The sinuses are eight cavities under the skin and the bones of the face. Their function is still a mystery, but they have a serious and well-known structural flaw: edema and the consequent obstruction of the tiny drainage openings in the sinuses trap mucus, which, in addition to causing pressure and pain, serves as a shelter for the proliferation of viruses and bacteria. In fact, avoid the next infection, taking precautions against colds and flu and treating or preventing respiratory allergy attacks, as our other article shows. Follow these precautions to relieve congestion and facilitate drainage.

Nasal and sinus edema causes congestion, and retained mucus can become a conducive medium for the proliferation of viruses and bacteria.

Symptoms with Sinuses?
Pressure and pain at the height of the cheeks, behind the eyes (often unilateral), in the maxilla or in the maxillary teeth Sinuses; green, yellow or brown nasal discharge; fever above 38.3 ° C; extreme tiredness; decreased taste or smell, cough caused by post-nasal drip and recent or unusual bad breath. Read more about symptoms and how to treat sinusitis in our other article.