a great way to meditate; although expressive meditation is not a common meditation technique, it has numerous benefits that many people ignore;

Build talent and meditate at the same time

Through expression meditation you are able to nurture and perfect your talent while meditating simultaneously. It is very easy to concentrate while being creative because you are passionate and invested in what you are doing. While the other meditative methods involve activities every single person may find difficult to master, this technique enables you to meditate while concentrating on an activity you actually like and enjoy doing. Instead of struggling to exercise, you will simply concentrate and mediate while doing what you love.

Meditate while doing your favorite past time which is enjoyable and fulfilling

Apart from getting the benefits of meditation, you will also be fulfilled and content. While other meditation techniques fail to take into account individual preferences, this technique has no standard guideline. Every individual is able to choose which activity is fulfilling and enjoyable to them. It is actually the only meditation technique that gives you an option to pick a meditation activity that you love and enjoy.

An alternative way to release anger and negative tension without overworking your mind or body

While a meditation technique such as movement will definitely leave your body exhausted, this technique does not overwork or strain your body in any way. For those who are unable to exercise for whatever reason, this is a great meditation alternative that can come in handy and still be able to deliver the same effective results.

The most effective way of transforming victim-hood into empowerment

Expression meditation is solely focused on fixating your mind on an activity that can help you feel empowered. This is instead of focusing on negativity and destructive thoughts that can only drain your positivity and make you tenser. This is actually one of the best meditation techniques that can help persons who have gone through torturous experiences such as domestic violence. It helps to block out the negative energy and helps kick-start the healing process.

By meditating while expressing yourself creatively, you are able to discover the inner wisdom, peace and silence

Other meditation techniques are solely focused on getting your mind and body relaxed, this method actually helps you tap into your inner wisdom. This is because while creatively expressing yourself, your mind is not totally blank but is actually engaged in an enjoyable but mentally uplifting activity.

Expression meditation does not require years of practice and exercise to master

This technique is great for everyone whether you are a beginner or have prior experience in meditation. Techniques such as concentration may take months to years to master but this you can begin any day and anytime provided you are willing and ready to start.

Here is how to do Expression Meditation the Right Way

Although this meditation technique is pretty much unstructured, there are a few guidelines that can help you get it right. Here are the guidelines:

Expression meditation only works when it involves an activity that you can enjoy doing

You don’t necessarily have to be extremely talented, as long as you love doing it. These activities can range from choreographed dancing, drawing, painting, molding and even designing. Whatever you can do with your hands that requires some brain work is good to go!

Make it fun and enjoyable by listening to some great background music that can make the atmosphere more serene and friendly

Choose music that does not distract you from focusing and concentrating on your core activity; the best music genre to choose is one that soothes you and puts your mind at ease. Relaxing music gets your creative juices going and makes meditation a more informal and fun process.

It works better if done in solitude where there is no judgment of self-consciousness

Since the aim of the whole meditation exercise is to relax, it is better to do it in an environment where there is no judgment or discomfort of any kind. If you are not particularly great at the activity you love doing then solitude will help you concentrate because there will be no judgmental eyes around. Your only focus should be to concentrate and focus your mind on your activity and not on perfection.

If you don’t have any other creative outlet then simply journaling can be a great meditation technique

Journaling or simply sparing some time to write in your diary every day is given no credit as a meditation technique. In real sense, focusing on writing down your thoughts on a daily basis can be a great way to concentrate, focus and center you mind and body. You can choose to write exactly what you feel or think or simply write down a poem that expresses your feelings. To succeed in using writing as a way of expression meditation you need to ensure that you don’t get caught up in having perfect grammar and sentence structure; simply write!

Take your time and avoid rushing through the process

You don’t need to worry about how long the meditation session lasts as long as you achieve your objectives. The trick is to keep meditating until you feel that you are either exhausted or refreshed and full relaxed. If you require a time frame, then studies exclusively show even a brief meditation of 5-15 minutes can be beneficial. It should be an enjoyable experience, once you feel like you are done, it’s okay to stop.

Expression meditation is effective yet easily ignored by most people. You need to keep in mind that there is no right way to mediate as long as you are able to find a quiet and peaceful time to focus on getting in touch with your inner self. Every mediation technique you choose whether it is movement meditation, concentration mediation or expression can be effective as long as you fully commit and take it seriously. Here is how to succeed at whichever technique you choose;

  • Add meditation to your daily routine so that it can literally become second nature. Start by experimenting on different methods. Overtime you will find a meditation technique that works for you and one that you can really enjoy.
  • It is okay to try out meditation classes and meditation centers where the instructors have extensive experience and a knowledge base on mediation and how to get it right.
  • Rome was not built on a day so there is no need to go cold turkey and start with one-hour sessions. Start small and grow gradually. Gradual growth is the best way to gain from meditation, you get too learn about your ability to concentrate and how long you can stay fixated without getting distracted.

Expression mediation is definitely worth trying out particularly if you don’t fancy the formality of concentrated meditation or do not favor exercises and body movement.