10 Effective Steps to Master Neuro Linguistic Programming for Stress Management

10 Effective Steps to Master Neuro Linguistic Programming for Stress Management

First and foremost try and understand what you are getting into

Keep in mind that mastering NLP is quite challenging. Approach it as a life time pursuit rather than a momentary unplanned decision that you make.

Know exactly what neuro linguistic programming is

There are a lot of false misconceptions about NLP. Only seek knowledge from reliable and credible sources.

Keep in mind that there is no one way to master neuro linguistic programming

Once you start understanding NLP, you will quickly learn that it is open ended and rife with possibilities just like the human mind itself.

Experiment constantly and consistently

After you have understood the basics, it is time to get dirty and start practicing as often as you can. If the focus is on yourself, prepare to get in touch with your innermost emotions and thoughts.

Take time and create your own interpretation

Once you have familiarized yourself with neuro linguistic programming, you will quickly become familiar with how the brain works. Once you have understood how your brain works, NLP will serve to help you consciously control how it works.

Tell me more about your sessions?

Our neuro linguistic programming sessions are based the following presupposition; Communication is very redundant-a human being is always communicating in the 5 major representational systems. This simply means communication is not about what you are intending to pass on, neither is it about saying the right words. Communication is all about creating an experience; the most important aspect of communication is the response that you elicit.

Why should I choose neuro linguistic Learning?

Here are five reasons why our NLP sessions are the best;

  • Training is memorable, resourceful and very effective; this makes NLP sessions practical, real and a fun learning experience.
  • NLP sessions are entirely focused on the practical application of neuro linguistic programming techniques. Our sessions are a great balance and a perfect blend between theory and practice.
  • All NLP sessions attract individuals from diverse backgrounds. Whether you are seeking professional development or personal development, our sessions have got you covered.
  • Every neuro linguistic programming session offered has been recorded by a master NLP practitioner and experienced hypnotherapist. Apart from having a pleasant and soothing voice, our expert NLP practitioner is also knowledgeable and experienced in creating rapport with learners particularly if you are a beginner.
  • Our neuro linguistic programming sessions are incredibly and enormously powerful. They use a combination of NLP and hypnosis to create a powerful impact.

Tell me more about the different neuro linguistic programming techniques that your NLP sessions cover?

If practiced on a regular basis, our NLP sessions can be a powerful and extremely effective way of changing how one experiences the world. This is because our sessions focus on thoughts and feelings which are what shapes a person’s reality. The NLP techniques that we employ in all our sessions can actually transform your whole life and put you on the road to success. Here are four most impactful neuro linguistic programming techniques that we use in our sessions; these five NLP techniques can help change behavior and help you realize your objectives.


It is very easy to have a knee-jerk negative reaction that can lead to anger, sadness, stress and even chronic depression. For instance an office dispute or a simple disagreement with your spouse who shows up for a meeting can lead to a chain of negative reactions that will significantly affect your mood and elevate tour stress levels. Dissociation helps to diffuse negative feelings and restore normalcy and objectivity. Here is how the dissociation technique typically works;

  • It starts by identifying the negative emotion such as discomfort, fear, rage that you want to get rid off
  • The next step is that you are guided through imagining yourself encountering the entire incident from an outsider’s perspective. This will help you be more objective.
  • Play this scenario repeatedly-add a funny soundtrack to this mental movie and replay it in your mind again repeatedly
  • Now try and imagine that the incident is happening now-by this time the negative feelings, thoughts and emotions will have changed, reduced or even disappeared.

Content Reframing

This NLP technique is used in sessions that are targeted at helping with anger management. This is an effective technique for individuals who easily get irritated or frustrated because it helps to empower you by changing the meaning of an entire scenario. For instance, this technique can help you deal with the aftermath of a break-up by focusing on a different perspective.

Content reframing essentially focuses on seeing the glass half full and not half empty; this NP technique takes focus off the more negative elements and concentrates on positivity. Focusing on the positive side of a situation no matter how bad it is will ensure there are residual negative emotions. By shifting focus from negativity, you clear your mind and make objective eye-handed decisions.

