10 Best Home Remedies for Neuropathy

10 Best Home Remedies for Neuropathy

We live in a generation that is defined by lifestyle diseases that make it harder to live a healthy and happy lifestyle.  In this article we look at a lifestyle ailment that is affecting millions of people all over the world. Many people have no idea that that this disease although largely mysterious can be managed using simple home remedies and techniques.  Neuropathy describes a health condition associated with the human nerves specifically the “peripheral nerves”. the peripheral nervous system connects the nerves from the brain and spinal cord to the rest of the body that includes the hands arms feet leg, internal organs mouth and face.

Basically peripheral neuropathy can be described as a disease arising from the malfunctioning of the nerves due to them being destroyed or damaged. Since there is an interruption on how these nerves are supposed to function they may send signals of pain when there is something causing pain or even not. Your response to stimuli is basically interfered with.

Neuropathy is a very uncomfortable situation that needs some remedies. Maybe before we take a look at these remedies it’s important to note some of its symptoms. They include:

  • Feeling like you want to wear a glove or a tight sock
  • Tingling in your hands or feet
  • Sharp pains, feeling like you are being stabbed
  • Heavy or weak feeling in your hands arms and legs
  • A buzzing sensation
  • Sexual dysfunction especially in men
  • Digestive difficulty

Now let’s take a look at 10 of the ways to remedy this situation at home:

Develop a healthy diet plan

A healthy diet plan goes without saying. What you eat directly influences the level of your blood glucose. You need to maintain a healthy blood glucose level in order to manage your pains. a healthy diet plan can be achieved by applying the following tips:

  • Choose unprocessed foods
  • Reduce or limit the amount of refined carbs, sugary drinks, and added sugars you consume
  • Drink a lot of water or other herbal tea in place of other sweetened drinks
  • Consume a lot of healthy fats and lean proteins instead of refined carbs.
  • Mage your weight by avoiding take home foods. Cook at home
  • When you cook use methods such as baking, steaming, roasting, boiling or frying.

A healthy diet plan must include lean proteins, fruits, vegetables and healthy carbohydrates. When it comes to eating healthy, the key to success is moderation and avoiding processed and junk foods that fill your body with cholesterol that will further worsen the situation and also make you vulnerable to other lifestyle diseases such as high blood pressure. If you are not getting enough nutritionally, you need to use supplements that can help you meet all your nutritional needs.

Manage your blood sugar level

When you have a high blood sugar level you are prone to cardiovascular disease, kidney damage and damage to your nerves. Having a high level of glucose has toxic effects on your nerves. Maintain a healthy range of blood sugar and you will have taken a huge step in preventing damage to your nerves, blood vessels, skin eyes and other parts of the body before the complications develop even further. Again to help manage blood sugar levels and eliminate vulnerability to Diabetes and high blood pressure you need to stay away from junk and processed foods that are packed with artificial sweeteners that can have detrimental side effects.

Alpha lipoic acid

Alpha lipoic acid is a good fatty acid that is produced by the cells in our bodies. Its main function is conversion of glucose into energy for body usage. Therefore its safe to say that alpha lipoic acid helps maintain glucose levels in your blood. Also it’s a very vital antioxidant that helps fight harmful free radicals off. Sources of alpha lipoid acid include foods like broccoli, rice bran, potatoes, Brussels sprout and peas. Also you could find it in organ meat like liver, heart and kidney.

 Eat more nuts

Nuts are rich in so many nutrients such and of interest are the vitamin H.vitamin H also known as biotin will help you improve the symptoms of neuropathy pain especially if you are suffering from diabetes.  Since nuts contain very essential nutrients and fiber they can help you keep your blood sugar level under control and prevent your nerves from damage. It’s recommended to eat about 4-5 nuts e.g. pecans, almonds and walnuts each morning to help you fight neuropathy. Nuts are also packed with antioxidants that help eliminate any free radicals that make you susceptible to numerous ailments. Nuts are easy to incorporate into your diet, you can eat them whole as a snack or crush and include them in salads and smoothies. They can also be  used to create nutritious and healthy peanut butter that will add taste and nutritional value to your regular sandwich.

Manage stress

Peripheral neuropathy involve a disruption when the nerve is transporting information from the periphery to the central nervous system brain and spinal cord..These nerves could be disturbed by a variety of causes including diabetes, viruses, and metabolic problems. Anxiety and stress has a direct negative effect on anybody suffering from neuropathy regardless of the cause of their pain. It goes without saying then that controlling your stress levels directly impacts on your neuropathy pain levels.Control anxiety by breathing in for as long as 5 seconds, hold your breath for 2 seconds and breathe out for 7seconds.also don’t let your mind concentrate too much on your body. Doing this makes your body’s movements feel natural again.

An important part of stress manage is getting enough sleep and exercising.  Exercise will give you purpose and also leave you feeling good about yourself. A little known act about exercise is that it releases endorphins which are the same feel good hormones that are released after sex.Also a great way to avoid stress getting the best of you is to surround yourself with friends and family that encourage you and also foster positivity in your life. Misery does love company so you will be tempted to stay close to people who are going through the same thing as you. While a support group is not a bad idea, it is best to mostly stay around positive people who elevate your moods and help you see how great life can be when you embrace challenges and avoid negativity as much as possible. v

Chiropractic massage

A very great alternative as a home remedy for patients with neuropathy. Massage alleviates lower back pain and helps improve your range of motion. A good massage also lowers anxiety depression and stress. A massage reduces cramps and spasms and will help you relieve migraine pain. Studies have shown that massage helps patients with neuropathy loosen the tight muscles and also helps in nerve connection and blood circulation.

When choosing a Chiropractor research exhaustively because the person you choose will determine whether you better or worsen the situation. Seek reference from trusted sources and also choose a professional that puts you ate ease personally. The last thing you want is being massaged by someone you do not trust.

Mustard oil

Castor oil is a recommended home remedy for patients experiencing neuropathy pains. This oil possesses heating energy that can help stimulate the nerves and therefore improve their functions. In addition this helps increase the energy flow to that area which is infected.

Massage should be done in a circular motion using mustard oil on the affected area. This technique will help infuse the oil in the skin. This will stimulate the blood flow, and also helps withdraw the pain.


Cinnamon is one of the best home remedies due to the fact that it lowers the glucose level that is responsible for triggering neuropathy symptoms. When taking your meals it is recommended to include about 1-2 teaspoons of cinnamon or you could try using cinnamon oil to relieve your pain. Cinnamon is easy to incorporate into your foods through meals and even baked goods.

Avoid smoking and drinking

These two habits could result in a very severe damage to your nerves and may worsen any progress you are making towards remedying the situation. Smoking and drinking also deprives you your body of nutrients and should be completely avoided. Tobacco and alcohol will make neuropathy symptoms worsen so it is best to avoid completely when you are already suffering from this debilitating ailment.

Regular exercise

Research indicates that exercising regularly will improves your muscle strength if you are suffering from neuoropathy.in addition exercise can help with peripheral neuropathy and reduce the neuropathic pain if done on a regular basis.

You can incorporate physical activities to you day to day life through flexibility exercises, aerobic exercises, strength training and so forth.

The above mentioned remedies are very effective and safe for most people. With proper application and strict adherence to a healthy diet they will go a long way in helping you deal with peripheral neuropathy pains.