Self anchoring

Anchoring yourself will help you associate a particular sensation or phrase with a positive emotional response. By simply connecting a positive emotion or thought to a simple gesture. You are consciously and deliberately activating the anchor anytime you are feeling down or low. When your anchor is activated, your negative feelings change immediately.

  • This NLP technique begins by identifying what you want whether it is calmness, happiness or confidence.
  • Try and get into the state you have chosen by thinking back to a time when you felt that positive emotion very strongly
  • Try and make your mental image more vivid, more intense and sharper
  • Come up with a creative anchoring phrase or touch such as (I am….or simply touching the back of your head)
  • Use this technique every time you need to shift your mood to positivity

Establishing Rapport

This is one of the easiest neuro linguistic programming techniques. Although this set of techniques is simple, it is nonetheless enormously powerful as these techniques can help you get along with virtually anyone. There are numerous ways to build rapport, one of the most effective NLP techniques that can help establish rapport is imitating another person’s breathing pattern. Another effective NLP technique that will help create rapport is subtly mirroring another person’s body language.

Another effective but less known technique is listening to people and picking up their sensory perceptions such as visual, auditory and kinesthetic perception. People with predominantly auditory perceptions commonly use phrases such as ‘I am listening’ and ‘I hear you’. Those with visual perception will use phrases such as ‘my vision is clear’ and ‘I see what you mean’. Kinesthetic perception is expressed using phrases such as ‘I have a good feeling about this’

Will Neuro Linguistic Programming change the way I think?

Yes, NLP will probably change the way you think because it is a model of how the human brain works. By understanding the basics of NLP, you will have a deeper understanding of how your brain works and this will enable you to use and your harness your minds incredible potential. Once you have the ability to take greater advantage of your brain, you will be able to achieve and live up to your full potential both personally and professionally.

Does neuro linguistic programming also deal with emotions?

Yes, absolutely; this is one of the things that neuro linguistic programming does best. NLP techniques will help you transform debilitating emotions into empowering emotions and resourceful feelings that can fuel your motivation and drive to succeed. Most therapies are incredibly slow and are based on catharsis or venting feelings, most people associate personal transformation and behaviour change with a lot of unpleasant feelings.

NLP is different from traditional therapies because it offers a more pleasant and painless yet effective way of dealing with emotions. Neuro linguistic programming techniques can help you go through old memories in new ways thus quickly transforming unpleasant experiences into positive resources that can help you grow and succeed.

Is neuro linguistic programming manipulative?

First and foremost lets quickly define manipulative; manipulation is influencing or attempting to influence emotions and behaviours on others for your own personal gain. NLP on the other hand emphasizes on ways that make sure you make change behaviourally and emotionally for your own best interest. In retrospect neuro linguistic programming actually protects you from being manipulated by other people and other sources such as the media.

How does neuro linguistic programming differ from psychiatry and psychology?

Both psychology and psychiatry tend to focus and concentrate on the content. This is why psychologists and psychiatrist spend a considerable amount of time talking about your past issues and problems. Both psychology and psychiatry mostly focus on ‘why’ you have a problem. These therapists (psychologist and psychiatrists) analyze you until they conclusively decide upon a viable diagnosis.

On the other hand rather than focus on content neuro linguistic programming specifically works with the structure of the mind. NLP techniques are absolutely process oriented, there is no concentration on why you have the problem. NLP is interested on resolving the problem and getting a positive result as soon as possible. Neuro linguistic programming is probably not considered scientific by the psychological profession. However, neuro linguistic programming is methodical and practical and most importantly NLP techniques consistently get positive and fast results.

  • Is neuro linguistic programming a quasi-religion?

Absolutely not, NLP techniques are not a quasi religion- that is a misconstrued misconception. One of the most important things about NLP is that there is only individual who is completely in charge of your internal state, your thoughts and your behavior and actions, and that is YOU. No one has any control whatsoever over you or your actions and decisions.